COMPUTEK FINANCIAL PLANNING CALENDAR is a budget planning tool that allows you to view, analyze and plan your budget for future months or years.
COMPUTEK FINANCIAL PLANNING CALENDAR is capable of generating detailed reports and graphs, which you can print or export to an Excel spreadsheet.
It can report on any aspect of your plan, expenses, income or spending habits.
Computer processor-based data collection and proprietary data analysis technology are the foundation of Credit Scoring Model. Our team of financial professionals has developed a proprietary algorithm that looks at not only past behavior, but also how people pay their bills, the amount of their debt, and other factors that can impact your credit scores.
The Credit Scoring Model provides a highly personalized view of your borrowing behavior. It also helps you decide whether to make changes to your credit report and/or credit score.
Our credit scoring model breaks our credit analysis down into four basic categories:
Borrowers have the potential to make these things better:
Debt Payments
Investment and Savings
Credit Card Payments and Revolving Debt
Monthly Transfers
Adding up a few of these items is not only helpful to you, it can also affect your credit score. For more information on how having a positive score could benefit you, please visit You can also find helpful tips and other content that you may need at or by calling 855-361-1805.
Data Collection
Our proprietary, computer processor-based data collection and proprietary data analysis technologies make up the foundation of Credit Scoring Model. How we collect and analyze your information could potentially impact your ability to get credit.
Your purchase, transaction, or other interactions with various consumer and/or commercial services (including the payment and credit application process) will be captured, stored, analyzed, and sometimes shared with other companies or third-party businesses.
The following is a summary of how BBG uses and protects your information. For more detailed information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
Types of Information We Collect
We may collect information that helps us to provide you with the products and services you request from us, and related information about your account with us.
We may collect the following types of information from you:
Social security number; date of birth; address; email address; last transaction; address of consumer

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The software offers users the ability to view a comprehensive financial overview, to estimate its financial situation using a graph, to plan for future investments. The plan allows to view the loan ratio with respect to its investment period, as well as the remainder of capital. The interface displays the most popular types of investments.
The application is compatible with Windows,.Net and with a few other operating systems, such as Mac OS X. It has a specific package for a variety of operating systems. The installation size is a hefty amount.Q:

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COMPUTEK FINANCIAL PLANNING CALENDAR 2017 is a reliable cost and income management solution designed to help anyone take control of their finances, whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, householder or employee. The software is easy to use, requiring no prior expertise or training to operate.
Calendar organizing system for a comprehensive overview
YOU MAY CHOOSE ANY MONTH OF THE YEAR to analyze, starting with the current month or going up to years in the future. The calendar represents a simple two-dimensional system, showing details for each month of the year, including the position of the months on the calendar, whether they are counted forward or backward.
Actions, status, capital
The software allows you to monitor your budget for the current year. You can plan your monthly budget, as well as save up money, manage investments and use its incomings and outgoings as a part of the accounting system. The software will help you to determine your spending habits, analyze the profit/loss, and plan future investments by year and month.
You may import data from the current year, or you can record your expenses and income directly on the calendar. The software allows you to select the source for the data, whether a financial institution, online or through a receipt. If you have more than one type of account with the bank, you may decide to have all data recorded on a single page or view the calendar data of each account separately.
The software offers an intuitive interface for performing calculations, or entering new data into forms and tables. You may also specify the initial values that will serve as a basis for the budget analysis, such as the initial profit or loss.
Detailed financial reports and tools
Once you have processed the budget and managed the income and expenses of the current year, you may view detailed reports and graphs of the current financial state. This information includes an analysis of the profit/loss for the current year and budget data for upcoming years.
You may also export the data to an Excel file. The software helps you to view and sort the data, and indicates the transactions that have been made in the current year. By clicking on the column headings, you can easily view a list of entries, sorted according to the selected field.
A comprehensive solution for daily financial planning
As a daily budget system, COMPUTEK FINANCIAL PLANNING CALENDAR allows you to build your budget according to your habits. You may set a goal and create separate plans for


COMPUTEK FINANCIAL PLANNING CALENDAR The online tool for your finance that includes a simple user interface, a wide variety of features and several functions for individual planning, management and assessment of budgets.


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