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If one takes the general association of owls with the concept of wisdom, then OwlPlug is definitely an app that brings that particular idea over to the VST community. How, you ask? Just by offering enthusiasts a way to manage their plugins and also a platform to find or share their creations in this particular field. As far as managing such audio plugins is concerned, there is no reason to avoid OwlPlug.
Simple, intuitive, fast
What individuals in the music industry are always looking for, regardless of the particular field within this domain, is speed, reliability, and simplicity. This particular app offers all these and more through its somewhat basic interface, a couple of accurately labeled menus, and the ability to add your own content to be managed.
This means that your job just got easier. OwlPlug brings order in the lives of VST plugin users. Once you add some of your desired VST elements, you'll also be able to check the exact placement within your PC's file structures.
Stores and plugins
The best part about this particular VST plugin manager is the fact that it can also manage plugin sources. How? Well, the app adds by default OwlPlug Central, an attached plugin source and allows users to add their own repositories. It's great if you want to keep track of all the sources you've got and even share your findings with others. An account can also be attached to the app. At this point, it only seems to work with G+ accounts, so you either have one or you don't.
The bottom line with this app is that it concentrates its efforts on a limited number of users. It makes sense since it is quite specific in the capabilities it places on the table. Still, one must appreciate that for VST plugin users this program will make a difference in organizing these add-ons, in productivity, and even in sharing cool finds.







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Enjoy everything that OwlPlug is all about. Install, manage, and share plugins! OwlPlug brings your plugins to your desktop, and is the fastest way to work with VST plugins.
Key features:
● Organize all your plugins in a folder tree
● Explore all your plugins by clicking on their folders in the tree
● Browse through VST plugins from any location on your hard drive
● Move or rename a plugin in the tree
● Browse through your plugins by clicking on their names
● Edit plugins information such as file name, author, rating, and description
● Upload an already saved plugin to your folder
● Copy a plugin by right-clicking on a plugin in the tree
● Share a folder with other users
● Export all plugins from a plugin folder as an HTML file
● Export all plugins from the whole hard drive as a ZIP file
● Export all plugins as XML files
● Export all plugins as a CSV files
● Export all plugins as a JSON files
● Export all plugins as an HTML file
This is a VST plugin installer (PluginHunter) that makes it easy to store, manage and share VST plugins on your PC by offering a central place to organize and access your plugins with search and filters.
~ Folder
The Folder feature organizes plugins by folders, which allows the user to browse for plugins by folders quickly.
~ Share
Via the Share feature the user can easily share a folder with his friends.
~ Stats
Via the Stats feature the user can check out the statistics of his plugins, as well as the statistics of all the plugins he has installed.
~ Groups
Via the Groups feature the user can organize his plugins by group, and/or sort them by filter.
~ Search
Via the Search feature the user can search plugins by their names, and find what he is looking for.
~ Import/Export
Via the Import/Export feature the user can extract various data, like the author, plug-in ID or filename, etc. of the plugins he has installed or that resides on his PC’s hard drive.

OwlPlug Description:
Enjoy everything that OwlPlug is all about. Install, manage, and share plugins! OwlPlug brings your plugins to your desktop, and is the fastest way to work with VST plugins.
Key features:
● Organize all your plugins in a folder tree
● Explore all your plugins by clicking on their folders in the tree
● Browse through V

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OwlPlug is a VST plugin manager, which includes the Plug-ins Central plugin library, making it a multi-platform plugin management program for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. This is a multi-platform plugin manager program, which makes it available for all three major platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. This multi-platform program takes advantage of the “plug-in” capability of the Windows platform. With the goal of improving your workflow and/or adding new and useful VST plugins, OwlPlug has been designed to provide an easy-to-use Plugin Manager without the complexity of today’s other similar programs. We intend to make your plug-in management experience a lot easier and more enjoyable. OwlPlug allows you to monitor, organize, and share your plugin library. It also includes a Plug-ins Central.
Explore Useful Plug-in Sources by searching the internet, use Archive File Search, or simply drag and drop your desired plug-in files. These plug-ins can be checked in the status bar for updates. Once a plug-in has been verified as being updated and can be used with no problems, you can drag and drop it into your plug-in library.
An important function of OwlPlug is its Plug-ins Central. Users can log on at any time and manage their plug-ins without downloading them to the computer, find compatible plug-ins, check for updates, or share the plug-ins they have found using the download link provided.
What’s New in Version 1.0
Version 1.0 includes the following enhancements:
Version 1.0.0
– Plugins Central
– Added log in and new users feature
– Added UAC protection to checks for updates
– Added Tags and Shuffle in recommendations
– Added workaround for G+ accounts
– Added Flythrough on Plugins
– Setings pages now have new layout
– Fixed bug with downloading files with the vst folder path included
– Fixed bug with 7 zip files/folders added to the library
– Fixed bug with browsing the library with an external plugin media file attached
– Fixed bug with naming your plug-ins when you set a search feature
– Fixed bug with sorting being based on date instead of user name
– Stability improvements
OwlPlug Key Features:
– Manages VST plugins in a central location
– Adds a unique Plugin Central
– Provides specific plugin information
– Allows users to check for updates
– Allows users to download files from

