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AccountsXE is a full double entry accounting package with full customer and stock functionality. It is intended to make the accounting process simple and easily understood by anyone, whether a business owner, accountant, or accountant student.
AccountsXE is a 60-day evaluation version, which has been tested and certified in several territories by financial institutions, accounting software companies and independent testing companies.
AccountsXE is a PC-based accounting package. It runs on any Windows PC with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit). You can install it on any PC, regardless of the operating system. It requires the XE 2.0 version or later of Excel.
AccountsXE is sold as a boxed product, which includes a CD-ROM, setup and installation software, user manuals, and support information.
If you are a business owner, accountant or accountant student, AccountsXE is the accounting package that you’ve been waiting for. AccountsXE includes advanced functionalities that allow you to keep track of all your bookkeeping, accounting and business transactions in a very simple and straightforward manner.
• High quality report writer
• Full customer and stock features
• Simple double-entry system
• Great user interface
• Optional mouse support
• Powerful graphical wizards
• Automatic account and customer/stock maintenance
• Printing of reports and statements
• Import and export of data
• XE/BASE implementation
• Basic reporting
• Optional workbook report customization
• Version control of reports and data
• Optional backup with restoring of reports and data
• Customer/stock reconciliation
• Reports export to Word, Excel or HTML files
• Automatic transmission of reports
• Database connection
• Wizard driven help system
• Optional security module
• Specialized help system
• 2200+ error messages
• Full installation & setup
• 30-day free technical support
• Full 30-day trial version
Key features of AccountsXE:
• Double-entry accounting system with a wizard to ease you through the process.
• Manage customers, products, bills and receipts.
• Create invoices and credit notes.
• Print statements.
• Optionally send statements by email.
• Full customer, inventory and bill tracking.
• Print reports and send them by email.
• 100% online.
• 30-day free technical support.
• 1-month free

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This is a very handy accounting system that can be
used for both small businesses and larger ones. It also
includes the whole process of invoicing, printing and
making payments. When your clients pay you, all this
information is entered directly into the accounts. You
can keep track of your daily expenses. You can also
print invoices and, if you need to, make payments from
anywhere in the world.
Keymacro has everything you need to manage all your
accounts for small and large businesses. You can
print any report you need right from the program.
When it comes to your accounting process, Keymacro has
a lot of tools that make the process simple and easy.
You can print invoices, send them to clients or just keep
track of all your transactions. It is a great program that
will take all the time you need to master it and you can
even use your mouse to enter information and take notes.
Keymacro is very easy to learn and does not require any
training at all, which means that you can get started
right away.
Keymacro can be used by beginners, professionals, or
anybody who just wants to keep track of their
Keymacro is an online software program designed to help
the small to medium sized business manage all their
accounts, from sales to expenses, to invoicing and
It is the right solution for all sizes of business. From
the smallest 1-person shop to the largest enterprise.
You can get a free trial version, and if you are
interested, you can take advantage of our 90 days of
free support.
We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.
Keymacro – The Internet’s New Accountants!
The web site address for Keymacro is:

KEYMACRO is a trademark of Keymacro, Inc. All rights reserved.
Keymacro License Agreement:
KEYMACRO provides an online accounting application for
the management of small businesses and medium-sized
businesses. KEYMACRO is an online accounting software
package designed to help the small to medium sized
business get organized and keep their books in order.
KEYMACRO is an all-in-one package that is powerful enough
to handle any small to medium sized business and does
not require any prior accounting experience.

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AccountsXE offers a full set of accounting features for your business, no matter how small your business is.
AccountsXE has a easy learning curve, yet is highly professional. No experience is required.
AccountsXE is a single package that integrates your bookkeeping, bills, customer information and stock management,
all in one package. No more spreadsheets, no more cashbooks, no more missing items, no more manual input.
With AccountsXE, you have complete control of your bookkeeping and reports. It’s easy to maintain and update
your financial records and bills.
You can directly input data to your bills, or invoice statements. It’s as simple as entering in your
purchases, and voila. You have entered the transactions in AccountsXE, and when it’s time to prepare your
bills or statements, AccountsXE updates the items directly. You get all the data you need, and none that you
AccountsXE has an inbuilt customer database. All the information you need about your customers, from
names and addresses to a lot of additional details. You can use your customer information for multi-level
billing, direct marketing and much more.
You can produce your own invoices with AccountsXE. Easily configure and produce your own invoices and
receipts and bill statements, plus you can also batch print them. It’s just as easy as printing from your
bills or invoice statements.
With AccountsXE you can generate accurate reports, simple or complex. From bill statements, cashbooks,
weekly summaries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory summaries, stock summaries, sales
totals, to sales by month, you have it all with AccountsXE. All these reports and more are generated
directly from AccountsXE. No more needing to download a report from your program, and then re-import it
into the program.
Print your reports directly from your print queue. AccountsXE generates the appropriate output so
that you don’t have to worry about producing your reports from a spreadsheet.
You can also customize AccountsXE. You can modify the look and feel, and even your entire program.
Want to have all your reports in a specific color scheme? Done. Want to remove certain items from your
report? You can do that, all from the report itself.
AccountsXE is

What’s New In AccountsXE?

AccountsXE is a program that maintains your full set of accounts and all the reports that you require. Here are some key features of “AccountsXE”:

 Very easy and quick to learn, yet very professional
 No previous accounting or bookkeeping experience required
 Uses a wizard to make the double entry accounting system simple
 Full customer features – invoices, credit notes, receipts and statements
 Full stock module
 Costs far less than other accounting packages
 Produces high quality reports and documents, all on your normal paper
 Transmit your reports by email directly from the program
 Direct internet connectivity to home page, updates etc.
 60 days free support to registered ownersQ:

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i have this code:
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Use this:
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System Requirements:

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3. The video card is currently not supported, but will be later.
System Information:
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