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While the casual user may not much care about monitoring multiple processes at a time — or any at all — the equation changes when it comes to app developers. While most of their work is done in an IDE, it's good to delegate some of that load to another application, if possible.
A tool like Digao Desk is thus most useful in such a scenario: it's a great helper when it comes to monitoring several console processes simultaneously, allowing you to focus on other things to speed up development and ensure efficiency.
Straightforward software
There is no installation process to go through with this app: simply download it, then run the executable. The interface will then open up, allowing you to add your processes of interest.
Design-wise, the interface is simple and functional, making it easy to monitor any process, lending itself well to supervise multiple apps at a time. Click to add a new application, input its directory and name, and you're set.
When launching an app through this program, users will be provided with data about its resource consumption, as well as log statistics to inform you of its stability. It may get confusing to monitor more than a few apps, but the tool has got you covered with the search and filtering options: look for an app or a log entry immediately, and filter to see only the running programs.
Monitor your commands
An interesting feature of this tool lies in its ability to also monitor .cmd files. When adding an application, elect to launch Command Prompt, and insert your code in the Environment Variables. The formatting is spelled out clearly just below the text box, with users having to name a command, then introduce its value after the "=" sign.
Additionally, arguments may be added to your command file to ensure smoother, more streamlined operations.
When monitoring multiple applications, it's best to keep things all in one place. That one place could very well be Digao Desk, thanks to the facilities it offers for such a task.







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Is a tool to check the performance and the safety of processes running in
the foreground, or the background.
Is a software used for monitoring and managing
different applications running under Windows.
Can monitor and repair single applications, or all the
processes running on your computer.
Can help locate the source of an application
crash and restore or even kill the crashed process or
Has an integrated search option to quickly find your
Has an integrated remote control with customizable options
for changing the parameters of processes and programs.
This feature works as a server-client application.
The application is freeware; it is not necessary
to register it to use it.
Is intended to be used by system administrators and
technical experts.

If you want to check out this app, you’ll be taken to the Digao website. There, you’ll find a link to download the application itself.
Digao Website:


MZ-Tools is free open source software for monitoring remote processes, manage your processes, launch applications and remote control.

It is written in C/C++ and compile in Windows, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
It runs on all the classic OS like Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT.
It runs on Windows Mobile as well.


I use Cmder.
It’s a Windows console application that was developed around version 3.0, for Windows NT and Windows 2000 or above. I’m using it on Windows 10.
Cmder can be downloaded for free.

As a more general answer, I’d say that if it fits your needs, you can try the the Process Monitor in Sysinternals.

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Displays information about the performance of several processes that are running
Based on the theory that your projects are somehow directly correlated to the performance of your PC


Displays information about the performance of several processes that are running on the system

User can set values for “RAM size”, “GDI size”, “Name” of application to be tracked
Main method is more intuitive for getting started. The real need to look for all the functions, methods, and properties, which usually is the consequence of using something new.

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PINGT is a monitoring software that can monitor and give statistics about a range of programs running on Windows.
PINGT may be used to monitor programs, processes, or applications.

pings are sent in a loop to a pool of targets
PINGT has a couple of features

It supports large server pools, being capable of sorting out each target in its own thread
It provides an easy to use web UI, which shows graphs of pings sent, pings dropped, and additional statistics.

The web UI has a visualisation of the servers and is interactive. If the user clicks on a server the user is connected to, the details can be seen.


Set CPU Limit in Visual Studio

A PowerShell script to set CPU Limits in Visual Studio can be downloaded from:

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Digao Desk Crack+ Free [Latest] 2022

Digao Desk:

What’s New In Digao Desk?

If you’re sick of waiting for an application to open and close then you’ll appreciate this tool.

The software is a console application which will check for new
processes that open, then it checks to see if any of the new process
write their logs to the standard output stream.
The current list of application to check includes:

Microsoft Office
Mozilla FireFox
QuickTime (from Apple)
Google Chrome
Chrono task manager
MP3 Media Player
Google Earth
Office 2010
MS Search

If you are using a MAC you should also check out MacDesk.

Monitor multiple applications simultaneously
Watch running processes
Monitor console applications (Windows)

Digao Desk Download
Digao Desk :

The present invention relates generally to the field of Internet search engines, and more particularly to prioritizing search results.
The speed with which a search engine can return results to a user is essential to improving a search engine’s user experience. Users may search the Internet using a search engine, which may search the world wide web, the local network, or other databases and servers.
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Updating MySQL table from Client through PHP

I’m trying to find the way how to insert data into my MySQL database, from the client’s site (I’m making a web app but I’m using my private’s server to work).
I’m using the php script for that, and I get the following error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or ‘{‘ or ‘$’

System Requirements For Digao Desk:

OS: Windows Vista
Windows 7
CPU: 2.5 GHz
CPU: 3.0 GHz
Game Features:
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