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Dutch is an application for “Dutching”, a form of betting (mainly on horse races, but not necessarily) that involves backing more than one runner, using stakes such that whichever of the horses you have backed wins, you win the same amount. Of course, if none of them come in, you lose!
Give Dutch a try to see what it can actually do for you!







Dutch Crack+ Product Key Free PC/Windows [Updated]

In Dutch you bet on more than one horse at a time.
Horses that are drawn to play are those that are not yet entered for a race. They are being “dutch” by picking their names from the list of currently drawn horses. The winner of the horse you back is not predetermined, the winner is the one with the highest stake. If all the horses you backed win, you win too. If no horse wins, you lose.
You can invite other players to Dutch. You can select the bets you want to play. You can set up the stakes and the winning percentage. You can find out who the next horse is to be drawn. You can email your friends or the whole world using the button in the menu screen.

Horse Racing Swiss

SWISS Description:
A swiss bet is one where you place several wagers on a horse race, for example the Top three finishers. In the case of this example, you bet on horse A, horse B and horse C, to win. A and B can be horses that you already have an interest in, but it doesn’t matter.
When the horses are all drawn, you earn the total of the top three bets. So, if A and B both finish first and C third, the top three horses will be A, B and C, and you will earn the total wager amount on A and B.


Edir Description:
It’s not a race, but a game of picking names from a hat. When you click on the hat, you get a random set of names. These names are entered in the list, and you can bet on the next set of names. You may wager on as many names as you like, and whenever a name in the hat is drawn, that name is removed and replaced with the next name.
The number of sets of names you start with in the hat is called the bet size. If you have set up the bet size, you get a percentage of the money wagered with each bet. So, if you make a bet, and then the first name comes from the hat, you get the full amount wagered on this bet back. This is your winnings, and you will continue to be paid this amount, no matter how long it takes to find the next name in the hat.
It’s important to get a good amount of money wagered, because the money you have put in the hat does not get paid

Dutch Download [Mac/Win]

Dutch Torrent Download is a dice-game for two players, each armed with three d6s. D6s are rolled, the player who rolls the most wins.
You can also bet on winning or losing the roll. You can have a total stake on the roll of 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12. You bet on the outcome of the roll, not the number.
Dutch is different from two dice games, where one roll is matched against another, and the winner is determined by just one outcome.
Dutch is a dice game in which you bet on which dice will roll first, but also the numbers that each dice will roll. You win as long as at least one of the numbers rolls matches your total, or you lose if none of the numbers come up.
Make your own luck with Dutch!
Dutch Screenshots:

Dutch also requires the Discord client.


3 Die Monopoly

The rules are quite simple, and can be played over the internet.



Huisjes is a dice game, similar to Yahtz players use dice to try and move around a small town or farm in a specific (usually numerical) order. The goal is to have the longest house at the end.

The very quick version is: roll 3 dice in sequence and use the results to move, like Yah. You get a bonus for the first roll, and you lose a bonus for each subsequent roll. The sides of the house are different numbers 1-9, in numeric order, as in Yah.
Huisjes is played on the internet.
You can try it here.

Play Wiki is quite popular and allows a lot of options, though I didn’t find everything necessary.

North Coast of Haiti

The North Coast of Haiti is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast from the Commune Saint-Michel to the city of Gonaïves.


The North Coast is a vast territory that embraces the entire north-central and western part of the country. The territory starts from the Commune Saint-Michel in the southwest and extends to the city of Gonaïves in the north. The length of the coast is about 350 kilometers.

This region is rich in a diversity of resources, including fish, oil and wood. The region contains thousands of houses scattered along the coast. Its territory includes

Dutch PC/Windows

After the Initial Setup, you can enter your “trades”.
Step 1: Choose a Trade
Step 2: Give the Trade a Name
Step 3: Set your Odds: Give the Trade a Fixed Odds, if you want
Step 4: Set your Stake: If you want more than the Odds, give the Trade a Stake
Step 5: Give the Trade a Fixed or Variable Odds: If you want to set them to random at the moment, give the Trade a variable odds
Step 6: Set the Payout Odds: Pick between a 1:1 Payout, 10:1 Payout and 20:1 Payout
Step 7: Pick your Trade Name: Print the name of your trade out
Step 8: Begin

Are you good at Dutching? Lets see, how many of you can beat the computer? Lets see how good you are with the mouse. Its a tough game. You arent allowed to click too early or too late. If you lose, all your bets are lost. So, keep your cool and dont get too excited or get too mad. If you win, you get a new life. So have fun, enjoy the races and have some fun.

The Computer is given the name The Whiz and I will be the older and bigger brother The King, if you know what I mean. Anyways, The Whiz is given the task of pitting you against him and his best friend, The Goat. If you score more wins, you get $50,000, if you get more wins than me, you get $100,000 and if you get more wins than him, you get $200,000. The first person to amass $500,000 wins.

Sound fun? Lets start the races.

Welcome to the Steel Stadium, 4th Corner Arena, this is Race 2 of the Steel Stadium Championship.

Picking up six horses and placing $300 wagers on the six horses, Total Prize Money… $30,000.

The price spreads through the six horses and we have four horses to beat. Lets go.

Race 2 – Going Against The Whiz

Will the winner be you? Will it be the King? Will it be me? Will it be the goat?

What about me… I only have $30,000. I am a good friend to have though, right? I do have a faithful wagon, if I can get

What’s New in the?

“If you’ve played the original Geometry Wars, you will have some idea of what it’s like to play a modern re-interpretation of Dutching.
You can have up to six of your runners in a race, and you can change which ones they are at any time. You decide how much you are willing to bet on each of them. Let’s say you have named your horses Color, Speed, Strength, Beauty, Looks and Point.
You then place a bet and press START. All of your bets are simultaneously put in the pot, where they would be equally split between all of the horses you have named.
The race starts and after about 30 seconds you get to see where each of your bets are, as well as how much each of them has won or lost.
If, for example, you gave a small bet on Beauty, then nothing changed in your first 30 seconds, you would still see that color-coded bet at the top of your screen.
However, if you had given a bet of £10,000 on Beauty, you would see that dot right in the middle of the screen, and below it you would see how much Beauty had won and how much Strength had lost.
Over the next 50 seconds, Beauty continues to do better than Strength, and so your £10,000 bet on Beauty drops to a £1,000 bet. By the 60th second Beauty wins and the £10,000 on Strength is now a £10,000 loss, meaning that your real bet on Beauty (if you’ve called it correctly) is £9,000.
The horse that you backed didn’t win, but you have the same amount in the pot as if it had.
As you can see, it’s possible to have a zero-balance, meaning that you are losing more than you are winning.
If no horse wins, you lose everything you have put into the pot.”
(Hope it makes sense to you!)
How to Play
“Use the Rotate Character Camera to control the position of your horses. The more correctly positioned your horses are, the more winning combinations you’ll get. Use the Pause button to freeze-time and re-assess the situation, or press J to undo one of your previous moves.”
Graphical Representation of your position
The Horses are represented in the shape of a horse. If you have three horses, they will fill up three different spaces in the shape of a horse.
Numbers are located

System Requirements:

Game recommended for PC Operating Systems:
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Mac Operating Systems:
Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.14
Processor: Intel or AMD Processor 2.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M / ATI Radeon HD 3870 / Intel HD Graphics 3000
Hard Drive Space: 1 GB available space
Mortal Kombat X Additional Requirements:
Mortal Kombat X is an online multiplayer fighting game for Xbox One


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