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Portable Aspia is a lightweight and easy to use solution that was designed in order to gather and display data concerning your system’s hardware and software.
The application is able to collect information about the software environment and hardware devices, operating system data, installed software and updates and many more.
You can also download Aspia (installer version)







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Portable Aspia Crack + [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

Show & Hide windows in different positions

Windows Explorer context menu (edit, delete)

Windows hot keys (Delete, copy, paste, open with…)

Open the context menu of the desired file or directory in Windows Explorer

Show the contextual menus of the selected file or directory in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer context menu (edit, delete)

Windows hot keys (Delete, copy, paste, open with…)

Open the context menu of the desired file or directory in Windows Explorer

Show the contextual menus of the selected file or directory in Windows Explorer

Interactive Mode

As of the version 5.0 of Aspia, the application can be activated in interactive mode.
In this mode the application will open up the Windows Explorer of the selected location with the context menu, the folders in the window as well as the current folder set to show and allow you to select the proper item from the menu.
You can use the Ctrl key to select multiple items from the menu.

As of version 5.1, Aspia can now be activated in the “Show files shortcut menu context” mode and will open up the context menu of the folder in the selected location when that folder is clicked.

As of version 5.3, Aspia can now be activated in the “View options” mode and can open up the options dialog of the selected folder.

As of version 5.5, Aspia can now be activated in the “Open folder with text viewer” mode and can open up the “Open folder with text viewer” dialog of the selected location.

From version 5.6, Aspia can be activated in the “Text viewer” mode and can open up the “Open folder with text viewer” dialog of the selected location.

From version 5.9, Aspia can be activated in the “Text viewer” mode and can open up the “Open folder with text viewer” dialog of the selected location.

With Aspia, you can view all the context menus that Windows Explorer provides.
Most of the menus will provide you with options to change the behavior of your system.
If you do not know what your computer is trying to tell you, you can get the help of the context menu (or you can open the help window from the context menu item).

All types of media – CD, DVD, USB sticks, hard drives or network drives can now be viewed, and

Portable Aspia Crack+ Keygen For Windows

A portable version of the classic aspia software. This is a great tool for anyone that likes to get information about the computer without logging into the internet.


The software gathers the following information:

System hardware device info, including the keyboard, mouse and sound devices
Installed software and updates
Statistics (RAM, CPU use, disk space usage, etc…)
Operating system info
Custom print information
Battery info
Network connection info
Windows registry

It is able to save an unlimited number of profiles.
Note: Aspia is not able to gather general internet usage statistics.

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Important notice:
This version is the portable version. If you want the offline installer you need to obtain it from the section Offline Installers

Included Software:



All files are compressed into an easy to handle installer.

Once installed you can easily run the application from the start menu or from the desktop.
Just start Aspia and select the profile you like.
To remove the application simply delete the Aspia folder.

You can easily recover the Aspia folder, if the application wasn’t installed correctly.
Simply press the F8 key during the startup process and select the third option.

Aspia is not able to gather general internet usage statistics.

Further information about the application is available in the user manual, located in the download section.
User Manual:

You must give your permission to be able to install the app on your computer.

File Size:
The file size of Aspia is about 36 KB.

System Requirements:
The application requires the following specifications:
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Programs and Features:
The program offers the following features:
Gathers information about computer hardware devices
Gathers information about installed software and updates
Gathers information about the Windows registry
Gathers information about operating system and hardware settings
Gathers information about software applications
Gathers information about network connections
Gathers custom information
Gathers battery charge and status info

What’s New in the Portable Aspia?

Aspia is a light application which gathers all the important information about your hardware and software (OS, device drivers and applications installed).
You can also download Aspia (evaluation version)
Aspia is a solution for easy and fast installation, monitoring and reporting.
Aspia’s main goal is to help you with your environment’s checking process and to provide a detailed database of all your system details.
Aspia’s user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly.
Aspia also includes an easy-to-use toolkit for collecting information about all the system details you want to check.
Our application will not only look over your devices and apps, but also shows your system’s information in a very easy to read, graphical way.
Key features:
Aspia is able to gather several types of detailed data about your system.
You can choose the type of data you want to check.
You can add as many devices or applications as you want.
All your system’s data is collected on your PC and saved on your PC’s file system.
Aspia can manage your system’s database and show you an overview of your system’s results.
You can export data in Microsoft Excel format.
Aspia has a user friendly simple interface to gather all information about your system.
You can add devices and/or applications to the system.
You can display the gathered data in many ways.
Aspia includes a database of several types of data that you can view and export in Excel format.
Where can Aspia be used:
This software is a portable system utility which was designed to be lightweight and easy to use.
Aspia works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Aspia can be used as a computer side system utility or a computer side network drive.
Aspia is designed and developed by a team of experienced programmers.
Our team decided to support the Microsoft Windows platform first.
We focused to make our software a very easy to use utility and a 100% reliable tool.
We have gone through several times to make sure that Aspia is simple and that it can be used very easily by anyone.
We have worked a lot on our user interface in order to make it more simple and intuitive.
Aspia’s user interface is divided into several important windows.
This helps you easily understand what is happening and to make

System Requirements For Portable Aspia:

64-bit only
11.9″ display
* Because there are no visuals, our content creation toolbox is a LOT bigger in this one. I’m thinking about maybe adding a small old-school FM radio control scheme in the future, though it would be one of the last things I add to this tool.
The second half of the project, called Back To School: The Next Generation, is not due out until sometime next year. In this case, I wanted to make sure I could follow


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