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Network security administrators require advanced software tools in order to keep an eye on the LAN activity, capture and analyze both sent and received packets. CommView is an intuitive application that serves this exact purpose, enabling users to monitor the network traffic.
The application can only be used with dial-up or Ethernet networks, but a Wi-Fi monitoring edition is also available. It aims to gather information with regard to the latest initiated IP connections, transferred packets, sessions, opened ports, hosts, VoIP and decode the extracted data.
Within its user-friendly and well-organized window, you can view a list of the active network connections and network statistical data (bandwidth utilization, traffic reports in real time). Furthermore, CommView is capable of analyzing individual data packets and display their source and destination, network access points, used protocols, ports, channels and nodes.
The powerful filtering system enables you to create rules that exclude certain packets and capture others, while the customizable alarms help you set automatic text, sound and e-mail notifications for specific events, such as the detection of suspicious packets, unidentified connections or bandwidth threshold exceeding.
With the help of this application, you can read call logs and generate reports concerning H.323 or SIP voice communication sessions, errors and endpoints. It provides support for the most widespread protocols and allows you to easily reconstruct TCP sessions or UDP streams.
CommView enables you to search for hex data within the captured packets, import them to other similar applications or save them to log files for later reference. Also, IP addresses can be exported to SmartWhois for performing address lookup. Additionally, it comes with a packet generator, remote monitoring and performance statistics reports.
Combining ease of use with an advanced feature set, CommView provides a complete set of tools for monitoring the traffic, analyzing the content of the transferred data and viewing network statistics.


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-Monitor LAN and Wi-Fi activity with this intuitive, easy to use application that lets you search, capture, view, decode and analyze TCP/UDP traffic.
-Decodes HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP(S), FTP and POP3/IMAP4/SMTP over the Internet and allows you to view data in plaintext or html form.
-Analyzes the HTTP and HTTPS traffic by extracting the basic HTTP request and response. This application analyses all of the HTTP traffic by extracting the basic HTTP request and response.
-Allows you to search, capture and decode captured TCP/UDP traffic for a list of popular protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP/POP3/IMAP4, and FTP.
-View IP address, network access points, hosts, VoIP and SIP session information.
-Supports incoming as well as outgoing connections to the external world and supports a variety of protocols and transports.
-Support WAN diagnostics for Quality of Service Analysis, Bandwidth Utilization, Speed Test and Packet Analysis.
-Print reports in the text, HTML, XML or CSV formats and monitor all network activity with a flexible and effective alert system.
-View and monitor active TCP/UDP connections, bandwidth utilization, sessions, active ports and hosts.
-Filter traffic, log filters, re-encode encrypted traffic and decode packet content.
-Generates and monitors remote monitoring.
-Supports filtering on IP Address, Media Types, Port and MAC Address, and more.
-Extracts and decodes Hex data.
-Export IP Addresses to SmartWhois.
-Used worldwide as an easy-to-use tool for network administrators to monitor bandwidth, identify and log user activity and analyze internet and PSTN traffic.
Key Features:
-View and monitor active TCP/UDP connections, bandwidth utilization, sessions, active ports and hosts.
-Filter traffic, log filters, re-encode encrypted traffic and decode packet content.
-Generates and monitors remote monitoring.
-Supports filtering on IP Address, Media Types, Port and MAC Address, and more.
-Print reports in the text, HTML, XML or CSV formats and monitor all network activity with a flexible and effective alert system.
-View and monitor active TCP/UDP connections, bandwidth utilization, sessions, active ports and hosts.
-Decode TCP/UDP traffic by extracting basic HTTP request and response. This application

