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The Xaml Editor 2005 application was designed for use by both Developers and Longhorn Enthusiasts, learning to code in eXtensible Application Mark-up Language.
The application provides code autocompletion (as in Visual Studio .NET — IntelliSense), new-line auto-formatting, and much more. This way, writing XAML files is easy-to-understand and code — automatic enumeration choices makes it even easier to write Case-sensitive properties’ data. The editor has support for any Avalon CTP/release syntax — currently built-in are the November 2004 and March 2005.







Xaml Editor 2005

The Xaml Editor allows you to work on XAML, while other work on other files is going on.

The application provides code autocompletion (as in Visual Studio.NET IntelliSense), new-line auto-formatting, and much more.

General Features:

The user can preview XAML File before editing.

The application supports various Avalon markup extensions ( The built-in markup extensions are as follows:

Avalon Html
Avalon Xaml
Avalon C#
Avalon WPF
Avalon OOP
Avalon HTTP
Avalon CS
Avalon ASP.NET

The application is build on Winforms, using VB.NET.

XAML Editor 200x Performance Features:

Xaml Editor runs at the fly thanks to a custom-built Xaml Editor Engine. This engine is a Xaml Editor-specific application and is not to be confused with the XAML Editor itself.

Performance on Project File size (and memory) is significantly reduced.

An Action List along with Resharper functionality make development very fast.

Other capabilities including the ability to quickly regenerate Code (using the Xaml Editor and ReSharper),

The editor also provides a strong AltText support for selected Controls

Other Features:

The Xaml editor supports Microsoft Dynamic Data Service (

Bug Reports, Feature Requests, and Patches are always welcome!

Please contact me at winfx@xamlengine.com
or at www.xamlengine.com
if you have any suggestions or questions.

P.S.: The Xaml Editor is fully free (as in free beer) and open-source software. Please refer to the Xaml Editor Source-Code page for more details.


Xaml Editor Class:

Common Xaml Editor control for Avalon
In memory representations of XAML code
Properties for:
double line height

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The Xaml Editor is a Code Editor for the XAML language. It is a part of the Xaml Editor application which is released under GPL.
It is a cross-platform application which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It has support for different languages; XAML, Visual Basic 6.0/2005, Visual C#,
.NET Framework, and IronRuby. It provides code completion, code folding, code hint, IntelliSense, debugging, and many other features. It has different
projects types: Main application, resources, Xaml Framework, and others.

Supports various languages: XAML, Visual Basic 6.0/2005, Visual C#,.NET Framework, and IronRuby.
Supports projects of different types: Main application, resources, Xaml Framework, etc.
Supports code completion, code folding, code hint, IntelliSense, debugging, and many other features.
WYSIWYG mode (XAML Designer Mode) for XAML.
Support for Any Avalon CTP/release: November 2004 and March 2005.
Syntax highlighting for XAML and Visual Basic.
Code folding for XAML.
Code completion for XAML.
IntelliSense for XAML and Visual Basic.
Code hint for XAML.
WYSIWYG mode (XAML Designer Mode) for XAML.
Support for any Avalon CTP.
Support for C# and VB.NET
Support for Visual Studio 2005/2008 (C# and VB)
Support for Visual Studio 2005/2008 Express Edition (C# and VB)
Support for Visual Studio 2005/2008 UI-less Debugging mode (C# and VB)
Support for Windows Forms

The Xaml Editor application lets you create and edit XAML files, including code, as well as design XAML pages and windows. It provides an expertly designed graphically intensive
editor. For those who want to write XAML code quickly, the Xaml Editor is a perfect choice. It offers the complete set of features you need in an XAML editor. Xaml Editor
does not require any other development tools for XAML, and does not require any other programming languages. However, developers can write their own applications using Xaml Editor
and the Xaml Framework to generate their

Xaml Editor 2005 Serial Key PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

Microsoft® XAML Markup Language is an XML-based set of building blocks designed to allow programmers to quickly and easily describe the UI for an application.

XAML is a tag-based language, meaning that data elements and objects are expressed in tags. Those tags enable developers to compose instructions and objects, using a markup syntax that is easier to read and understand than traditional languages.

XAML Editor 2005 features:
XAML Editor 2005 Formatting:
Formatting is a very important part to ensure a well-formed, easy-to-understand XAML markup.
One may wonder why XAML Editor 2005 does not have its own default XAML editor, all the formatting is managed by Visual Studio.
The color formatting, indentation and line-wrapping rules are part of the Visual Studio UI.
The XAML Editor application, however, provides an ability to apply your own formatting settings.
XAML Editor 2005 Auto-Indentation:

XAML is a tag-based language, meaning that objects and data are expressed using tags.

Each XAML tag begins with the opening tag. Before the tag, the tag name is written; after the tag name, the closing tag is written. Each tag has two endpoints: the opening tag endpoint and the closing tag endpoint.

When the XAML Editor 2005 application starts, it provides an auto-indentation that sets the indentation based on the new line.

You can turn on auto-indentation using the Options -> Xaml Formatter-> Text-wrapping-> Edit -> Default Wrap Settings.

Categorize XAML controls in Text Editor:

XAML Controls can be categorized in many ways:
c1: LongBox based controls
c2: UpToDate controls
c3: Intellisense
c4: VectorGraphic controls
c5: Built-in Controls

XAML Controls for New Line Auto-Formatting:

These XAML Controls are recommended to be formatted by placing new lines between different data.

XAML Controls for Code Intellisense:

These XAML Controls are recommended to be formatted by placing new lines between different data

What’s New in the Xaml Editor 2005?

– Provides code autocompletion
– Provides new-line auto-formatting
– Supports easy writing XAML code
– Supports any Avalon CTP/release syntax currently built-in:
– November 2004
– November 2005
– March 2005

Xaml Editor 2005 runs as a separate application that can run either via Windows task manager or in a separate Windows session. You can also put Xaml Editor 2005
inside your own application (DLL) and use it as an XAML module (or XAML Design Access tool).

The user interface is very customizable and is extensible through Visual Studio’s automation interfaces. Developers and programmers who use Xaml Editor 2005 are
likely to benefit greatly from this program, for it will make their life easier and help them to organize their applications.

You may copy and/or distribute this program to anyone, including commercial, non-commercial, or academic users, and you may use this program for
commercial and non-commercial applications. However, you must include this entire license notice (the text between this paragraph and the next, or the
“Copyright” and “ShareAlike” paragraphs) in any copy of the software. You must keep intact all notices of copyright and the ShareAlike
provisions, and the Xaml Editor 2005 title that appears on the About dialog for the program.

You may modify the source code to suit your own requirements, and redistribute it under a license more restrictive than this, provided that you
modify it as above.

The Xaml Editor 2005 media are as follows:

Xaml Editor 2005 is available for download at:

Alternatively, you can visit the following URL to request Xaml Editor 2005 for download:

In order to obtain Xaml Editor 2005, you must agree to the terms of the Microsoft.NET Software License Terms on the Microsoft
.NET Web site.

If you have any questions about the Xaml Editor 2005, please feel free to use our discussion forum at the following URL:

For any additional information, please visit:

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon XP 2400
Memory: 4 MB RAM
Hard Disk: 15 MB free HD space
Graphics: DirectX® 8.0
Additional Requirements:
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