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InterestCalc Crack Free Download allows the user to calculate the value of financial assets based on a variety of different interest rates. The various calculations are based on a single user set, and the application is designed to handle both long term and short term interest rates. All calculations are done based on an annual basis. The program is highly flexible, allowing the user to set any type of interest rate from any date as an interest rate. Calculations are either based on an exact daily interest rate or based on an average interest rate. Cracked InterestCalc With Keygen also offers many more options than most other financial calculators, which are all meant to be simple, with only a single interest rate, typically the long term interest rate.


Single rate calculations
Based on daily, monthly, yearly, quad-annually, and annual, all the other options are available. Calculations are based on an annual basis, with the option to calculate yearly or quad-annually.

Compound calculations
There are a variety of compound calculations, all of which can be based on monthly, yearly, monthly/annually, quarterly, and annual, all the other options are available.

Other compound calculations
There are a variety of compound calculations, all of which can be based on monthly, yearly, monthly/annually, quarterly, and annual, all the other options are available.

Sticky rates
The application can be set to calculate all compound interest calculations with a single rate, or all compound calculations can be based on a single rate, whichever one is selected, all compound calculations will stick with the same rate.

InterestCalc is an application that was created by Kevin Costelloe. The application was first introduced on 24th July 2009. The first version of the application was available for Microsoft Windows, and was later made available for Mac OS X on 13th August 2009. The most current version of the application is 1.9, and was released on 12th October 2015. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

It was started as a side project of Kevin’s by Kevin as a means to help simplify the process of calculating interest based investments.

Design and functionality
When first creating the application, Kevin went for a minimalist and functional design, to focus on the functionality rather than making the application look modern or stylish. However, over time and with the support of other programmers, he has looked into improving the application to add more features to make it more user friendly.

InterestCalc PC/Windows

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InterestCalc Crack+ Free Download (2022)

InterestCalc is a simple and straightforward investment calculator that can perform interest based calculations. It is useful for those wanting to make investments in the form of building capital, however, the application is not useful to those wanting to save for retirement, since the retirement dates are not taken into account and it is a lot more general than that.

Using the program is simple, the calculations are easy to perform, and, other than the occasional lack of information displayed for the results, there is not much to complain about. However, it does not do much to aid and guide users through the calculations or the different aspects of investment.

InterestCalc is a functional application that is built for users that are looking for a general interest based calculator and is not one for those looking to save for retirement, since the application does not take retirement dates into account.

Calculations are simple, but there are no charts or visual representations of the results which makes them difficult to understand and work with.

Minimalistic design, but difficult to use
The application is basic and basic, with little options for customisation, other than the ability to customise the size of the text fields and scroll the results area, however, the results are extremely hard to read, even with such options.


An interest based investment calculator, with graphs and charts displaying the results.

The program does not take retirement dates into account when calculating interest, but is perfect for those wanting to make investments in the form of building capital.

This is a simple and easy to use application, with the main window only containing a few options to enter text into specific text boxes and the results being displayed at the bottom of the main window in a scrollable area.

However, the text based results are extremely hard to read, especially with small font sizes, and a visual representation of the results would make it much easier to use.

Easy to use, but there is no documentation, which means it would be useful if there were more thorough help documentation.

The program is functional, with a plethora of investment options that can be used, including the ability to build capital and determine how much interest is charged, as well as how much compound interest is generated.

The interest based calculator is capable of calculating compound interest, and the results are displayed at the bottom of the main window in a scrollable area.

Unfortunately, this is a basic application, with little to no documentation or help.

What’s New In?

InterestCalc is an easy-to-use application that helps you to calculate the principal and the interest for your investments. It includes several options to calculate the amount of your investment, the amount of your interest, the amount of the compound interest, the present value of your investment. InterestCalc provides the list of commonly used financial instruments as a starting point for your calculations.
• Calculates interest and compound interest of savings accounts, bonds, mortgages, certificates of deposit and annuities.
• Calculates the amount of interest and compound interest for different types of bonds (AAA, US, German)
• Calculates compound interest for stocks, commodities, foreign currencies, money market fund and treasury bills.
• Calculates the present value of an investment for different types of investments.
• Shows all results in a single windows.
• Shows the results in tabbed windows with one-click for each type of investment.
• Shows the results on a chart.
• Calculates the present value of an investment with a graphical display of the compound interest for the investment.
• Calculates the market value of a portfolio in USD, GBP or EUR.
• Calculates the internal rate of return (IRR) for an investment.
• Calculates the cost of debt for a particular debt.
• Calculates the Overnight Indexed Swap Rate (OIS) from the LIBOR for several maturities and currencies.
• Allows to choose the base for a compound interest calculation (annuity with semiannual payments, semiannual payments or monthly payments).
• Uses Java technology
• Uses Microsoft ActiveX technology
• Uses open technology under a LGPL license.
• Support for more than 25 languages.
• Easy to use, uncomplicated interface.
• The application is not crowded with a lot of extra buttons and options, thus keeping it easy to use.
• Excellent performance and a minimum of resource use.
• Easy to distribute as it can run on a stand-alone PC.
• To install: Run as administrator the setup program. The version for Windows is about 4,0 MB, with the most recent updates. You can update the version.
• The program can be used without any registration.
• The program is not supplied as a serial number.
• The program can be distributed together with other programs or publications.
• You can run the application even if there are no updates installed.
• You can run the program as a part of a larger application.
• The program allows a lot of exporting of data to popular formats.
• You can save a history of the data that was entered to the program.
• You can send the data from the program to your computer via email.
• You can print the results in the program.
• You can print the data in the program.
• You can export the data to

System Requirements For InterestCalc:

Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.4.1 / 10.5
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 3 GB available space

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