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Since its initial release, AutoCAD has undergone numerous upgrades and is the most widely used CAD system in the world, with a market share of more than 95% in the segment of 2D drafting. In June 2017, it was reported that AutoCAD, the most used CAD software worldwide with a user base of more than 40 million active users, has been used to design the Starship Enterprise, the first commercial flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle, the space shuttles Discovery and Endeavour, and the space shuttle Atlantis. Autodesk is also a provider of the well-known 3D modeler, Inventor.

Use in museums and for digital art

While the design and drafting activities within AutoCAD can be and are used by designers for many types of purposes, it is used by museums and art dealers for the design of art objects for the gallery walls or in digital form for use as study aids and or as internet or intranet web pages. AutoCAD software is also commonly used by architects and interior designers to draw up floor plans, elevations, and interiors.

Autodesk released AutoCAD 2010 in September 2010, and AutoCAD 2013 in September 2013. The AutoCAD app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

AutoCAD Mobile is available for Windows and iOS mobile devices.

3D Modeling in AutoCAD

Autodesk announced AutoCAD 2013 Release with AutoCAD 3D technology. Autodesk AutoCAD 3D enables users to build 3D models using the same powerful features that are used for 2D drafting and design. It is the first AutoCAD release to include both 2D and 3D modeling and drafting capabilities. AutoCAD 3D also provides the freedom to design models without having to add graphics layers to 2D drawings.

The fundamental difference between AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD 3D is that AutoCAD 3D enables the creation and manipulation of 3D models. Drawings in AutoCAD 3D are annotated with the topology of objects, including surfaces, holes, and open areas.

Tools in AutoCAD 3D enable you to analyze and work with solids, surfaces, and dimensions. You can create, edit, slice, and clip solids and dimensions. You can use tools to create sections, extract, and extend components of objects. You can move, rotate, and scale solids

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since AutoCAD 2022 Crack 2010, a web server based software called Autodesk.AutoCAD Full Crack allows connecting to a drawing through a web browser.

Interactive XML

In 2013 Autodesk added Interactive XML (InXML) to its suite of software. InXML enables an interactive XML script editor that enables software developers to develop and execute XML scripts that run entirely in a web browser, without requiring the use of software such as AutoLISP or Visual LISP. InXML differs from the popular JavaScript or Microsoft ActiveX development environments, which are not suitable for developing XML scripts. InXML provides a simple, intuitive, XML scripting environment with:
A visual, programming-style development experience.
Simple data types and data types with built-in processing.
Automatic memory management.
Rich in powerful XML tools, which include automatic schema validation, XML declaration generation, and many other XML-specific options.
XML as a command language.
XML as a declarative language.
Scriptable XML document construction and retrieval.
Scripting as a UI.
An XML based plugin architecture.


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AutoCAD Free Download Architect also received positive reviews. The site said it is “a true Revit architect’s dream” and its tools “can be a lot of fun to use”. The site stated “excellent construction modeling tools”. Autodesk Community Voice in a review, said “AutoCAD Activation Code Architect 2007 has great construction modeling tools” and “good drafting tools”. PC World, in a review, said it “overdelivers on many fronts”. it has “really slick” features and is “loaded with great tools”.

AutoCAD Product Key Civil 3D received positive reviews. PC World, in a

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Open the program.
Click the “File” menu
Click “Print.”
Select the printer and the paper size.
Press “Print.”


WebStorm/PhpStorm and MongoDB

So I installed WebStorm/PhpStorm and I am trying to use MongoDB for the first time. I have installed MongoDB and have been able to connect and save and delete items in the MongoDB database. However, when I try to save a class in my Models folder of my project, an exception is thrown saying:

Error starting ApplicationContext. Unable to create’mongodb://localhost:27017/trainingDB?replicaSet=rs0′.

I found this question here on stackoverflow:
WebStorm 10, Gradle, MongoDB – Unable to create’mongodb://localhost:27017/’
I have mongo.connections set in my gradle file. I have also tried having localhost as a hostname in both my projects and system variables like this:



web project



Problem solved!
I opened the “MongoDB connections” screen in the preferences dialog and deleted the (red) entry I had previously made in there.
The dialog still shows the red entry for a moment then it’s gone.


Does affine homeomorphism between local homeomorphisms imply continuity?

If a homeomorphism $f:U \rightarrow V$ between open sets in $\mathbb R^2$ is affine, does this imply that the restriction of $f$ to any bounded set $U’ \subset U$ is continuous?


This is not true in general. For instance, take $U=(-1,1)^2$ and $V=U^2$. Then $f(x,y)=(x,2y)$ is a homeomorphism between $U$ and $V$ and is affine, but the restriction of $f$ to any subset of $U$ is not continuous.


Changing program behavior if data file is missing

I have a program (c) that relies on a data

What’s New in the AutoCAD?


Make your jobs more productive by increasing your plotter productivity. (video: 1:55 min.)


Get better results more quickly and easily with the new Sketch feature. (video: 2:08 min.)

Drafting Forms:

Share design information via the browser or easily publish forms and updates.


Design review is easier with an updated task list. (video: 1:16 min.)

Mobile Apps:

Use apps for iOS and Android devices to work more efficiently from your phone.

Graphical Improvements:

Acronyms in the Global AutoCorrect list.

Symbol Keys for Locking & Unlocking Elements.

Full Text Search in the Pan & Zoom tool.

Rapidly find and zoom with a new Zoom and Pan tool.

Find and Replace.

Unicode Support for additional characters.



New Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects feature-based tutorials for learning more about creating great design workflows. You’ll find tutorials in the new Design Resource Center and Media & Internet Resource Center in the new Adobe Learn section.

Acrobat Reader

Do more with Acrobat Reader, the free PDF reader from Adobe. With improved PDF rendering, faster start-up and memory savings, Acrobat Reader 2023 lets you view PDFs and other content more efficiently, find what you’re looking for, and save time.


When you’re creating drawings, 3D models, or other 3D-oriented drawings, AutoCAD 2023 can help with editing and analyzing 3D geometry. With new and improved tools for 3D modeling and analysis, such as the new 3D Export feature, you can prepare your 3D content for use in AutoCAD drawing and analysis tools.

Chart Plus

Faster and more accurate data analysis and graphing with powerful new features in Chart Plus. Quickly convert data into charts and graphs that look great. Easily explore and visualize data with the new Table & Range Manager. Use advanced business analysis tools to conduct detailed analysis and report formatting in a new Microsoft Office-based application.

Halo Lab

Easy, efficient drawing of meshes in 3D drawings. Halo Lab is an easy-to-use feature-based drafting system that delivers CAD-like simplicity and rapid drafting

System Requirements:

Runs on Windows XP and later.
Before you start.
You should close all running programs.
Windows screenshot should be saved before installing the game.
How to install:
Run setup.exe to install the game.
Close all running programs before installing the game.
How to play:
In-game CD-Key: 45-C8-04-0E-8D-4C-D5-7C-96-A5

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