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The perfect tool for learning the basics of ladder logic.
The book is a reference book for a manager, manager, head of department, foreman and any specialist who sets and solves problems using relay circuits. The book is intended for students and graduate students of universities studying in the specialty 05.13.18 – “Automated systems for information processing and management (by industry)”
The book is intended for students of technical universities studying in the direction of “System Analysis, Control and Information Processing”, as well as graduate students studying in the direction of 04.06.01 – “Applied Mathematics and Informatics” as a textbook for independent work.
Automatic control theory (TAU) is one of the most dynamic and promising areas of science and technology. The last decade of its development is characterized by rapid growth, reaching gigantic proportions, thanks to the inventors and creators of new ideas, and the modernization of known structures. This book reflects the stages of development of the system engineering modeling method, various aspects of its analysis are studied, hardware, software and methodological tools are studied. The functional apparatus of the theory is described and mathematical models of systems are shown, which greatly simplify the process of analysis. The ways of transformation of the system of technical, economic and social requirements to the system into the required solution are outlined. For students studying in engineering and technical universities in the direction 031000 “Electric Power Engineering” and the direction of training “Instrument Engineering”, as well as for students of technical and technological specialties dealing with the problems of designing control systems.
The book offered to the reader is the first attempt to present the history of the development of the theory of algorithms in the presentation of modern achievements.It considers the prerequisites for the origin and the main stages in the development of the theory in comparison with the theory of computational mathematics. Along with this, the paper gives an idea of ​​the development of the algorithm design and substantiation of the laws of its functioning at different stages of development. The book is written in a format that is easy to read on your own. It also includes applications containing methods and algorithms that can be used in the educational process when studying the course “Algorithms” of the relevant specialties in technical schools and universities. The first part of the book is devoted to problems related to the theory of algorithmic languages: the study of computable functions, data, its single links, the construction and methods of learning algorithms. The second part of the book contains theoretical and practical questions of the theory of mathematical software for algorithms, methods and principles for constructing hardware, software and software of computing systems, as well as general questions of algorithm imitation; examples of applying the results of the theory to solving practical problems are given.






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