Model Scrisoare De Intentie Colaborare Firme













Model Scrisoare De Intentie Colaborare Firme


Online forms, thank you letters, certificates, invitations, wedding and event invitations are all different types of letters. You may have received a formal, business-like letter, for example, from a school, a government agency or your bank. There are a number of types of letters, including formal, business, informal, formal and informal thank you letters.

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How to track customers in Google Analytics?

I need to link the Google Analytics to the database, so the information about the customers will be kept.
How can I do this?
Thank you.


Using Google Analytics Web API is an easy and efficient way to keep a track of customer visits and behavior.
The Google Analytics Help Blog has a good walk through of how to do this and how to implement it in PHP.
Although Google Analytics is primarily a support tool for website developers, it is possible to directly hook into the API to get some of its functionality.

Colin Vaughan

Colin Vaughan (born 29 August 1965) is a Scottish social marketing entrepreneur and Director of A Better Life Health, a Scottish social marketing agency.


Vaughan grew up in Dumfries and after university, graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First-class degree in Social Sciences and Psychology in 1986. Vaughan lectured at the university on human resource management and suicide prevention.

He co-founded the Glasgow social enterprise Suissess, was the Health Lead at Glasgow Life and ran the NHS Lanarkshire & Glasgow Health Service.

Vaughan left the NHS in 2007 to concentrate on independent working, founding business consultancy Percani and the health education charity Filthy Friends, both of which closed in 2014.

In 2011, Vaughan re-launched the suicide prevention charity Stay Alive and is the current Chief Executive Officer.

In January 2015, Vaughan launched the consumer health agency A Better Life Health, which is headquartered in Glasgow and has branches in Dundee and Stirling.

A Better Life Health is one of the first organisations to use crowdfunding to raise money in Scotland for research. The organisation launched its first crowdfunding campaign in October 2015.


External links
Official A Better Life Health website
Official Stay Alive website


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