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ContentWasher is a software application whose purpose is to help you limit the time spent by children in front of the computer and block access to certain Internet content.
Initial configuration settings
You can set up a master password for making sure unauthorized users cannot alter your configuration settings and uninstall the program, and specify an email address that can be used for recovering the password in case you forget it.
Plus, you can make the tool send out the log by email and choose between several built-in profiles (Home, Office or School computer).
Clean feature lineup
ContentWasher delivers a user-friendly layout that provides access to a set of configuration settings, more precisely general program tweaking parameters and filters that can be applied to web browsing, ICQ and email utilities, as well as specific software programs.
What’s more, you can check out a log, manage neighboring computers, and build a list with forbidden words.
The GUI actually coincides with the configuration panel and represents the place where you can define various blocking options in detail.
Tweak general settings and forbidden words
You can automatically run the utility at Windows startup, allow remote connections to the program, block changes to the system time, change the master password, and create a list with restricted users (each one with its own profile and settings).
What’s more, the app allows you to automatically update the list of websites that may contain inappropriate content for children and create a schedule where you can define the computer time limit for each day and view PC usage statistics.
ContentWasher comes packed with a list of predefined forbidden words which are grouped in categories, such as Drugs and Gambling. They are used for blocking Internet content.
You can add your own words to the list and check websites, incoming email messages and ICQ data for forbidden words.
Web, ICQ, email, and program filters
ContentWasher lets you apply several web filters in order to define the time when users are allowed to surf on the Internet via a built-in scheduler, block forbidden sites and downloads, as well as generate a whitelist with allowed websites. What’s more, you can limit the usage of ICQ, email, and program by time.
Keep detailed logs
The tool helps you store logs for a user-defined time (in days), include information about visited websites, blocked websites with the forbidden words, blocked downloads, and other events, and send the log via email every day.
An overall efficient blocking utility
All in all, ContentWasher comes with a comprehensive suite of features and provides a clean GUI for helping you ban access to Internet content, apply email, ICQ and program filters, limit the computer time usage, and send logs via email.









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ContentWasher 19289 [Mac/Win]


ContentWasher 19289

What’s New in the ContentWasher?

Free Space Cleaner is a free and fast app to check and clean your mobile devices. It is developed to help you get rid of the junk files that may be causing your mobile to become slow or out of space.


Note: The files are stored in your system folder on your mobile device.

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_splash.png)

# Features:

Free Space Cleaner is a free and fast app to check and clean your mobile devices. It is developed to help you get rid of the junk files that may be causing your mobile to become slow or out of space.

The app will scan your mobile device and display all the files that can be removed and will inform you of the approximate space left on your device.

The app will scan your mobile device and display all the files that can be removed and will inform you of the approximate space left on your device.

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_list.png)

# System Requirements:

* iOS: 5.0 or later.
* Android: 2.2 or later.
* Windows Phone: 7.0 or later.
* All Windows versions: 7.0 or later.
* macOS: 10.8 or later.

# Screenshots:

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_info.png)

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_home.png)

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_files.png)

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_settings.png)

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_nav.png)

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_all.png)

![Screenshot of the application’s interface](../../screenshots/app_main.png)

# Downloading:

* iOS: [Google Play Store](
* Android: [Google Play Store](
* Windows Phone: [Windows Phone Store](
* Windows: [Store](

System Requirements:

The game requires Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later version. It is a good idea to have Windows® 7 or higher at a minimum.

Hovering your mouse cursor over the details of the content displayed on the game’s main page will show you the compatibility of your system.
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows® 8, Windows® 7 and Windows® Vista
Windows® XP and earlier versions
Mac OS® X version 10.6 or later version
Firewall software:
Web browsers are recommended for playing this game. You can bypass the

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