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Exepack.NET 1.10.1127 Crack Patch With Serial Key Download X64 [Latest 2022]

Exepack.NET is a compact executable file compressor that converts applications
(projects) into single compact executable (called ‘zip’ in Windows world).
A number of the configurations which affect the size of the executable file
may be adjusted. Whether settings are adjusted, depends on the
purpose and the situation.
– Assembly binding should be known when packing
– Static binding is supported.
– Encryption with a password is supported.
– Extensions may be defined and supported.
– It is possible to pack resources (e.g., files, folders and registry settings).
– Encryption and packing support allows packing of encrypted assembly.
Exepack.NET Versions History:
Version 1.0
– Plugins: Win32 native code packing, custom encoding, dynamic assembly binding
– Source Code:
Version 0.9
– Version 0.9 was developed for customer feedback
– Named ‘Exepack.NET’ instead of ‘Exepack_0.9.zip’
– Plugins: Win32 native code packing, encryption, static binding, extension definition
– Source Code:
Version 0.8
– Version 0.8 was developed for customer feedback
– Higher compression rate for compiled projects
– No support for assembly binding
– Compressed executable is not protected from disassembling
Version 0.7
– Version 0.7 was developed for customer feedback
– Higher compression rate for compiled projects
– No support for encryption
Version 0.6
– Version 0.6 was developed for customer feedback
– Higher compression rate for compiled projects
– No support for assembly binding
Version 0.5
– Version 0.5 was developed for customer feedback
– Original Exepack compression algorithm
– No support for assembly binding
Version 0.4
– Version 0.4 was developed for customer feedback
– Original Exepack compression algorithm
– No support for assembly binding
Version 0.3
– Version 0.3 was developed for customer feedback
– Enhanced compression algorithm
– No support for assembly binding
Version 0.2
– Version 0.2 was developed for customer feedback
– Encryption
– No support for assembly binding
Version 0.1
– Version 0.1 was developed

Exepack.NET 1.10.1127 Crack Free License Key [April-2022]

– Now available for version 5.0
-.NET executable, protecting your assembly against disassembling
– Compressed into one file, easier to deploy
– Protects your code against decompiling
– Disassembled and debugged if needed
– Supports.NET Framework 4.0 and later
– Developed in C#
– No “Registration Required” message
– Compressed Executable file also open in notepad
– Compressed executable can be run even with 3.5 Framework
– All compressing is done by the user, no automatic procedure

File version:

Release date: 01.08.2013

Latest release:

To view the license information please visit

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Exepack.NET 1.10.1127 Crack+

– Allows to compress executable file (native code or.NET code) and several class libraries
– Protected against disassembling
– Supports dynamic assembly binding (assembly doesn’t need to be in GAC)
– Supports packing into shared library (no PDB)
– Packing during compile time and unpacking during run time
– Unpacking runtime, optionally to directory specified by configuration
– Unpacking previously unpacked files (to overwrite existing files)
– Compression by default, can be changed to pack
– Can pack several files into one executable
– Very fast (the packer doesn’t optimize code)
– Supports versioning (the packer can pack old and/or new versions into one EXE file)
-.NET Framework v4.0
– C# v3.5 or higher
– Visual Studio 2012 or higher
– DotNetZip 2.5.0 or higher
– Make sure that.NET Framework version 3.0 or higher is installed on the target machine
– Make sure that C# v3.5 or higher is installed on the target machine
For further information, go to
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(c) 2011 by M.G. and Zerko Software AG
Exepack.NET SourceForge Page:

Exepack.NET SourceForge Page (c) 2011 M.G. and Zerko Software AG

## S


Java Archive (JAR) File

SciTE editors plugin

Easy to set up.

## T


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You can try out TheTalk live here:

What’s New in the Exepack.NET?

* Extracts Exe and Dll files from the.NET Framework DLLs
* Compresses multiple assemblies into single executable for faster and easier deployment
* Native assemblies are fully supported
* Maintains executables pathing while packing the assemblies
* Optional packing of resources (.resx)
Exepack.NET Technologies:
* Compressing.NET assemblies
* Packing.NET Dynamic Assembly
* Packing.NET Native
* Packing.NET resx Resources
* Packing.NET Static Binding
* Binding.NET assemblies on demand
* The following build tools are supported (partial support):
* Microsoft Visual C# 2005+
* Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
* MSBuild 2008+
.NET Languages Supported (partial support):
* C#
* Visual Basic
Exepack.NET Documentation:


* The code base is in my github account:
* I also released a demo app on my blog:

Exepack.NET is available under the MIT license.
Copyright ©2011, Luka Surax

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[size=2][color=blue]Developed by Luka Surax –
[size=2][color=blue]Open-source code in my github account:

using System;

System Requirements:

For Microsoft Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit):
Mac OS X 10.4 and up
For Linux:
Minimum of 2GB RAM for Games in full screen. Minimum of 8GB RAM for Windows Games in full screen.
Maximum of 2GB RAM for Games in windowed mode. Minimum of 8GB RAM for Windows Games in windowed mode.
Needed software depends on how you want to install them. If you want to install them as standalone EXE files, then you will need:


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