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If you feel that you are stuck in a rut, maybe you could use some inspiring quotes every now and then, and Mue for Firefox might be just what you need.
Replaces your default New Tab page
The main function of this extension is to display a brand new image whenever you open a new tab in your Firefox browser (a Chrome version also exists).
Not only can you view the name of the person who took the photograph, but you also get the current time and a personalized greeting (if you provide your name in the Settings section).
Complementary functions
If you want to get the most out of Mue, you need to spend some time customizing its options.
For example, you can tamper with the time appearance, by switching to an analog version, to 24-hours or to AM/PM formats. When it comes to the motivational quote, you can activate the copy, tweet and favorite buttons.
The background can also be personalized to your liking by adjusting the blur and brightness levels. You can upload a custom image (JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF are supported) and it will supersede the default photo typically displayed by Mue. Alternatively, you can simply select a background color if you do not want to be distracted by any complex graphics.
Integrated search function
A nifty function of this extension is that it packs a search field and you can choose which search engine it uses: DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Startpage and so on. You can even enter a custom search engine manually, if you are not pleased with the provided options.
All in all, Mue for Firefox can help you add a personal touch to your browser, no matter if you keep the default photos it packs, or if you go for a custom image of your own.







Mue For Firefox Crack + [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

Replacing New Tab Box with photos taken with people nearby and current time and personalized quotes
What is Mue for Firefox Crack Keygen?
As the name suggests, Mue for Firefox For Windows 10 Crack is a Firefox extension that can be used to replace your default New Tab Box with the photo taken by the user you are currently with (you do not need to specify a particular person) and the personalized quote that you want displayed in your browser.
New Tab Box (or default New Tab Box as it is also known as) is the screen that hosts the search field, the address bar and other important Firefox items (you can get it by clicking the icon with an arrow in the upper right corner).
Mue for Firefox Features
The main function of Mue for Firefox is to replace your New Tab Box with a personalized one, displaying the image taken by the user you are currently with and the personalized quote you want to view.
However, you can also use it to display the image of your choice, either an image of your own, or a photo taken with someone else.
Moreover, depending on how you set up the profile, you can also have the following features displayed in your browser:
Replacing the time in the default New Tab Box with the current time displayed by Mue for Firefox
The time in your default New Tab Box can be replaced by a personalized one, displaying the time taken by the user you are currently with.
The time displayed by Mue for Firefox is useful, since it gives you the opportunity to know what time it is, and who you are with.
Browse using a custom search engine instead of a Google one
If you do not like the search engine that Mue for Firefox provides, you can install another one manually, or even a third-party one to browse using a different search engine.
The search field in the default New Tab Box can be replaced by a custom one if you type in the name of the search engine. This is particularly useful if your default search engine (e.g. Google) is not performing well for you.
Make the search field bold
You can make the name of the search engine that you wish to use bold by clicking on it and making it bold. This will enable you to find it in the New Tab Box much easier.
Activate the Copy, Tweet and Favorite buttons of the New Tab Box
If you do not want to do any of the following activities, simply turn off the buttons that you do not want displayed in your New Tab Box

Mue For Firefox Crack + Download 2022

A cute and personal extension for Firefox, Mue for Firefox replaces the background and tile images of your browser’s new tab with a photo taken by the user.
In addition to this, you can see the current time, the name of the person who took the picture, your name, and a personalized greeting.
The extension also comes with a search box that you can use to navigate the web, and you can further configure a variety of options to suit your tastes.
Install Mue for Firefox in Firefox
The easiest way to install Mue for Firefox is to search for the extension on the official Mozilla website, and follow the installation process.
You will first need to activate the component’s options, which can be done easily if you open the Add-ons Manager via the Tools menu in Firefox.
Alternatively, the options are also accessible via the Mue Settings page.

1. Click the Allow button to grant the extension access to personal data on your computer.
2. Accept the End User License Agreement.

Mue for Firefox Installation


– What is the process of changing the photos on your current New Tab page?

– How can I edit the time format?

– I have a custom background image, but Mue for Firefox still uses the old photo. What’s going on?

– How do I upload a different image for my background?

– How to change the search engine that Mue for Firefox uses?

– How can I make Mue for Firefox notify me when I received a new mail?

How to change the default photos on your New Tab page

– How do I change the time format?

– Where can I see the instructions to change the background image?

How to edit the time format

– How do I upload a custom image for my background?

– How do I change the search engine that Mue for Firefox uses?

How to change the search engine that Mue for Firefox uses?

– How to make Mue for Firefox notify me when I received a new mail?Philip Nitschke and Dr Richard Alcorn in 2009 (Getty Images)

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What’s New in the?

Mue for Firefox is a New Tab extension that adds personality to the New Tab Page (also known as Tabs and Favorites page) of your Firefox browser. It allows you to display either a photo, an inspiring quote or a search bar, as well as access to some interesting content.

Key Features

Photo gallery

To create an individual greeting for each new tab, Mue for Firefox features a photo gallery where you can upload a photo (JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF are supported). Here you can also do the following:

– Turn on or off the display of the current time and the personalized message
– Customize the time display (e.g. 24-hour format)
– Switch between analog and digital time
– Choose to display the AM/PM sign in analog or digital fashion.

Motivational quotes

The quotes feature allows you to choose from an impressive selection of inspirational and motivational messages. You can also decide whether to have them be from famous persons, or directly from you. And by the way, you can use a custom, private message whenever you want.

Search bar

A search field is integrated into Mue for Firefox, allowing you to search all the desired content of the web. Using a search engine of your choice, you can access the most useful pages that matter to you. Here you can also decide whether to use a specific engine, search or no-search. Furthermore, you can even customize the search results (without the search results).

Auto search feature

Another feature that is worth mentioning is that you can use Auto Search. This function of Mue will automatically visit the most popular search engine of your choosing when you use the search bar.

Customize settings

Last but not least, you can personalize all the options that we mentioned earlier. If you want to use different photo, time or message settings, simply adjust them in the Settings section.


First of all, ensure that you have the latest version of Firefox. Download Mue for Firefox by clicking on the link below.

Download Mue for Firefox

After launching the file, you will be automatically prompted to unzip the archive contents.

Unzip the contents of the archive

Note: if you have a Mac, you will first need to choose whether to use the default installation, or the extraction assistant (Macs tend to support extracting archives in a similar way as Windows computers).

System Requirements For Mue For Firefox:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 64 bit system
Minimum OpenGL 1.4
1.5GB Hard Drive space
CD-ROM, or Downloadable Software
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