Speedy Organizer Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) Download

Speedy Organizer is a comprehensive and reliable software that helps you to easily manage and organize multiple files and folders in the same manner without exception,  regardless of who is filling them.
You can import files from within application from a scanner or from your system. This way, you have the possibility to organize, secure and share all your business documents with your employees, clients and suppliers.







Speedy Organizer Crack + Free Download

– Perfect for multiple file management

– Handy file browser and share tool to quickly share

– Protect your sensitive files with password

– Save time to file management by importing from the scanner or from your computer

Key Features:

1) View & Protect

2) Handy file browser

3) Import Files from the Scanner

4) Protect files with a password

5) Powerful Shuffle & Sort in all view mode

6) Export Options

7) Backup & Restore

8) Multi-language

9) Prints multiple pages at once

10) Different file types supported

Features to support business document management:

3 different display modes:

1) Grid Mode

2) List Mode

3) B&W-Color Mode

Access Settings and Configuration:

1) Access Settings to Make changes for preference

2) Access to Process To and from Multipage and Sort Options

3) Configure Printers and Scanner

4) Delete an Alias Path To Protect Your Files

5) Backup & Restore

6) Restore Settings

7) Auto Re-index From Index

8) Import & Export Options

9) Dynamic Scanner/Tools to Load Documents to Your Computer

Convert PDF to Documents in Speedy Organizer:

1) Simple to adjust options for customizing conversion and protect both source and target file

2) Convert multiple files with different PDF types in Speedy Organizer

3) Convert PDF files with different Page Order

4) 3 different Page Order:

1) Reverse Order

2) First Page To Last Page

3) Last Page To First Page

5) Change PDF Page Size in Speedy Organizer

6) Enable or disable Alignment

7) Change PDF Background Color

8) Enable or Disable Split Window

9) Save one page of PDF as a New Document to Enhance the Customization

8) Optimize PDF Converter

10) Basic or Advanced PDF conversion option

11) Adjust Color Settings of PDF

12) Zoom in/out of PDF

13) Enable or disable RTF Conversion

6) Smart Alignment

7) Optimize PDF / Text Conversion

8) Editable PDF Form Options

9) Editable PDF Password Option

Speedy Organizer Activator

• Import and organize files from your scanner or your computer with ease.
• Work with files in either portrait or landscape mode.
• Lock or un-lock your files in a single click.
• Stitch multiple documents together in a single file.
• Work with multiple folders and documents at the same time.
• Send files to PDF, Word or Excel.
• Store securely your file.
• Find lost file.
• Print document file.
• Secure by password your file and folders.
• Export or remove documents from file, even those scanned in.
• Duplicate files to different destinations.
• Clean up your hard disk

File types:
The program can import and organize files in almost all types of document, image, spreadsheet, presentation, media formats and more, including:
• Keywords(.txt/.doc)
• Microsoft Office(.xlsx/PowerPoint/Word/Excel)
• Zip, Tar, Rar, 7zip
• Image(.bmp/.jpeg/.tif/.png)
• Shell.txt and.py scripts
• Floppy disks and CD’s
• And more…
Organizer Features
– Automatic alphabetical sorting of files and folders.
– Automatic stiching of more than 100 document types.
– Supports 1024 Folders and 40 MB files.
– Supports image format JPG,TIFF,BMP,PNG.
– Supports video format MOV and AVI.
– Supports document files in ADML,AAAS,.rtf and more formats.
– Supports folder file in ADML,AAAS,.rtf and more formats.
– Supports encrypted archive zip,rar and 7zip format.
– Supports password protection of folders and files.
– Supports secure documents from email and internet.
– Supports multi-threading/multi-CPU processor.
– Supports clipboard history and history list.
– Supports drag & drop in lists and files.
– Supports drag & drop in files, folders and lists.
– Supports drag & drop in files and folders.
– Supports import files and folders from hard disk, floppy disk, CD, zip,.tar,.zip,.7z and more.
– Supports memory dump to save memory and program status.
– Supports export files in various file and media formats.
– Supports printer file export.
– Supports fingerprint locking.
– Supports secure

