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An app that allows you to create tiles for your isometric games quickly and easily! (Cross Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux)


✓ Create tile sprites from images (Canvas).

✓ Generate tiles from solid colors.

✓ Create custom sizes.

✓ Save to PNG/JPG

✓ Save to File.

✓ Export to PNG/JPG/BMP

✓ Drag & Drop

✓ Linked tiles

✓ Import images from clipboard.

✓ Settings:

* Main Color

* Additional Colors

* Height

* Width

✓ Select any tile face to lock

✓ Drop or paste images to grid.

✓ Rotate images (By flip / rotate / by rotate around center).

✓ Decorated tiles:

✓ Shadow edges.

✓ Transparent background.

✓ Transparency color.

✓ Alpha color.

✓ Transparency percentage (0-100%).

✓ Blend colors (Overlay, Multiply, Soft, Hard).

✓ Tint color.

✓ Alpha percentage (0-100%).

✓ Keep only 1 face color.

✓ Show the edge of the tile (row / column).

✓ Show the overlay with the edge.

✓ All of this under settings (in menu).

✓ Pre-selected / Undo / Redo.

✓ Zoom Out.

✓ Zoom In.

✓ Ability to import files from clipboard.

✓ Animate tile animations.

✓ Ability to import images from GoogleDrive.

✓ Import animations from an image.

✓ Loading images directly from the browser (Paste or Drag).

✓ Choose the app’s background color.

✓ Adjust the color of the grid.

✓ Toggle grid on / off.

✓ Configure border width.

✓ Configure border color.

✓ Show grid border.

✓ Show the image’s hex code.

✓ Hide the hex code.

✓ Show the original image.

✓ Show the image with original borders.

✓ Show the original image with original borders.

Isotile Crack Activation Code Free Latest

Cracked Isotile With Keygen is a simple, easy-to-use cross-platform application for isometric tile generation. Create tiles in less than a minute and export them to PNG format in just one easy step.
Get your game made:
Key features:
✓ Easily generate isometric tiles up to 32×32
✓ Set a custom background
✓ Set background colors and colors for each tile side
✓ Set dimensions
✓ Set the size of each tile side
✓ Set edges (corners)
✓ Customize the size of the hex tiles
✓ Set the brightness of each tile side
✓ Customize all aspects of the generated tiles
✓ Set custom colors
✓ Drag and drop images to be used as a tile
✓ Load an image from your computer or drag and drop from the desktop
✓ Save generated tiles as PNG files

[Game] Isotile/Gog.IO – Create Your Own Tiles for Games

[Game] Isotile/Gog.IO – Create Your Own Tiles for Games
In this Game Generator/Mapmaker Tutorial, you will learn how to use the Isotile Generator/Mapmaker, a tool that can create tiles for almost any game and will also teach you about its functions and options. You can learn how to create your own isometric tiles, edit the map, and how to export the map to various image formats.
Explore the generator and learn about its features in this game generator tutorial.

published: 28 Jan 2018

Isotile – Tiles for Gamers – March 8, 2016

Isotile – Tiles for Gamers – March 8, 2016
This project is the result of a workshop I conducted at the University of Greenwich in the UK. The intention was to use a short game jam as an opportunity to learn Unity3D and get a game engine going. So, in the spirit of the game jam, here is a very simple game.
The overall goal of the game was to help the gamer learn about the tiles available to them.
The Isotile tile generator is quite simple. But it is one of the few simple tools for creating isometric tiles out there. While it will most definitely won’t appeal to professional game makers, it might become one of the favorites for the plethora of indie game developers out


Isotile is a simple tool designed to create isometric tiles in no time.

If you’re a fan of FPS and RPGs, games such as Doom 3, Quake 3, Quake 4, or the Far Cry series will immediately appeal to you. Playing as a jockey, a player must command their character to ride their steed as they move through each course. The game also has a stealth mode, a first for an action adventure title.
The developer’s goal was to create a game that had a cooperative experience. You and a friend can play together as you take turns riding your steed.

New IOS game for iPhone and iPad.
Croc will teach you to fly by hovering your finger over the screen.
Watch out for the great beasts, their aim is to help you, but the goal is to catch them, avoid them or beat them.
Unlock many stars, collect coins, avoid everything to beat them!
* Game is based on the idea of Crash Bandicoot *

Great game of “apocalypse”.
Great game of survival and the things you must do to survive.
The world has been taken over by zombies.
You start with two guns and you must find weapons, food, ammunition.
You can visit the village and see which place you can enter to survive.
You can choose your weapon and choose where you want to attack and for how long.
Choose your weapons wisely.

First game made for iOS.
Your dream has come true to play a game that you have dreamed for so long.
What is it about?
Apocalypse is a mobile version of a classic game: Apocalypse. The goal is to avoid the bombs and survive.
Game Features:
*Easy to play
*Exciting graphics
*Wonderful game music
*A couple of enemies
*A lot of bombs

MegaBlast is the official game of the MegaBlast Challenge.
MegaBlast is a puzzle game similar to a sliding block puzzle.
The goal is to move the red blocks to the next empty space by sliding them with your fingers and rotating the blocks.
The more the blocks you move the more points you’ll earn.
Move the blocks to win.

It is a kind of pleasure, to a cold morning, to have breakfast of pancakes with loads of maple syrup and eat it as slowly as possible!
Novel idea is the “eat it”, only the goal of the game –

What’s New in the Isotile?

Isotile is a simplistic yet very efficient, cross-platform piece of software that allows users to conveniently generate tiles for their games, either from sprites or solid colors.

Customize and export tiles in mere seconds

Before anything else, it’s worth noting that Isotile supports tiles from 8×8 upward. In spite of its straightforward design, the application offers a lot of customization options for your future tiles. For instance, you can set the width and height of the tiles, pick colors, load images, view the hex code for each color, and set the overall brightness of each tile side.

Loading images is very easy, as you only have to drag and drop images from their location onto the app’s interface or use the “LOAD” buttons available for each side. The application allows you to link the edges of your tiles, customize the tile’s dimensions, or lock the tiles dimensions so that they form a perfect cube. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that you can export your work only in PNG format.

Effortlessly generate tiles for your games

For now, the application is not what one might call comprehensive. However, according to the app’s GitHub page, its developer has plans to incorporate various extra features in the future. The whishlist includes the possibility to rotate images, a load/save feature for shadow edges, the option to pick the primary interface color for the images, and a load/save/preview option for multiple tiles together.

Nevertheless, Isotile is one of the few simple tools for creating isometric tiles out there. While it will most definitely won’t appeal to professional game makers, it might become one of the favorites for the plethora of indie game developers out there.

For this version to be useful, you’ll need to download an offline copy of Minecraft PE for Android/IOS, if you haven’t already done so. That’s because this new version of Pocket Edition for Android/iOS hasn’t yet been released on the online versions of the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android is finally here, and it’s not long until you can download the newest version of the world-renowned game for your mobile device, as the update is available right now for all. For those of you who already have a working installation, you’ll want to keep your eye on the clock, as this version of Pocket Edition may not be what you’re used to (a free update, not a standalone one).

To make the update easier, Pocket Edition for Android is being released in two parts. The first part is the game’s core features, which have been updated to build 10.9.2. The second part includes just the Android/iOS launcher,

System Requirements:

– Supported OS: OS X 10.10 or later
– Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9
– Apple TV 4 or later
– Recommended System Requirements:
– iOS 8 or later
– macOS 10.10 or later
– Internet access
– A stable internet connection is recommended for this app.
– Supported System Requirements:

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