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Fish are common pets that can be beautiful to look at, and provide a source of relaxation and entertainment. Fayimora Aquarium is a program that allows users to create a virtual aquarium on their desktop, that allows users to watch digital fish swim around in a customizable tank, with settings to control the fish.
A simple layout and design that is perhaps too minimalistic and doesn't explain
There is no help document available for Fayimora Aquarium which is a problem, not because it is difficult to set up in any way, but rather because there aspects to the program that could be explained. For instance, there is an option to display the health status of a fish, yet no explanation for why that is necessary. It comes across as if users should feed them or care for them in some way, yet such a feature is curiously absent.
If fish can lose health, or if users can bolster their health is a mystery that is not explained by the application at all. Fayimora Aquarium makes no effort to show off its features or advantages, instead it understates everything and leaves users in the dark. The impression left by the application is one of an unfinished program that contains half done features and still needs to be updated and improved.
An amusing source of entertainment that can be customized in different ways
One of the upsides of Fayimora Aquarium is the ability to load custom images as the background, making it possible to turn the aquarium into an image of anything. However, the aquarium automatically resizes to the shape of the image and is impossible to resize, so if users want a larger aquarium they need to resize the picture before loading it.
The number of fish and the speed the fish move can be changed massively, from a single fish to a whole shoal of 50 fish. The speed can also be drastically changed, causing them to zoom about at a speed that makes real fish look lazy. Despite those options, more could have been added, such as different fish types, control of what fish are added, sea flora and so on.
An interesting idea that sadly offers a poor impression, potentially leaving users dissatisfied
Fayimora Aquarium is an amusing idea and one users might embrace if it had been executed properly, it seems the idea was to make an aquarium with fish that need to be fed and cared for, like a desktop tamagotchi. Unfortunately, what users have ended up is a basic fish animation that seems sloppy and haphazard, making Fayimora Aquarium a bitter disappointment.


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Fayimora Aquarium Crack X64 Latest

Create a virtual aquarium with a choice of fish and custom background.

Main Features:
Play with up to 50 fish (see the menu for the number of fishes)
Select from 23 species of fish
Some species of fish are resistant to illnesses. Learn about that resistance here
Buy and sell fish
Trick your friends 🙂 (see the menu for more)
Customize the aquarium background
Adjust your fish tank to the size of your desktop
Watch your fish in your aquarium
Fun animations for fish
Want to get help? Visit


Fish Idle Time
Fish Health Status
Liquid Level of the aquarium
List of New fish added to the aquarium
List of removed fish from the aquarium
Main Window
Buy Fish Menu
Fish Health Status
Select fish for sale
Sell fish
Customize your aquarium
Change your background
Show the world what your fish tank looks like
Check the speed of your fish
Watch your fish in the aquarium
Visit your fish tank from anywhere
Remove fish from the fish tank
Save your aquarium
Please visit to check what is the problem with your fish, or visit to search for help
Share fish in your aquarium
Rescue a fish from another aquarium
Show the world what your fish tank looks like
Set up a gift for your fish


I think they should focus on a few specific functional aspects of the program and then release a complete review for all aspects. That being said, I will give my opinion on what I think should or should not be in a fish tank management program.

Useful Features:

Automatically tracks the amount of liquid in the tank. It should also calculate the amount of oxygen in the water.
Should have filters for the tank as well as replenish your tanks with real aquarium salt.
Should allow you to choose from different types of fish, and their habits.
Should have an option to select which fish you want to display.
Has to have a history of any fish that have been sold.

Things to Avoid or Not Include:

The fish should be able to randomly swim around in the tank. In order to do this, the program should

Fayimora Aquarium Crack Free Download [April-2022]

Fayimora Aquarium Free Download is a fish tank viewer which allows you to customize the look and feel of your virtual aquarium. Just type in a URL pointing to a photo and watch the fish swim around in your “aquarium” as you like!
View “fishes” (Fish) in your virtual aquarium
Configure the shape and size of your aquarium
Change backgrounds and view them on your desktop
Connect to your Facebook and Youtube accounts
Set the animation speed for your “fishes”

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I have no idea how Favicons work. I have no idea if this should be in the Description or the Reviews. Did you get the URL from the link or make it yourself?


