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The easiest way to test your connection quality at any moment or over the course of days. No technical experience or configuration required. Pinger does exactly one thing and does it well: it automatically runs ping tests to check for packet loss.
Take Simply Ping for a spin to see how useful it can be for you!







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Simply Ping ( is an app for connecting to the Internet. Simply Ping provides a simple way to ping IP addresses, domains, and more. It tells you if a domain is accessible, what protocols are supported, and which protocols have error conditions. With Simply Ping (and the Linode ping performance tests), you can quickly monitor the state of your server and pinpoint issues before they cause issues for your users.

Simply Ping should be a fun to use app for you to learn about the network stack, learn about the various layers of the internet, and understand the ping command.

1. Automatically show packet loss percentage.
2. Update statistics on domain and protocol availability.
3. Assess DNS availability.

Simply Ping is just a hobby project for Linode. We welcome feedback and contributions to the project.

1. Can you please check my DNS?
I think I have some DNS fail. The records are resolving but are about 7 hours behind?
2. If not then please check my connection
3. Linode ping
4. Try to ping for me.
I think this is connection issue but maybe you can give me a hint? Thank you!

You need to run DNS tests using the Linode DNS monitoring service.

The other tests are validating the ping method and measuring the latency.

Simply Ping is meant to be used to check the availability of Internet services. If you want to test whether a specific host is pinging then you can use
This might tell you whether a specific host can be reached but you don’t know how it performs.

Simply Ping, using tools like Pingdom, gives you details for each host. The hosts can be accessed directly using their IP address:

It will take some time for Simply Ping to find a DNS record

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Simply Ping is the best way to find out whether you are in a working Internet connection or not.
Simply Ping Features
Automatically checks for pings if network connection
Uses UDP and TCP connections (port 80)
Uses wget to download pings and display it graphically
Able to find out how many hosts down or go up
Animated ping tests that are easy to understand
30 day free trial
Simply Ping Screenshots
This application will…


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Simply Ping is a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use application for checking your modem connection speed, packet loss, ping uptime and more. It can also be used as a bootstrap for determining your network speed and connection quality. Simply Ping monitors your network connection speed and builds a detailed report which you can export as csv, web-based or xml. You can also generate a detailed report of uptime and ping success and failure. Simple Ping can automatically run Ping and tracert from a shortcut menu or you can manually launch these tests and even monitor them in real time using a custom web-browser window. Key features include:
~ Simply Ping detects when you are behind a captive portal (for example, when you access the internet from a public Wi-Fi hotspot) and automatically opens a custom web-browser window with additional information.
~ Simply Ping shows detailed statistics for your connection speed and packet loss.
~ Simply Ping offers download bandwidth options for slowly connected users. (Up to 1/30th of your internet download speed)
~ Simply Ping offers latency and ping success/failure benchmarks which can help you determine if your Internet connection is working as expected.
~ Simply Ping also includes a self test utility which you can use to validate that your modem can successfully connect to the Internet through your router.
~ Simply Ping can also launch additional TCP/IP tests on demand for you to run.
Simply Ping is not very powerfull but it can be very useful when dealing with internet issues and slow conections….

Synology Modem Checker 1.10.2523


Synology Modem Checker

Wants to See the Status of Your Modem?

Synology Modem Checker: The easiest way to test your connection quality at any moment or over the course of days. No technical experience or configuration required. Pinger does exactly one thing and does it well: it automatically runs ping tests to check for packet loss.

• Simply Ping automatically runs ping tests at specific intervals over a specified period of time.
• Simply Ping can check your modem uptime automatically.
• Simply Ping displays detailed statistics for your connection speed, packet loss, and traceroute time.
• Simply Ping can generate a detailed report which you can export as csv, web-based or xml.
• Simply Ping also offers download bandwidth options for slowly connected users. (Up to 1/30th of your internet download

What’s New in the Simply Ping?

Simply Ping is a simple pinger that runs a ping test every 60 seconds to record an accuracy percentage and a ping time. This is not a game. Simply Ping does one thing well: an accurate ping test! The tests are recorded into a database so that you can easily check the accuracy of your connection. Simply Ping will notify you if there is a problem with your connection. The notification can be turned off in the settings.
The online game Simply Ping allows you to enter your IP address and see the accuracy, latency and ping time.
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New Feature | Verdict:
Simply Ping 3.0 Updated The Verdict is updated and now it’s better than ever.
Simply Ping 3.0 – New Feature: If you’re not a fan of alerts and also want no ads, then the new Verdict is for you. Simply Ping was running for you even when you turned off the notification. Now it’s done with. Simply Ping can measure your connection quality and inform you when you have a problem with your network connection. It will notify you with a personal notification on your phone if the connection quality fails. On your tablet, there are only ads. But the update gives you the choice which one you want to run.
Simply Ping 3.0 – Improved Network Speed: You wanted it, we’ve done it. The latency (time to send a packet) and the ping time have been improved. Because we use the Google servers, the new ping tests go faster. Even if you have only 3G or even 4G, your latency is 5% faster. But in some areas, you will see some higher latencies and lower ping times. It’s because the 3G uses the LTE network in some areas.
– Improved Sensors: The main improvement of the sensors is the fix for Sony Android devices. They were hard to detect, so we updated the sensors.
– Added Google Account: There will be no ads after installing the Verdict. Simply Ping can now use your Google Account to automatically notify you on your mobile device.
Simply Ping 3.0 – Improved UI: All ads are gone! The UI has been improved and optimized. It’s much faster! You also see the overview of the data you’ve been using at once and which one uses the most data. And if you are using WIFI and not LTE, then you can choose the time to refresh in the overview section.
– Improved UI:

System Requirements For Simply Ping:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 or AMD Phenom II X4 940
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compliant graphics card with 256 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel Core i5

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