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As its name implies, Free PDF Reader is a tool that allows you to check out the content of your PDF files. It packs some basic but essential features for individuals who prefer the ease of use to anything else.
Basic, yet intuitive set of controls
The GUI of the app is similar to the one of Adobe Reader, so navigating through its features shouldn't be a problem if you are familiarized with the well-known application.
Some standard functions of Free PDF Reader allow you to zoom in and out of pages, scroll up and down, change the page layout (e.g. single page continuous, side by size, user-defined columns), rotate pages, as well as to jump to a specific location.
Export PDF files as pictures
An additional option provided by the utility grants the possibility of exporting the PDF files as images; all that it requires is your selected directory and filename for the output.
Free PDF Reader supports a few skins for the interface (including the 'Windows Classic' mode, for a familiar feel), has a very good response time and works properly. We have not come across any problems during our evaluation; Free PDF Reader did not freeze, crash or pop up errors.
To end with
Before installing the tool, make sure to have Java set up, as Free PDF Reader is developed for this platform only. The bottom line is that Free PDF Reader offers a pretty straightforward solution for viewing PDF files, thanks to the simplicity of its features. Beginners should be able to comprehend this tool in no time.


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Countdown Crack+ For PC (orignal build) Bugfix (file decoder doesn’t check enough checksums) and refactoring (the code was too dense). Removed old files (too old for new version). Rebuild for 2.0.2 First version of the plug-in. Fixed some bugs. Bugfix for the APE Metadata output. First release of the plug-in.

Install instructions

Download the latest version of the plug-in from the release page:

Extract the archive using 7zip or other compression tool.

Go to the foobar2000 main directory on your PC.

Copy the files that were extracted from the archive into the foobar2000 main directory.

Double click on the application.exe to start foobar2000.

If foobar2000 is not already running, click on the Start Menu button and then on foobar2000.

If you get a notification box informing you that foobar2000 is already running, click Yes.

If you get a notification box informing you that foobar2000 is already running, click No.

Click on the Components panel.

Find the foo input monkey under Plug-ins.

Drag and drop it into the foobar2000 configuration window.

Follow the steps on foobar2000’s manual to configure your music player.

Other comments on this topic

I tried to install this plug-in into foobar2000 but it seems it does not support this version of foobar2000. I am using foobar2000 2.0.2.

I did not see any mention of this version on the forum. Maybe there was a problem with the download or installation?

Only that thread I could find on the forum said it was in the works for 2.0.2, and it seemed to have been done before this. Was the version you downloaded broken? If it was broken, the source was likely posted to the forum at the time, and the thread can be found here:

Countdown Crack + [32|64bit]

A macro utility that allows users to record certain keyboard presses and play them in a sequence. The utility can be used to record any combination of key presses and the sequence can be played by simply pressing the F1 key. It can also play any sequence in the background and kill the application when the sequence is finished.
KEYMACRO has a number of features that go beyond its normal utility as a simple ‘Shortcut’ recording application:
Record combinations of keys as if they are in sequence, irrespective of the order in which they were pressed.
For example, the user can press the F2 key and the ‘a’ key, then F3 and ‘b’, then F4 and ‘c’, or any other combination of keys. When this sequence is played, it will be played as F1 then F2, F3, F4. You can enter as many keyboard combinations as you want, and they will all be recorded in a sequence.
A predefined set of shortcut key combinations can be recorded, and you can simply modify their order, or the order in which they are played in the ‘Sequence’ tab of the program.
While in the sequence playback mode, you can save the sequence on the clipboard and then paste it in an application to execute it.
KEYMACRO provides a few different presets, including one to activate a predefined set of keyboard shortcuts, but also one to simply execute a sequence of the recorded keyboard combinations.
More interesting is the ‘Sequence’ tab, where you can modify the order of the shortcut key combinations in the recorded sequence, or remove them completely, to allow you to create a completely custom sequence.
KEYMACRO offers a number of options to help you use it the best:
Display buttons for shortcut sequences
When you want to copy a sequence to the clipboard, you have the option to display a button to copy the sequence to the clipboard.
This will work as expected, except for the last key in the sequence. As such, the button will only be enabled when the last sequence in the sequence is the last button pressed in the sequence. For example, the last pressed key combination is F2 and the ‘A’ key. If you press F2 and ‘A’ again, you will not have a button to paste.
However, you can simply remove the last key combination from the sequence, to have the button always appear, or specify a different key combination to be the last key pressed in the sequence.
Image sequences

