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Quick Response codes (or, in short, QR codes) are used for fast and easy sharing of information with a mobile device in a non-readable form. For instance, they can be used for sending a text message, open a URL or add a new contact to the device’s address list, all just by scanning the QR code.
Given that almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, it’s no wonder that QR codes have become more and more popular. While there are various online QR code generators out there, some might prefer a dedicated desktop application to have around even when an Internet connection is not available. SimpleCodeGenerator is a good choice.
Generate a QR code in an instant 
This particular application does not require installation, meaning it is ready to go as soon as you double-click on the executable file. Simplicity is what defines it when talking about the interface and usage.
The one-window GUI bundles a field where you can enter the text or the URL you want to attach a QR code. If you want to submit a larger text, then you can make this text box a multi-line one.
Intuitively, you must push a button to generate the QR code, which is displayed in the lower panel almost instantly. Resizing the window will also change the size of the QR code, which is displayed either bigger or smaller.
You can then scan this code using a specialized QR code scanner on your mobile device to get instant access to the URL or the encrypted message. If you make a slight modification to the input string, then you can refresh the QR code from the “View” menu.
Save the QR code as an image 
While there are not so many options available in SimpleCodeGenerator, the application does allow you to save the generated QR code as an image file on your computer. Multiple formats are supported, including PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF and BMP.  Alternatively, the image can be copied to your clipboard and pasted wherever needed.
A no-install QR code generator 
SimpleCodeGenerator is an offline QR code generator and nothing more. It fulfills a single purpose, namely to provide a simple and lightweight software tool for generating QR codes. Fortunately, installation is not required, which is rather convenient.







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Open Source:

Integrates with Microsoft Windows



File Size:

System Requirements:


SimpleCodeGenerator Screenshots:

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SimpleCodeGenerator: QR Code Generator



SimpleCodeGenerator: Quick Response codes (QR codes) for Microsoft Windows

QR Code Generator



QR Code Generator Description:

QR Code Generator is a freeware application that generates QR Codes for your Windows devices. Use it to send URLS, images, ads or any other content to your Windows Mobile device or tablet. It supports the WIFI, 3G/UMTS and NETWORK/GPRS modul…

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Phone book shortcuts: Easy to get to an address or person



Phone Book Shortcuts Description:

Phone Book Shortcuts adds a shortcut on the desktop to quickly call, text, email or visit a website from your address book.



Thunderbuss Annotator Description:

Introducing Thunderbuss Annotator. Thunderbuss Annotator is a project started from the Android Annotator team that tries to duplicate its capabilities in desktop version.


The program is meant to be used for downloading and viewing any video or audio file on the Internet.

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SimpleCodeGenerator [Mac/Win]

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Availability: Windows (32-bit) (download)
File size: 33.7 MB

Download for free
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SimpleCodeGenerator Registration Code PC/Windows [April-2022]

Simple Code Generator is a very easy QR code generator, which allows you to generate QR codes in no time. The only requirement is a mobile device with a QR code scanner. QR codes, used to send information directly to mobile devices through a simple image scan, are highly useful to share ideas, promote products, advertise a new website or anything in the world. QR codes can be used as a e-mail signature, add a contact to your mobile’s address book, open a URL on a browser, or add a to-do item, etc.
1. To generate QR codes, a mobile device is required. Our QR code generator can be installed on multiple devices. It also includes an online QR code generator which does not require downloading any applications. 2. QR Code codes can be generated instantly with mouse clicks. 3. Multiple files can be generated at the same time. 4. Screenshot, clipboard, email, URL, Web URL, local file, clipboard, etc. can be generated as a QR code. 5. Generate QR codes on multiple pages. It supports multi-page printing.
Windows 8, 10 (32bit/64bit)
Visual Studio

I’m using Visual Studio 2015 Community and I keep on getting this error on.\Build\MSBuild\15.0\Bin\Roslyn\CSharpSyntaxTreeTransforms.dll:
Error CS0305 Possible mistaken empty Catch block. This catch statement is redundant because a previous catch statement already caught the exception.
I tried to build with this solution:

And with a.NET 4.5 solution, but the errors are the same.
Is there any way to solve this?


I have created a github repository that contains a solution for this.
This solution needs.NET 4.5 and will need to be updated/ported to.NET 4.6 in the near future.

I have used simple code generator as well. It was easy to use, however does not support to very many tweaks/functions such as auto line breaks, or table of content generation, or custom output formats such as Pdf or Html.


Microsoft has officially delivered the fixes to this bug on December 3, 2016

What’s New in the SimpleCodeGenerator?

By using this SimpleCodeGenerator application, you can generate a QR code, and later on you can save it as a PNG image or copy it to your clipboard for pasting it to wherever you need.
SimpleCodeGenerator software requires no installation. Just click the downloaded file to run it, and wait for your new QR code to be generated.
The QR code which you will get is a one-to-one copy of the information you have input while generating it. That means, if you input a text string for a message, the generated code will carry that same message inside.
If you want to display a bigger QR code for your mobile device, then just select the multi-line box.
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System Requirements For SimpleCodeGenerator:

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