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You can use the ED PLUA IDE Development Environment application to create Palm pda applications(or even games) by taking advantage of the LUA language.
This IDE is designed to work with the interpreter/compiler PLua. PLua itself comes with an IDE but this one is limited to the palm platform, that’s why this IDE for windows exists today.


Download ->->->-> https://fancli.com/2micla

Download ->->->-> https://fancli.com/2micla






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The Cracked ED Plua IDE With Keygen allows you to easily develop applications and games for Palm devices with
LUA scripting language.
Tests, Debug, Target, PDA, Home, Menu, Utilities, Game, Emulator…

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Use the ‘ALGUI’ and ‘ALGUI2’ functions to send the button events on the Palm screen, for instance, ALGUI can activate a field on the screen(eg.myfield) and ALGUI2 can do 2 things, either just activate a field(ALGUI) or move the cursor to the center of the screen(ALGUI2).
Extends: The object ‘PLuaObject’ in C++.
Main features:
– Three LUA function in this product:
1) ‘ALGUI2’, ‘ALGUI’, ‘ALGUI2’
2) The ‘ALGUI’ function can add/delete fields.
3) The ‘ALGUI2’ function can move the cursor.
Package included:
– 2 DataView PC Palm Edition driver
– lua IDE
To get this package, simply download the application from this link and install it (2 parts):

If you have problems, or you want to provide a feature request, please feel free to contact me(kevin@abcd.com).

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ED Plua IDE Crack+ X64 [April-2022]

This application is a good tool to quickly create and edit PLUA-based applications.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
[PgUp] – move view to previous window
[PgDown] – move view to next window
[End] – leave the current view (wipe)
[Home] – enter first window
[Ctrl] + [PgUp] – move view to previous window
[Ctrl] + [PgDown] – move view to next window
[Ctrl] + [End] – leave the current view (wipe)
[Ctrl] + [Home] – enter first window

Version 1.1

* Color table is not supported yet.
* Display of the pallette is not in sync with the actual palette.

Version 1.0

* Initial release.
* No documentation


Go to the folder where you installed PLUA.
In the program folder, you can find the PLUA-IDE.exe
(Only the PLUA-IDE.exe is a installer for all the needed files.
The rest of the files you can get by extracting the zip file in the PLUA folder).
Open this file.
If you want to get into some examples, use the Help menu.

You’ll see this:


Right click in a empty area of the window, and choose:

>> New PLUA Application

In the empty application window you’ll see this:




There you can place all your lua code.
If you press [F8] or on the menu bar you’ll see this:


There you can use all the lua functions.
For example, if you want to do a simple database query with SQL, you just have to type:

>> db.query(“select * from students”)

You’ll see this:


If you want to send variables to functions that are outside of the current block, you just have to create the table with the variables:

>> db.declare(“table”, “settings”)
>> db.declare(“table”, “the

What’s New in the ED Plua IDE?

A program which gives you all the tools you need to create apps for your PDA using the LUA programming language.
Vista or Windows 7 64bit, XP 32 bit or less
.NET 3.5 SP1 Runtime
The LUA language is required to be installed (ED PLUA will do that for you)
The LUA programming language, please see ED PLUA page for links to installation packages.

How to install:
This will install the runtime of the PLUA IDE.

File Extensions:
If you have installed the standard PLua runtime, you will see the following extensions:
*.PLC = PLua executable
*.PLSC = PLua Standard compiler
*.PLSA = PLua Standard interpreter
*.PLRC = PLua Runtime compiler

PLUA IDE Development Environment
This is a tool that makes it easier to create PLua-based pda applications using the LUA programming language.

• Compiles and interprets LUA code
• Creates.PLC and.PLSC files for PLua standard compiler
• Creates.PLSA files for the standard interpreter
• Creates.PLRC for the runtime compiler

• Icons for all the files and the PLua IDE folders
• Export settings for the IDE and the files.
• Import settings for the IDE and the files
• Help file

The PLua IDE Development Environment creates files for both the STANDARD PLua compiler and STANDARD PLua interpreter.
If you only use the interpreter, then you should delete the PLSC folder

If you have the STANDARD PLua runtime installed you should find the PLSC, PLSA and PLRC files in the same folder as the PLUA executable.

The PLua IDE Development Environment comes with a number of icons for the various files and folders. You can easily replace the existing icon files in the PLUA IDE Development Environment folder with the new ones by placing them in the PLUA IDE Development Environment\icons folder.

To uninstall the IDE, delete the PLUA IDE Development Environment folder.

To install the PLua IDE Development Environment, open the PLUA IDE Development Environment folder and double-click on the setup-PLua.exe file. You should then follow the installation instructions.

The installation may prompt you to reboot the PC. If that happens, close all applications and then reboot.

PLUA Functions:

Plua_Function_ExportSetting( folder, fileName, options)

folder = A folder in which the exported settings are placed
fileName = A name for the exported setting

System Requirements:

PC: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Made with Flash CS6
Some of you might not like it, but I’ve had to set the faucet limit to 3 frames per second, because there’s a delay in moving the objects and the game felt unresponsive at that speed. You can still play the game, but be prepared to kill some time before you can play your favorite level again.


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