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Jctxmenu Crack + Serial Key Free [Updated-2022]

jctxmenu Crack Mac is a Shell Extension for Microsoft Windows and uses the Windows Shell API (WinApi). It is compatible with all Windows versions and all Desktop Environments, as long as the Shell Extension Handler is enabled.
The jctxmenu-Shell Extension is a menu shell extension. It was built to be highly configurable. It supports: sub-folders, menu flags and multiple conditions based on: file type names, attributes, file extensions, MIME types and/or file names (using PCRE regular expressions).
jctxmenu’s features include:
– Drag&Drop support (for drag and drop menu items)
– Multilanguage support
– Menu flags support
– Support for multiple conditions based on: file type names, attributes, file extensions, MIME types and/or file names (using PCRE regular expressions)
– Arbitrary configuration of it’s menu and menu items
– Autostart support
– Window manager independent
– Language specific (strings are localized for each language)
– Exit when the right mouse button is pressed
– Support for different operating systems (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, BSD,…)
– Work with all modern GUI Desktop Environments (Gnome, KDE, Xfce,…)
– All features (more…)
jctxmenu Benefits:
– Highly configurable (optionally plug in any feature or behavior)
– Highly portable (works on all Windows versions)
– Fully customizable (write your own JavaScript for your specific needs)
– Scriptable (easily implement your own scripts using the library)
– Drop-in replacement for existing context menus
– Portable (works on all Desktop Environments)
– Cross Platform (works on all operating systems)
– Very fast
– Modernized
jctxmenu Installation:
All scripts and libraries of jctxmenu are included in a compressed archive (7-zip, zip,…). The setup itself is a zip archive including the jctxmenu extension.
This archive can be decompressed via 7-zip, p7zip or “the built-in Windows’ archiver”.
The installation is not very complicated. Just double click on the jctxmenu.inf, extract the archive and start jctxmenu.
jctxmenu Installation:
jctxmenu is distributed as a set of user scripts (.js) which are used for the context menu of all Windows applications. The script are included in a compressed archive

Jctxmenu With Keygen For PC

KeyMacro is a visual editor and macro recorder, similar to Notepad++’s macro recorder. KeyMacro is also an IDE (integrated development environment), similar to Visual Studio or Eclipse. The IDE is written in Java.
KeyMacro can recognize and store macros in the following files:

.txt files, which are standard plain text files;
.xml files, which are formatted XML files;
.mxml files, which are formatted markup extension files;
.docx files, which are formatted Microsoft Office documents.


File Name Normalization and Rename: KeyMacro supports file name normalization (case-insensitive), and can rename files.
Find and Replace: KeyMacro can locate and replace certain strings in a file or string.
Regular Expression Support: KeyMacro can use regular expression for file matching.
File Encoding: Encoding files can be detected and KeyMacro can convert to the selected encoding.
Macro File-based Editor: KeyMacro supports creating macros in file-based editor.
Context menu with Plugin: KeyMacro supports plugin based context menu.
Plugin installer: There are some plugins (like language interpreter) and KeyMacro’s own plugins.
Plugin Manager: Plugins installed in KeyMacro can be managed by a plugin manager.
Automatic file updates: You can update plugins or KeyMacro itself by a new version.
View Source: You can view source code for a plugin or KeyMacro.
Help: You can view the online help for KeyMacro.
Macro Recorder: Macros can be recorded.
Language Interpreter: There are some plugins to enable a different language interpreter.
Customizable UI: The UI of KeyMacro is highly customizable.
Linux: KeyMacro is Windows native application for Linux.


Plugins are smaller and lighter versions of the original KeyMacro application. They provide their own custom features and functionality. Plugins are stored in a specific directory of KeyMacro.

