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OutlookTabs Crack Product Key Free PC/Windows

* Easily move Email to a new tab!
* Sort Email by sender, time, subject, or even color!
* Add attachments from any folder on your computer!
* Easily customize the order and type of tabs!
* Sort emails by folder or tag – just like in Gmail!
* Inbox-based tabs!
* Add reply buttons and starred emails to your tabs!

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* Set different addresses and subjects to every email
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* Scheduled delivery dates
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Creates a tabbed email experience in Microsoft Outlook by displaying the Subject, From and To lines as tabs.
OutlookTabs Crack displays a small icon in the lower left corner of the From, Subject and To lines, as opposed to the company logo.
With OutlookTabs, every mail gets a visual notification, speeding up and improving your workflow.
OutlookTabs enables you to quickly reply, add attachments or reply to someone just by clicking the tab, like any other email.
OutlookTabs is installed as a Microsoft Outlook addin.
The user chooses a Message Type (New, Email with attachments, Respond or Reply, etc.)
A New, With attachments, Respond, Reply, etc. type is selected
After the user selects the type of the Email, OutlookTabs adds the Subject, From and To as tabs, to the email.
When the user replies, the Email is replied
The subject and From and To emails tabs are removed.
When the user replies to the To tab, OutlookTabs brings the Subject tab back
When the user replies to the From tab, OutlookTabs brings the To tab back
It should work on all the version of Outlook.
OutlookTabs should be compatible with all the Microsoft Add-ins.
Please note: To view the subject and From tabs, OutlookTabs needs the subject line of the email
Please note: This add-in needs the Ms Outlook Client 2016 to work
OutlookTabs is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.
(This add-in does not require Microsoft Office 2013 (Home & Student Edition))
Your feedback is appreciated.
How to View or Remove the Subject:

Remove the subject from the subject field.
Display the Subject as a tab.
Click the subject tab.
From There you can write your email in the subject box.

Please note: To write in the subject field, OutlookTabs needs the subject line of the email.
You can also change the tab color, as long as the OutlookTabs logo appears at the left of the subject tab.
Please note: To change the tab color, OutlookTabs needs the subject line of the email.

How to View or Remove the From:

Remove the sender from the sender field.

OutlookTabs Crack+ Free

OutlookTabs is a handy addin designed to add a tabbed email feature to Microsoft Outlook.
In addition, OutlookTabs is also an email address search, mail filtering and note-taking tool. OutlookTabs is the most versatile Outlook add-in around.
OutlookTabs is actually a set of several addins. OutlookTabs is designed to add a tabbed email experience to Outlook, and for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and IMAP mailboxes.
What’s new:
1. OutlookTabs for Gmail
2. OutlookTabs for Yahoo
3. OutlookTabs for Hotmail
4. OutlookTabs for AOL
5. OutlookTabs for IMAP
OutlookTabs lets you:
• Save time – Once you create a new tab, you can quickly add a single email address in that tab.
• Manage email – Group multiple emails by labels, filter out unwanted emails by rules.
• Look for things – OutlookTabs is a search tool that allows you to quickly look for and find information within your emails.
• Manage notes – Save your thoughts, notes, and ideas.
• Divide your time – OutlookTabs is a multi-tasker.
• Organize your information – OutlookTabs organizes your inbox, contacts, and even calendar into useful sub-folders.


OutlookTabs – Multi-Purpose Outlook Add-In 2.1
OutlookTabs is a useful addin for Microsoft Outlook that provides an easy and flexible solution to fast forwarding through your Outlook emails.
OutlookTabs is actually a set of several addins. OutlookTabs is designed to add a tabbed email experience to Outlook, and for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and IMAP mailboxes.
What’s New in 2.1:
* OutlookTabs for Gmail: OutlookTabs is an addin for Gmail that provides an easy and flexible solution to fast forwarding through your Gmail emails.
* New tab features:
– Allows you to create multiple tabs (10 tabs per mailbox)
– You can add new tabs very quickly
– Allow you to quickly add new emails by clicking one of the tabs
– You can use the copy and paste functionality to quickly add a single email address to one of the tabs
* OutlookTabs for Yahoo: Outlook

What’s New in the?

– Add tabs to email messages
– Set a tab as “read” or “junk”
– Configure the tab icon and name
– Configure color
– Configure and show a task bar
– Add and remove icons in the task bar
– Configure the mailbox and the account in which to show the tabs
– Configure the color of the email, sender and subject
– Keep all the changes without losing any information

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7Eyes is a project management tool that helps you plan and track a project from start to finish. At a glance, all the work is clear and in the right order. Plus, you can add projects from the 7Eyes app.

7Eyes is a project management tool. It helps you plan, manage, track, and report on your projects from start to finish.7Eyes supports managing multiple projects, having a single dashboard view for each project, and using the web version as a desktop application.

7Eyes Features:
· Add projects from within the 7Eyes app
· Create milestones for all projects
· Quickly view status of all projects, task status, and project milestones
· Group projects by client, type, or status
· Include projects from other sources like email
· Schedule due dates for all projects
· Manage people in projects
· Create a project hierarchy, which groups projects by parent/child relationships
· Access project information from multiple locations – in the 7Eyes app, on your desktop or in the 7Eyes web application
· Create tasks for each project and assign it to an individual
· Easily create emails from within the app
· Get email updates and notifications for progress on your projects
· Change tasks without leaving the app
· Add attachments and comment on tasks
· See all related notifications in one location
· View detailed task information
· Quickly compare projects with a built-in Gantt chart view
· Explore project history and search for a specific task
· Track your progress with reports
· Get project reports in email
· Share project status with clients and team members
· Open project files from within the app
· Integrate project management with the 7Eyes accounting app
· Import and export files to and from the app

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AzureBot is a simple bot for messaging using Microsoft Azure Service Bus and Azure Service Fabric.

The Azure Bot Framework for Service Fabric enables you to build your own bot quickly and easily, without having to set up a web service or a database. The Azure Bot Service is simple to use and you only need to write code once.

Azure Bot Service is an open-source service that provides a software development platform for creating and managing bots in Microsoft Azure. It helps you integrate your bot with Microsoft services,

System Requirements For OutlookTabs:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor (or higher)
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 2 GB graphics memory
DirectX: Version 9.0
Additional Requirements:
HDD space: 5 GB
Additional Notes:
Supported video cards:
ATI RADEON HD6000 or higher
Nvidia GTX 560 or higher
Nvidia GTX


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