OwlPlug 0.17.0 Free

Owl Plug is the perfect VST plugin manager designed for you and to enable you to manage, organize and play all your VST audio plugins on your Windows PC.
It’s designed to be plug-and-play with little or no technical knowledge required. Whether you’re a Windows user, a music production programmer or an audio enthusiast, you’ll find this app an asset to your work.
Owl Plug Features:
☛ Organize your VST plugins in folders
☛ Share VST plugins on its store (plus your own if you want)
☛ Manage, backup, and free your VST plugins
☛ Add VST plugins as new iTunes compatible podcasts (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Macs running OS X)
☛ Browse the latest and top sellers on its store (plus your own)
☛ Enjoy, watch & listen to your favorite VST plugins
Why is Owl Plug better than the competition?
☛ No specific knowledge about VST plugins is required to install & use
☛ Add VST plugins and organize their folder structure using Owl Plug’s wizard
☛ Download all your favorite VST plugins in the Owl Plug Store
☛ Export your entire plugin library or just certain plug-ins as iTunes compatible podcasts
☛ Take advantage of its browser to browse the latest, most popular & most sought-after VST plugins
☛ Download Owl Plug for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and even Macs running OS X)
Use Owl Plug on Windows, OS X, iPad, iPhone, iPod (and Macs)
Owl Plug is not limited to Windows, you can also use it on OS X (Macs running OS X 10.8 or later) and on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
In addition to Windows, Owl Plug runs on Mac OS X with Mac OS 9.2 or higher. You can also use it on your iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch), making the best of all worlds.
More to come!
“Together, you and I, will make better music, video and audio.”
Morten Lindberg, the developer of Owl Plug, has been working as a freelance music developer since 2004. Since then he has used his professional experience and extensive knowledge to share his new experience of music production with the public.
Morten recently started OWL-Plug, which is the company behind Owl Plug.

What’s New in the OwlPlug?

➜ OwlPlug is a plug-in manager – designed and crafted by people who are passionate about music.
It allows you to keep your VST plugins organized – easily and securely.
OwlPlug is a plugin manager – great at keeping your plugins organized and in sync.
➜ OwlPlug Central – this plugin source allows you to keep track of the latest releases from plugins developers.
Let’s get started…
=> For every user’s best interest, OwlPlug Central is going to provide a simple easy way for users to keep track of the latest releases.
User can download the plugins from OwlPlug Central easily and install them directly to their host.
OwlPlug Central is a central source that can be used by your user to download and install plugins.
➜ Host folder – The host folder is a location where your plugins go to after they are installed.
User can easily access the plugins that have been saved to the host folder.
➜ Accounts – Each user is allowed to have their own account.
Their account is used to show their own plugins and projects.
➜ Project folder – The project folder is a location where you can save all the plugins and projects.
By default, the project folder is inside the host folder.
➜ This plugin is protected by a 24/7 server with a firewall.
It is in power and safe to use.
➜ This plugin is secured and protected from cyber attacks.
It is free from vulnerabilities and hacks.
➜ This plugin is powered by a robust and reliable VPN.
Through this plugin, you can explore the world of music while keeping your Internet safe.
➜ This plugin offers a non-toxic & virus-free service.
It is different from other products because it doesn’t spy or monitor your device.
➜ This plugin cannot remove any of your files, folders, or data.
It only puts a link on your browser to your plugins.
➜ This plugin cannot interfere with any of your device settings.
It only provides a download link.
➜ This plugin is simple and allows users to find a fast and easy way to download.
It is safe, secure, and comes with a one year trial option.
➜ This plugin is fast and easy to install.
➜ This plugin is simple and easy to use.
➜ This plugin comes with a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500k / AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card
Hard Disk: 45 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K / AMD FX-9590
Memory: 8 GB RAM


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