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CommView Free Download is a simple yet powerful network traffic monitor that allows you to detect changes in your network traffic and analyze the captured information. It can be used with either dial-up or Ethernet networks and is able to capture both inbound and outbound network traffic. CommView supports several common protocols, including POP3/IMAP, FTP, SSH, HTTP, SMTP, MMS, VoIP, SIP and others.
CommView Features:
* Multi-protocol support
* Bandwidth monitoring
* Call logging
* TCP session reconstruction
* Reporting
* Customizable alarms
* Alarm filtering
* Hex data search
* Real-time network statistics
* IP address lookup
* Remote session monitoring
* USB/WDM pass-through
* Packet generator
* Packet editor
* File-based capture
* Session display
* Port scan
* Real-time replay
* Statistics reports
* Packet correlation
* HTTP session reconstruction
* HTTP session statistics
* Per-rule statistics
* Call log
* License Information
CommView User Guide:
CommView is designed to be easy to use. The interface should enable you to quickly accomplish your goals. Here are some key features to get you started:
* View all active connections, including different protocols.
* Process all captured traffic.
* View the last n connections, including protocol information.
* Search captured traffic for a word, IP address, or data within.
* Generate reports and export data to log files.
* An IP address lookup utility.
* Bandwidth monitoring.
* System alarm monitor and filter.
* Call logging.
* Packet explorer.
* Packet correlation.
* Threaded view of sessions.
* Raw packet capture.
* Packet editor.
* Packet generator.
* Search for IP addresses within packets.
* Date and time stamps for all captured packets.
* Session Replay.
* Performance monitoring.
* Remote session monitoring.
* Packet correlation.
* Search database for IP addresses.
* Port scan.
* System alarm monitoring.
* File-based packet capture.
* Session View.
* Remote session monitoring.
* Handshake View.
* Connection View.
* Packet decoding.
* UDP stream browsing.
* TCP session decryption.
* System alarm filtering.
* Packet filter.
* File filter.

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CommView is a powerful tool that provides a number of powerful and insightful network monitoring capabilities. It allows you to monitor all TCP and UDP protocols used on your network, as well as the Internet. In fact, all the data is displayed in a simple interface, allowing you to easily identify problems, learn about protocol usage, and adjust relevant filter parameters.
Furthermore, the CommView application displays detailed network traffic information. This information can be saved to log files for later analysis.
Additional Features:
* Filter the captured packets based on the destination, source and destination IP addresses, port, protocol, Time Stamp, User-Agent, User-Country, User-Identity and other fields.
* Generate custom reports that visualize all the captured traffic data, in real-time.
* Export the log files for viewing in other applications or for archiving to a file.
* Automatically capture the data when a new network connection is initiated or a host fails to initiate a connection.
* Generate log files for later monitoring.
* VoIP channel monitoring and call logging.
* Filter the capture files based on the received, sent, Session Time, Call Duration and other fields.
* Host address lookup, version detection and nmap scanning.
* Packet generator.
* Remote monitoring.


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OS Support:

Macintosh OS 10.3.9 or later; Windows XP or later

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3.9 MB

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October 26, 2002

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Macintosh 10.3.9 or later; Windows XP or later


Administrator Technologies




Administrator Technologies


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Uninstaller – Mac onlyThis application is Mac only. It seems to be an MSI made with a FLAT editor that removes some components of the application not used. This is a source package just unzip and run the application. Installed time is untouched.





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0.1 MB

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What’s New in the CommView?

Connection information.
List connections.
Configure sessions, allowing multiple connections and durations.
Show the list of active connections.
Decode data.
Send live traffic through dial-up.
Extract IP addresses and host names from raw data, through (for example, to address books, search engines).
Add sessions or add hosts to the list of hosts (sessions).
View of the broadcast capture data.
Access to Live Call Log files.
Network statistics.
Supports multicast (topologies).
Packet generator.
Capture sessions and traffic.
Data identification.
Search results.
View and generate screenshots.
E-mail reports.
Remote monitoring.
Access to a file for saving all packets.
Export of IP addresses.
H.323 protocol.
SIP protocol.
External libraries.
Max for Windows
Max for Android
Basically, you can say that it´s a powerful app that can be used to monitor and look at your network, to capture and decode the data of the recorded sessions and to extract certain fields from the received data. It is perfectly worth the money and can replace many other applications that may cost you more and offer less flexibility.

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System Requirements For CommView:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-7600 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
* We recommend you use Microsoft Edge as your web browser. To do this, navigate to “Settings” > “System” > “Change what’s next” > “Apps” > “Choose default browser.”
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