Speedy Organizer Crack (Final 2022)

* Support importing PDF, Rich Text, TIFF, GIF and many other files and folders.
* Efficient manager and organizer of file and folders in an integrated solution.
* The application has easy-to-use navigation with flexible positioning of Files, Folders, Messages, and Notes;
* Possibility to create a unique wallpaper for each file;
* Several easy to use templates and more than 1000 predefined design elements.
* Supports more than 80 devices.
* More than 5000 predefined hot keys.
* Supports instant preview of any file and folder on your computer.
* Allows you to open any file from open dialog;
* Unified access to your important information;
* Specify the folder where you want to store your files and folders.
* Organize your files and folders by using different functional levels and customize layouts;
* Check how many users are accessing the files from a file list;
* Ability to print out any file from the open dialog;
* Support Hyperlinks from web pages, images and text;
* Great file encryption with access control;
* Possibility to transfer files in the background.
* Fetch documents from the Internet;
* Notification appears when someone tries to open an existing file or folder.
* Ability to share directories with others via local network and the Internet.
* Search engine for files, folders and documents.
* Multiple values for Background Images.
* User settings.
* Visualize the size of the document.
* Easy to use user interface;
* Supports the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.
* Tons of new features and functions.
* Powerful statistics functionality.
* Ability to create smart labels and customize them for file types.
* Ability to associate files and folders with Outlook contacts;
* Ability to record files or folders in the preferences;
* Ability to quickly view different files or folders by taking a picture of the screen.
* Integrated help and tutorials to learn more about file management;
* Ability to fill any file or folder;
* Ability to export a file or folder to a file, Web site, etc.;
* Allowed to change the date and time of the creation and last open.
* Ability to specify date and time of modification;
* Ability to sort files or folders by size and type.
* Ability to create new files or folders;
* Ability to set the time interval for the automatic check for new files or folders;

What’s New in the?

• High speed and ease of use
• Easy to handle, due to a clear and straightforward interface
• Save your precious time and physical space thanks to a paperless file system, more than 300 folders, easy drag and drop system
• Do not miss any work by internal and external scanning (good quality, OCR and images supported)
• Manage your photos or even your home movies thanks to import from your camera
• Share your files with your associates and employees by synchronization
• Import text from a PDF and many other documents (HTML, XML, RTF, MHT, L2T, TXT, CSV, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XML, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPTX, HTML, XHTML, TXT, TXT-ASCII, TXT-HEX, TXT-PUB, TXT-RTF)
• Documents, images, videos and presentations can be attached to an email
• Easily create and print PDF
• Import from zip or rar files
• Import from any app when you include them to the Playlist
• Share files via FTP, SMB and AFP
• Configure the folder hierarchy according to your preferences
• Two views: the classic view with a wide screen or the portable view that has no need of a wide screen

Visit Speedy Organizer website here:

iOS Reviews :

“As a former employee, I would buy the application as an employee of companies they used to work for.”

“This is a great Organizer. No more lugging files or documents back and forth to your office.”

“I’m very much a home user but decided to purchase this product for my own use because I have stored close to 10,000 files in my personal library. Out of the total, I have used a few hundred photos, spreadsheets, presentations, and documents throughout all years of my life and may continue to increase in number as time progresses.

This product makes the storage of such large files manageable, flexible, and user friendly. It serves me well in both home and work environments.

Out of the file browsing section, I have found the Image Options particularly useful. I use this feature to quickly search for a particular photograph or document.

The use of structured folders is extremely useful. While I have not found it to

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 x64
Windows 10 x64 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz or faster)
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz or faster) Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: 1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible video card
1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible video card Hard Disk: 20 GB available space
The installer takes care of the rest, so you’ll have a nice and clean install without any bloatware. If you already have Steam installed, you can uninstall it and select the new


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