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The SmushMySite application was developed to be an image optimization tool that takes advantage of the Yahoo service. It is a quick and easy way to optimize all images on webpage, or all images on your site. It is developed in C# 4 and WPF.
It allows you to link to a URL or website sitemap, which then processes all the images on the page and copies the optimized images to an output directory. It has been written using WPF and C# 4, and you might be prompted to install .NET Framework 4 when installing the tool.







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The application started out as a simple tool which allowed the user to submit images for optimization through a form, which are then processed by the service. The images can then be linked to at the user’s discretion.

In the beginning, it was very basic in its functionality. It processed the images for use with the service. The service was made available from the Yahoo site:

This functionality was the basis for the application SmushMySite. Now with SmushMySite you can batch optimize all images on your website.

The images can be linked to either on an individual basis or through a website which can then use. If you have an existing web site, you can easily link to that website’s Sitemap. This will allow the tool to process the images. If the images have already been optimized, the images can be copied to a specific folder. A few clicks on a button and all the images on your page are optimized.

The application is very simple to use and is available for download through sourceforge:

Support [ edit ]

There are no support questions on this software in the Google App Engine community.

There are almost no questions asked on this software in the WordPress community. I have asked many but noone has responded as of yet.

This software is a [deleted] project and has been abandoned.

These support contact methods apply to the Google App Engine platform only. The developer has made absolutely no effort to improve the platform since April, 2009.

The coding of is completely different from SmushMySite.

All images are different by the fact that is optimized for different image types.

It is impossible for anyone to develop a tool that can optimize images for all different image types.

Support is free when using this software.

This software never linked to the website. It is completely different technology and uses a different service.

I have tried to contact the developer, but have received no response as of yet.

Please use Google to contact the developer.

The features of this application is an is an out of box application, that is designed to work on the Google App Engine.

The Google App Engine does not support any kind

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> You have a webpage that contains lots of photos. You
> want to push these images to Yahoo and get them
> analyzed by their machine learning algorithm to find out
> what its going to look like in every known image format,
> including the best and most frequently used. does
> all the work, you just need to tell the tool what you want
> done, the output directory, and it will do all the rest!
> The application can optimize images on your webpage, images
> on your sitemap, or you can link an entire webpage with
> images to and it will process all images on the
> page. No image files or media needs to be copied, only a
> URL.
> Analysis Items:
> — Size of Image (bytes)
> — % of Color (10, 20, 30, 50, 90, or 99)
> — Composite (Color + Black and White, Or Original + Black and White)
> — Orientation (Landscape, Portrait, or Both)
> — Pattern (Horizontal, Vertical, Ornament, Texture)
> Output Types:
> — GIF
> — JPEG
> — PNG
> — EPS
> — PDF
> — PS
> Like Yahoo’s, SmushMySite Cracked Accounts is an automated image optimization
> service. You just need to tell SmushMySite what you want it to
> optimize all images on the webpage or the sitemap. It’ll
> analyze the images, make a recommendation, and you decide
> whether or not to optimize those images. You can tweak the
> settings yourself, but you can also save the settings and
> reuse them later for multiple pages.
> SmushMySite FAQ:
> — Is there a limit on the number of images I can
> optimize?
> — Can I use SmushMySite on my site?
> — What do I do if SmushMySite returns empty results or
> doesn’t optimize my images?
> — How can I generate an HTML sitemap to link to
> SmushMySite?
> — Can I link to a URL to SmushMySite,

SmushMySite Download

SmushMySite is a simple Windows Application that allows you to automatically optimize all images on a website by uploading a link of a URL for service to work on.
Upload URL for The application supports uploading a link to a URL for service to work on.
Manage Images: The application allows you to manage all the images on a webpage. You can copy, delete, rename and apply the picture to the web. You can also add an image watermark and fill the input file type with the web.
Find Images: The application can display all the images on your webpage. It also gives you a categorized view of all the images on the webpage.
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What’s New in the SmushMySite?

Introducing the SmushMySite application that is a fast easy way to optimize all images and build links between your images on a website. It includes easy to use drag and drop feature where you simply drag the image over the application and drag the url to a site to start the optimization process. You can also add images and links from your website sitemap.

SmushMySite is a free application, but the free version will only optimize up to 5 images on the page. If you want to use the application to optimize all of the images on your website, you will need to upgrade to the Premium version of the application.

SmushMySite Features:

* Integrates with your sitemap for easy drag and drop image and website links
* Adds automatic sitemap URL for your images
* Easy to use user interface
* Added in the Save and Open options, you will be prompted if you would like to create a new folder to save your optimized images
* Several methods for optimizing your images, you will have several different methods when you select the Optimize button
* You will also be prompted if you want to clean up the images that are optimized, these images are added to the original site page, you will be able to use the CleanUp Images button to remove these images and remove the link from the site
* You can create and cancel your own sitemaps from your website using this application


I hope this was helpful and made my page easier to read. I hope you also enjoy and find it useful. It was really a pleasure working on this application. Have a great day.

NOTE: You may need to install.NET Framework 4, if you are having trouble installing the application.

This project was developed to demonstrate the use of an object model that I created for my website.

The YAXSDocument class is a document class that uses XML as a data format. This is used to save XML (as an XDocument) and retrieve it (as an XDocument).
This project uses the YAXSDocument class to both save an XDocument, and retrieve it from an XDocument. This can then be saved on your website using the Save button. When you wish to retrieve the XDocument, you will be prompted to choose a different XDocument to retrieve the current XDocument from.
The YAXSDocument class is simple to use, and

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i5 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 3GB RAM (4GB if you plan to use LazySpin)
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive: 20GB of free space for installation
Additional Notes:
Creative Sound Core will not work with creative X-Fi sound cards
Processor: Intel i7 2.4 GHz or AMD

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