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How to Learn AutoCAD 2015

How to Learn AutoCAD 2015

This book is for the AutoCAD 2015 user who wants to explore more and learn more about the program and improve his or her skills. The book covers numerous topics from beginners to advanced users.

In this book, you will learn about various drawing techniques, including creating 2D and 3D drawings, including plans, elevation, sections, and orthographic views. In addition, you will learn how to work with different drafting tools, including axes, crosshairs, profilers, and scoping.

In addition, you will learn about 2D and 3D views, including the 2D drawing view, 3D editing view, and 3D drafting view. You will learn how to create and manage layers, and how to use the Layers panel. You will learn how to modify existing drawings and add external or proprietary files.

You will also learn how to edit existing drawings and make them more efficient with the AutoCAD Converter.

The book contains nearly 700 illustrations and includes 25 step-by-step tutorials with real-world examples. This book helps you avoid the difficulties of learning AutoCAD 2015. You will learn AutoCAD 2015 in a short time and get started drawing more effectively.

The following topics are covered in this book:

Introducing AutoCAD

Using the AutoCAD menu bar

Drawing in 2D

Drawing in 3D

Creating 2D and 3D drawings

Working with 2D views

Working with 3D views

Using external and external drawing files


Editing drawings

The AutoCAD Converter

Working with layers

Using an equation editor

Modifying drawings



Saving drawings

Editing plans

Working with layers

Drawing plans

Creating sections and elevations

Drawing in the editor

Browsing and opening files

Creating new drawings

Creating tools and customizing toolbars

Creating a database

Using the insert tab

Using the map tab

Working with the Data Manager

Understanding drawing units

Using computerized applications

Working with extended lines

Drawing in the Editor

Using a ruler


Defining the route

Auto-correcting mistakes


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Further reading
Coblence, Edward. “The Design of the Microsoft.NET Framework for AutoCAD Free Download.” Autodesk Magazine. September 2005.

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Using the ternary operator to assign a static variable

So I have a simple question for somebody with a little more experience than me:
I was wondering if it was considered a bad practice to use the ternary operator to assign a static variable like so (example code):
static int i = 0;

if(i == 0) {
i = 1;
} else {
i = 2;

I’m sure there is a “better” way to do this, but as of now I’m leaning towards this one. Is this considered bad practice?


It’s a personal choice, I personally prefer the

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abstract: ‘We show how to construct hyperbolic, bounded, and renormalizable observables for free massive fermionic fields on the real line. In the case of the non-relativistic harmonic oscillator, we construct the $C^*$ algebra ${\mathcal{A}}$ generated by the quantum observables and relate it to the classical $C^*$ algebra which the observables generate on phase space. Furthermore, we identify the operators acting on ${\mathcal{A}}$ with the translation operators that are usually used to describe the quantum evolution in the position representation. As a by-product, we show how to construct observables in such a way that they generate the $C^*$ algebra ${\mathcal{A}}$ as well as the one of a harmonic oscillator with a finite mass.’
– |
Markus Müntz and Benedikt Vogel\
Institute of Mathematics, Technische Universität Dresden\
01062 Dresden, Germany\
– ‘literature.bib’
title: ‘**Fermionic observables on the real line**’


Node.js: Getting the full path of current folder in Express

My problem is not very specific but I will try my best to explain it. I am working with a node application, that uses express as the framework. I want to get the full path of the current file, i.e., my directory in which my file resides.
app.get(“*”, function(req, res, next) {
var fullPath = ‘//fullpath/’;
fs.readdir(fullPath, function(err, files) {
if (err) {

What’s New In?

Markups are placed in review by clicking into your drawing. If you don’t see the markup you need, click back and see if you can find it.

How to speed up your work: When editing your drawing, add and delete layers as needed. Lock layers as needed to reduce clutter.

Paint Stipple Preview and Paint Stipple Preview Gallery in the Paint dialog:

Get access to a host of additional on-screen tools for helping you make edits to your drawings.

Now it’s possible to preview and inspect stroke and fill styles when you select a color to paint with. This feature replaces old “Preview Paint Styles” in the Paint dialog.

When painting, previews of available brush presets are shown in the Paint dialog. (video: 1:50 min.)

Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts:

One of the most requested features from our customers is having the ability to quickly control which view or mode to use on the fly. That’s why we’ve added this feature.

Now you can control which view or mode to use by pressing the. (dot) key and selecting a view.

An additional new set of mouse and keyboard shortcuts are available. Here’s a list of new mouse and keyboard shortcuts, and their corresponding keys on the keyboard:

Ctrl+n: New, open a new drawing in the current drawing. (Currently, this shortcut opens a new drawing in a new view.)

Ctrl+w: Close the current drawing.

Ctrl+s: Save the current drawing.

Ctrl+t: Stop the current drawing from recording.

Ctrl+h: Toggle the Help and Hints dialog box.

Ctrl+a: Switch to the Attributes/Object Snap to get a new or existing object.

Ctrl+t: Switch to the Timelines view.

Ctrl+n: Switch to the Names view.

Ctrl+i: Switch to the Items/Layers view.

Ctrl+s: Switch to the Standard toolbar.

Ctrl+o: Toggle the Freeze selection option.

Ctrl+z: Toggle the Z-order of objects.

Ctrl+r: Switch to the Ribbon.

Ctrl+h: Toggle the Help and Hints dialog box.

Now you can use most of your tools quickly by using keyboard shortcuts. For

System Requirements:

Requires a computer with the following minimum requirements:
Windows® 7 Professional or Windows® 8 Pro (32-bit and 64-bit)
Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 or AMD® compatible dual-core processor
4 GB of RAM (8 GB preferred)
500 GB of available hard disk space (1 GB recommended)
Additional space for the Visual C++ Redistributable files (KB2570630)
64-bit versions of the game are only supported on systems with a

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