Teroid Needle Gauge

Teroid Needle Gauge is a useful and major upgrade with additional features including colored zones, numeric indexes, choice of straight or pointed 3-D needle and faster rendering.
The control provides a more intuitive alternative to displaying numerical data in a text box, progress bar etc., and all aspects of its behaviour and appearance can be set using properties, making it highly versatile and adaptable


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Download —>>> https://urllie.com/2mhvl2






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The Teroid software offers a graphical needle gauge tool that can be used to create and edit the shapes and features of a needle gauge. In version 1.0 you can create standard needle gauges from a rectangular area of any size. In version 2.0 and above, you can draw and edit needle gauges from an even larger selection of shapes and features, including curved lines, arcs, curves, and different sized or shaped elements.

The software also allows you to modify your needle gauge by moving, rotating, scaling, recoloring, and resizing the shapes and features of a needle gauge and its labels.

Main Features:

Create and edit needle gauges in any aspect ratio

Select from a range of shapes including rectangles, ovals, ellipses, lines, polygons, arcs, and various arcs and curves. You can also easily create a needle gauge out of an area of any size and shape, by clicking on the selected area and pressing the’make needle gauge’ button.

Draw and edit needles

Draw your own needles using any number of straight or curved segments. The software also offers options to create a needle with an already specified number of segments and with a specified number of segments set to a variable.

Define needle properties

You can control how your needle gauge is rendered, such as in 3-D or in 2-D mode, the color and opacity of your needle, the needle’s shape and the needle’s style. You can also control how your needle’s labels are rendered.

Modify your needle gauge

You can modify the size, rotation and scaling of your needle gauge, as well as the color and opacity of its elements and labels. You can also modify the color of the background.

Hover or click your mouse over your needle gauge and its labels to see their corresponding properties.

Key Features:

Simple tool to create and edit needle gauges from a rectangular area of any size and shape

You can control all aspects of your needle gauge, including its color and opacity, the needle’s color, shape, and size, its rotation and scaling, and its style, including the style and appearance of its labels

You can customize your needle gauge by selecting the colors, fonts, styles, positions, and properties of each element of your needle gauge

You can easily change the shape of your needle gauge by adding or removing elements, or by modifying their properties

The properties of

Teroid Needle Gauge Serial Key Free Download

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Teroid Needle Gauge License Key

Antares Teroid Needle Gauge is a useful and major upgrade with additional features including colored zones, numeric indexes, choice of straight or pointed 3-D needle and faster rendering.
The control provides a more intuitive alternative to displaying numerical data in a text box, progress bar etc., and all aspects of its behaviour and appearance can be set using properties, making it highly versatile and adaptable
This component is built on a
base of the original Teroid Gauge, the best-selling Teroid component in Syn Data’s catalog.

Minified TypeScript source code is published on GitHub ( ).

A text box is used as a gauge display. User can edit the number with using the Up/Down arrow key.

Each of the 12 segments is a gauge. Each of the segments can be changed into the color of your choosing using the Colored Segment option.

The “Start” and “Stop” labels are used to indicate the beginning and end of a progress.

Click the red “Update View” button to update the view of the gauge with a new value.

When the gauge display is updated, the values will also be displayed in a progress bar.

Display the Gauge component as a part of a Syn Data Gauge Palette.

You can also use the TeroidNeedleGauge in a Syn Data Layout.% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/spark_globals.R

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Post Product Dimensions
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What’s New in the?

This highly advanced gauging tool is simply an ideal choice if you want to have a perfectly set gauging point (in the decimal places you have set).

The needle gauge allows for great precision, an accurate tool for precision gauging and is a must for the perfect spot of your measuring tasks.

The needle gauge allows you to get right where you want it to be, accurate and fast.

Teroid Needle Gauge Features:

Fixed Scale Gauge of 1, 2 or 4 decimal places

You can set an accuracy of a decimal place, where to set the start and end of each index

You can choose to show a straight needle or pointed needle

Optionally the gauge can show a backgroudn colour which will be persistent over the entire gauge, a useful setting if you want to highlight a certain zone within the gauge.

Default properties can be adapted to the needs of the user, this makes the needle gauge completely customisable

As well as a numeric display you can have a label (text), which shows the numeric position.

When you change the value, you can either get a very smooth / fluid transition or a more abrupt transition

There is an option to divide the gauge into numbered zones, instead of letting the needle just sit in the middle

The gauge can be expanded to display more decimal places

You can adjust the height of the needle gauge display.

The needle gauge control also has an option to adjust the right side and left side of the needle gauge.

The position of the needle can be set and controlled using this control.

This control can be used with several gauging principles, it works perfectly with standard analog gauges, position gauges, digital gauges and hybrids.

Using the needle gauge, you can highlight any point and divide the entire gauge into several individual gauge zones, all of them having individual properties.

Set the scale factor, the position of the needle and the range of the needle, all of which can be set independently for each individual gauge zone.

The needle gauge display is very high quality, sharp and clear, it can be placed anywhere on the screen and it is not limited to just the grid of the canvas.

Teroid Needle Gauge Screenshots:

How to install Teroid Needle Gauge:

Unzip the Teroid Needle Gauge zip file. Open the Teroid Needle Gauge folder and double-click on the setup.exe file. Follow the installation instructions, accept the License Agreement and click on Finish.Bubble Gum Music

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom II
Memory: 2 GB RAM
HDD space: 4 GB
How To Install:
1. Download and Install the program.
2. Open the game.
3. Go to the main menu and choose “Play Single Player”.
4. Press ‘Y’ to continue.
5. Save the game by pressing ‘X’.
All the best,


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