TRX-Manager features a logging module (and all real-time DXCC functions) but its purpose is not to compete with some excellent logging program. It does not attempt either to merely mimic the front panel of your transceiver : a good program must add capabilities to the rig.
TRX-Manager uses almost all CAT commands not only to provide remote control, but also to add capabilities such as Linear amplifier control, bands scope, short-wave database, DX Spotting, memory channels management with offset, scanning, CTCSS, mode and filter control, utility for your (even manual) Linear amplifier or to give you additional real-time features that do not exist on your transceiver.
Many of the TRX-Manager functions are original.







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A complete remote control and DXCC application :
 – DXCC on the move (Orkney) ;
 – DXCC on the road (South Africa) ;
 – DXCC in the barn (USA) ;
 – DXCC in the bedroom (Switzerland) ;
 – DXCC in the living room (France) ;
 – and even DXCC for the blind on the move (India)
 – 2-mode CVSS (CV/SS) and other modes
 – manual short-wave database, including VFO, OTA and Digi-Ear
 – TX/RX modes control, including CW
 – CW Index CWR, CW3, CW4 / CW6, CW7, CW8, CW9, CW10
 – CW scan : CW with long (CW8) or short-wave numbers
 – CW filtering
 – CW.FM with long / short-wave number searching
 – OTA, Digi-ear, battery, audio, IR remote, memory channels management, offset, mode and filter control
 – display of temperatures, battery status, warning system, etc.
 – even time and frequency/station memory
 – save/load DXCC number or station memory
 – auto-tagging of DXCC numbers
 – mark up station memory
 – synchronization between transceiver and Cracked TRX-Manager With Keygen (or from PC to transceiver)
 – import & export of memory stations
 – LMX-CC Pro, DXScore and others?
 – full control of CW RATI / Beta / VC operator (CW1+ / CW2+ / CW3+ / CW4+ / CW5+ / CW6+ / CW7+ / CW8+ / CW9+ / CW10+ )
 – linear amplifier control (launch, level / gain, output level)
 – loopback tests
 – even control of Casio radio for vertical synchronous mode (e.g. loopback to display the frequency, or even a vertical tune)
 – memory channels management
 – memory channels configuration
 – memory channels display
 – save/load memory stations
 – calibration of memory channels
 – memory channels on / off/ info
 – remote display of memory channels
 – digital

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TRX-Manager is developed in Delphi for Windows.
The main window is divided in two panes:

Pane 1 allows TRX-Manager to be controlled : how to select the transceiver operating mode, which bands or modes to operate, the lineout or bypass, what is the antenna position, how much power is given to the transceiver and much more.
Pane 2 is divided in two parts : when you navigate it, you can choose the software options, the hardware options, the common options and settings. The options can be changed easily to your liking.

Some observations

TRX-Manager uses a System process to communicate with the transceiver’s PTT. This means you can use some third-party programs such as the Realterm software to operate the radio while TRX-Manager is working. Moreover TRX-Manager keeps the software state of the transceiver and your operation. This means you can save your preferred settings and make them default with a mouse click.
TRX-Manager does not add any firmware to your transceiver, but allows you to use the firmware user interface (Local or Remote) with it. If you use the Local firmware interface, TRX-Manager keeps track of the radio channels you use for DXCC.
TRX-Manager can operate your radio even if it is in memory.
TRX-Manager can send signals to some digital mixers and audio players, but it does not include all mixers nor audio players, so TRX-Manager may require manual intervention to set up the different signals.
TRX-Manager does not include any secondary software module such as a traffic display, nor does it have any dedicated software for the frequency displays… TRX-Manager uses CAT commands to add the needed features, which creates “dynamic” display modes.

Some messages

TRX-Manager provides some messages to help you sort out the status of your rig.
The “Message Centre” shows the signal strength on every of the standards you set for the transceiver.
The “Messages View” displays the status of one or more settings of your transceiver, radios and mixers.

All messages are updated every 5 seconds.


TRX-Manager is a fully customizable program and can be made to perform all of your favorite tasks.
It’s possible to create your own Shortwave database or to add a background to it.
TRX-Manager allows you to

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Dynamic display of live Weather Conditions.
Daily summary and complete listings of AM, FM, Short Wave.
Many additional options and features.
Many more features of IR, Microwave, Radio, and Radar.
Based on the ultra-fast and reliable GNU Radio Fast DVB demodulator.
Enables you to monitor satellite TV channels.
When running in ‘continuous’ mode – it stays in the background.
Tuning complete radio to all available frequencies
Transmitting and Receiving of Short wave signals (128 kHz – 14 MHz and 220 kHz – 17.75 MHz).
Scintillator with spotting and navigation functions.
Many more!

TRX-Manager is the work of Michael Kent (mikekent) and Montez Thomas
TRX-Manager is licensed under GPL license.

On September 22 2017, the dev’s announced that TRX-Manager will be available for GNU/Linux:
The official site of TRX-Manager is:
TRX-Manager is also available for Windows.

See also

SDR#Tracking of information by use of automated tracking software for real-time or off-line receiving/transmitting of digital signals which include the following applications:

GPS tracking

Radar tracking

Laser radar tracking


See also

Software defined radio
IRIG registry
Related tools


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TRX-Manager homepage

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* Copyright (c) 2019, 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
* This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms

What’s New In TRX-Manager?

Remembers information about the bands you last tuned, radio frequencies,
DC offset, band masks, filter and other parameters. 
Bands scope, programmable Zoom, programmable filter bandwidth and sweep speed.
Cross-Platform and database of frequencies of Amateur Radio, Internet, Aircraft Radio, TV, Longwave, Shortwave, Broadcast and GPS stations. The program attempts to adapt itself to any software or hardware interface.
Real-time DXCC:  Real-time DXCC (D-Star, Echolink, Iridium, Novatime and SETI programs).
Real-time Local, Intersection and GPS Monitor, Satellite Tracking, Power Monitor, Interrogate or control power to nearby devices (like transponder, antenna, IF radio, TV, PSTV, Monitor if my amateur transceiver IS CABLE or AUSTRALIA OR GOVERNMENT SATELLITE )

Real-time DXCC (to work with SDR-Radio (SDR#), UHF Software Defined Radio or other real-time DXCC program):

On-screen visualization of the detected D-Star, Echolink, Iridium, Novatime, GPS or other transponder signal and all D-Star frequencies, together with their corresponding ID, frequencies and their modes.
Number of signals detected by TRX-Manager in the “portable mode” and the “real-time mode”.
Real-time Interactive list with a click on the signal’s ID, name, mode, band/frequency, signal power, noise power, noise ratio, DXCC status, etc…
DXCC table with last D-Star, Echolink, Iridium, Novatime, GPS, or other transponder frequency and ID.
Full control of the linear amplifier gain (±40 dB units) and the scaling of the noise power to the power of your station (double or half the power) for D-Star, Echolink, Iridium, Novatime, GPS, or other transponder signals

System Requirements For TRX-Manager:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7
64 bit processor
DirectX 11 graphics card (includes VR support)
High definition (HD) screen
Please note, the VR features are available for purchase only on Xbox and Windows. VR support requires an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC.
-Some games may not be available on all platforms. (Xbox One)
-Certain titles may require a

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