SatFinder Pro V1.33 [Latest] High Quality

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SatFinder Pro V1.33 [Latest]


This application uses a magnetometer (compass) sensor.n SatFinder (satellite finder) is a tool that will help you set up a satellite dish.n CustomMethods (method modifications) – allows you to use not only standard values ​​​​as parameters for calculations n SendCorrection (sending fixes) – helps to check if errors in your RMI connections are fixed.n GeneratePropertyCodes (generate primary keys) – is used to generate keys used in your programs: SendMetadata (replace MSI headers in RMI), Properties (connecting properties), StoreCursors (storing and updating information about cursors).n SaveSet.Repaint.Move – allows you to save the image from the previous navigation course start point.n UsesSatellite.Minerals (using a set of stones) – increases the percentage of oxidation of the metals of the satellite dish (depending on the number of stones). n SpotData.ReceiveDirect.CalculateRate() – calculates the frequency of received data. (relative value based on number of channels and signal time)n UseDirectOutputMedia (use output from direct transmission to satellite network) – can be used to distribute GPS signal through satellite receivers (without conversion)n ImproveNavigationToScenes – calculates the areas of the screen that the user will need in a particular scene.n HandleInput.WaitDelay(Time, TimeLong) – the default delay time is 2 milliseconds.n ReceiveAcceleration.Adjust(ForegroundDepth, Long) – changes the background color of the map.n IconData.SetDefaultImageName(Image, Toolkit.getDefaultToolkite( )); – the name of the icon file used in the Start menu is selected.n SetCursor.Panel(CursList, File) – when you click on the “Taskbar Properties” button, a panel with buttons will be displayed that will be displayed depending on the selected value of the “View” parameters ” and “Style”.n ItemsSkin.PostDelete (G



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