The plug-ins are:

Basic Text Plugin: Basic text editor that can be used to edit plain text files.
C/C++ Plugin: C/C++ plugin which enables the syntax highlighting of C/C++ code.
Eclipse Plugin: Eclipse plugin which enables the syntax highlighting of Eclipse code.
Jquery Plugin: jQuery plugin which enables adding jQuery behavior to

Jctxmenu Crack+

jctxmenu is a flexible, extensible context menu shell extension that allows users to quickly access a wide range of functions, features and settings.
It is specially designed for users who prefer a quick, easy to use and versatile context menu shell extension to complete a large number of operations on various file types.
The application can be integrated into any main application such as windows explorer, a file manager or a browser or a default shell menu.

jctxmenu Features:

jctxmenu is easy to use, just right-click on the main or sub-folder and select the needed function.
The application is modular so it allows to integrate it into any main application, as well as to completely customize its behavior (including changing the context menu to the way you prefer).

jctxmenu Functionalities:

jctxmenu allows the creation of:

A wide range of context menus for various file types.

jctxmenu has a customisable file management console so you can define the behavior of the console (including display functions, create/edit/rename/delete/move operations, search actions, icon editing etc).

jctxmenu allows the creation of multiple conditions based on file types, attributes, file extensions, MIME types, file names (using PCRE regular expressions) or operating system names.

jctxmenu allows a rich user experience so you can completely customize the context menu.

jctxmenu Architecture:

jctxmenu is a highly configurable context menu shell extension for your operating system. It is made up of:

A C#/WinForms GUI with a rich user experience.

A customisable file management console.

A core engine using C#, WinForms and OpenGL.

A data engine with a source of data for multiple file types (installed or using SQLite).

A database with a data model to store all information.

A n-tier solution with a rich user interface (which uses a Data Access Layer to interact with the data engine).

A web service to fetch the context menu and file management data.

A web interface (so it can be integrated into a web app or used as a Windows Desktop app)

An n-tier web service (to allow integration into a web application or a Windows Desktop app)

Technical Details:

What’s New in the Jctxmenu?

This menu is a much, much, easier way to do all kinds of things with your files and folders.
It can edit attributes, add or remove menu items, support unlimited menu flags, and shows icons for things like audio files and archives.

Key features:

This application includes extensive context menu support for:

Windows (WinXP/7/8)
– Shows the location in the file path for all files and folders and allows you to use PCRE (perl-compatible regular expressions) to search for items.
– Shows a right-click menu to easily do most things with files and folders
– Provides an ‘Automatic backup of selected items’ feature that can set up to perform automatic backups of selected files or folders to an external storage device.
– Provides an ‘Automatically find files and folders in ‘Other’ folders’ feature that can be configured to search other folders than your default ‘My Documents’ folder and enable you to easily find files or folders in other locations.
– Provides a ‘Hide icons for all files and folders’ feature that can hide the icons for all files and folders
– Provides a ‘Perform actions on my selected items’ feature that can be configured to run a program or script on selected items, or perform an operation on selected items (copy, move, rename, delete, compress, uncompress, mount, unmount, etc)
– Provides an ‘Search for Items by Attribute’ feature that can be configured to search for selected items by attributes. This can be configured to search the title, tags, and comments for items.
– Provides a ‘Search for Items by File Type’ feature that can be configured to search for selected items by file type. This can be configured to search the title, tags, and comments for items.
– Provides a ‘Search for Items by MIME Type’ feature that can be configured to search for selected items by MIME type.
– Supports multiple ‘file type’ / ‘extension’ / ‘file name’ / ‘file path’ or ‘/’ multiple combinations.
– Supports multiple ‘file type’ / ‘extension’ / ‘file name’ / ‘file path’ or ‘/’ multiple combinations.
– Supports multiple ‘MIME Type’ / ‘file type’ / ‘extension’ / ‘file name’ / ‘file path’ or ‘/’ multiple combinations.
– Supports multiple ‘file type’ / ‘extension’ / ‘file name’ / ‘file path’ or ‘/’ multiple combinations.
– Supports multiple ‘MIME Type’ / ‘file type’ / ‘extension’ / ‘file name’ /

System Requirements:

2.4 GHz Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n)
Internet connection
500 MB available hard drive space
256 MB available video RAM
Active X®, Java® Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or later
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