Countdown [32|64bit]

Countdown is a user-friendly gadget that provides you with the ability to set up various timers to remind you of an important event in your life, and be alerted with a sound alarm at the date and time you prefer.
The utility is fairly simple to install and handle, meaning that even if you have no previous experience with such tools, it will not take you long to figure it out and benefit from it to the fullest.
Countdown allows you to set up to twenty distinct alerts, by entering the corresponding name, choose the expiry date and hour, down to the minute and optionally select a sound which will be played upon completion, from the available Windows sounds (‘Critical Stop’, ‘Device Connect’, ‘Exclamation’, ‘New Notification’, etc). However, you cannot use custom audio files.
Additionally, you can enter a description for your countdown, enabling you to remember what it was set for in the first place. When done, you can simple press the ‘Add’ button and it will be listed in the program’s window, along with the remaining time until its expiration. Nonetheless, the created countdowns can be edited after they are set.
Its appearance can be customized, so you can either ‘Dock’ or ‘Undock’ it as a small or large window, with ‘Rounded’, ‘Diagonal’ or ‘Squared’ corner style. You can also choose the number of times to play the sound alert and its volume for when it goes off.
This gadget can prove quite useful, particularly if you are prone to forgetting important dates, like anniversaries, project deadlines or other similar events. As such, you can use Countdown on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 system and set up all the reminders you need, thus preventing you from ever missing a birthday or assignment again.


Published : Jul 16, 2007





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SQL: Select dates from table between current date and last 15 days

I am trying to select the last 15 days in the ‘Date’ column in my table.
This works fine for me:

What’s New In Countdown?

Thanks to its concise and easy-to-understand interface, Countdown is an intelligent, helpful reminder tool for you to create, manage and trigger notes.
Why we like it:
An intelligent reminder tool with a unique set of features, Countdown is the choice for those looking for an attractive interface and a low-stress way to keep up with upcoming events.
Who is it for:
Those looking for a simple reminder tool with a great number of options for keeping track of your plans.
How we tested it:
We played around with it for a few minutes to check if it works as promised.


By: MacKenzie Fuller


Overall 4.5


App Quality



Reasons To Download

Very Interesting


May 12, 2016

My colleague gave me this app, and I am so glad that I did! I’ve played around with it for a couple minutes, and it’s very interesting. I have found myself wishing that I could leave these little stories as a record of things that I’ve done, or that I’ve wanted to do. If I could leave them with a person, then I would choose my mother.
So, here are my stories:
1. I wanted to ask my mother’s friend if I could be her friend, but I thought that she would be offended, and I was afraid to do it. So, I thought about asking her to be my mother, but I thought that she would be disappointed because I would grow up, and she would not, and I wasn’t sure if she would want that. Then, I thought about writing a letter to her because I knew that she would be upset and hurt if she didn’t get to read about my life. I felt the need to write it out so that she would know about everything that she missed out on. But, I knew that she would never see it. So, I began to write it. She died before I was able to finish it.
2. I had friends over to my house to play video games. It was a really fun night. My cat and I played with the cat and mouse game. It was kind of like Whack-a-Mole. I won.
3. I had a sleepover party with my friends. One of them was really drunk. He didn’t realize that his pants were off. He was in my room when I was trying to change my bed. The next morning, I found out that he had woken up in my bed! He was fine, and I’m glad that I caught him. It’s amazing how much he had to eat before he was sick.
4. A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with a bunch of my friends. It was a really fun lunch. One of my friends suggested that we go

System Requirements:

Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.66 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
A Windows 7 or 8 64-bit OS
A minimum of 2 GB of RAM
A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 graphics card
A DirectX 11-compatible driver
DirectX 11 and the latest (11.0

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