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When my delete button is pressed I want it to take to the folder page and have the confirm box and yes and no buttons. When no is pressed nothing happens but when yes is pressed it deletes. But I don’t want to have an alert box with yes and no. I want a yes and no buttons on the same dialog box.
I have this:
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Fayimora Aquarium Crack + Free Download PC/Windows

Fayimora Aquarium is a simple fish tank program that is fun to use and entertaining to watch. Users can design and customize their aquarium on their desktop, and watch digital fish swim around, feeding on food that the users provide.
While the program is functional, the notion of turning a fish tank into a personal aquarium is one that gets lost in translation in the execution of the program. Fayimora Aquarium is a half finished program that has some potential, but lacks polish and as such is a poor experience.

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2 Reviews for Fayimora Aquarium

Reviewer: Vincent Tremblay

October 13, 2012

I had a nice easy time entering a turtle, a fish and some seaweed, which was a bit bigger than my screen. Making my screensize smaller made it look better. I did have to adjust the background image, so that it was a bit bigger than the rectangle. Now I can turn on my LCD monitor and watch my Aquarium. It was a lot of fun to color each fish in pink,green,yellow, etc. Click the fish name, and you can see a smaller version of the screen so you don’t have to sit there and look at it on the screen. I’d recommend this for anyone.

Reviewer: Rachael Mikulski

July 15, 2012

I had lots of fun with this one. It allowed me to add objects of any shape and size. It was a little hard to figure out how to get it to work the way I wanted. The tank view was also a little hard to see.

Reviewer: Zakia Jih

April 30, 2012

I like this application, because I make my Fish tank and I enjoy it. And I made a barnacle that looks at me.. The only problem I have is that if you put too many fish,it overflows so quickly that you can’t even see the fish anymore…

Reviewer: Sotir Tzemouris

April 30, 2012

Like the description said I love to make things for myself. I followed the instructions to a T and I have some cool fish, seaweed and even a sharks eye. I really enjoy creating my own

What’s New In?

Fayimora Aquarium is a fish simulation application that allows users to watch digital fish move and swim around in a customizable tank, with settings to control what kind of fish and how many.
Fayimora Aquarium comes across as an unfinished program that doesn’t explain anything and is full of half finished features, making it feel unfinished and unfinished.

Additional Comments

Fayimora Aquarium is a simple, yet fun program that is easily customizable. I think there are aspects of the program that are not explained, and the options are too minimalistic, but this program does fulfill the need for an aquarium program that is simple and fun to use. It also doesn’t lack any interesting features, it just lacks detailed explanations of any of it.
A fun program that has more of a focus on the user experience than the product it is trying to sell
Fayimora Aquarium is a fun program that has a fairly simple layout, but makes the most of it. The more the program develops, the more it will become apparent what kind of direction it is heading in. At this point, Fayimora Aquarium is clearly a tool that is meant to enhance the desktop experience by providing a fun, interactive fish aquarium that users can customize. The program is a great showcase for the desktop and there are so many features that could be added to it.
Fayimora Aquarium is a pity that it is not released fully, or released to the extent it should have been. If it were released in its current state, it would be one of the best aquarium programs available, if not the best, but that is because there is still a lot of potential and room for improvement to be found.
Fayimora Aquarium breaks many barriers, and sets a precedent for other desktop applications to be built on. With Fayimora Aquarium, users are given the opportunity to create their very own aquarium, and given the space for it to be displayed in. However, it is still a simplistic application that offers little in terms of explanation or information. There are no icons or any other visual clues as to how to use the program, and the lack of explanation comes across as an unfinished program that is left with no explanation.
Fayimora Aquarium is an odd application with a limited focus. The concept itself has a wider appeal, but the application is highly limited, with only a few features missing in some cases. The program is unable to do a few things that other desktop

System Requirements For Fayimora Aquarium:

Intel® Core™ i7 processor (6MB L3 cache) or higher
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
1GB of free hard disk space
2GB of available hard disk space for the installation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
DirectX 11
Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
Supports up to 3 monitors
• Windows 10:
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