Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 Crack Serial Key BEST


Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 Crack Serial Key

In the present day of dystopian society, a man hiding out from a rival organization schemes a way into their base to find their leader. He finds a group of people engaged in a work of art and presents himself. There’s a water tower in the distance and a windmill/tower. .With a one time credit, you get an extra access to all the puzzles. Warning! If you skip a puzzle, it will reset the puzzle count for that save, . 26. Save for later. Go to the parcel office near the beginning of the room. In the first room are two chairs. Go through the door behind them . 28. Click on the cup from the first room and pour it on the key, opening the chest .Sep 19, 2018 . 28. A button appears on the TV. Tap it to play a video. Clicking anywhere when the video is playing will pause. Grab the food and see what you can do with it. 10. The food is labeled “Urgent: Eat before you run out.” Grab a piece of the food and tap it on the drink. Sep 20, 2018 11. Figure out what to do with the food and solve the puzzle. The bottom row of buttons will light up if you touch them. Sep 20, 2018 12. Each button corresponds to a function on the smartwatch. Click each button in order to tap its corresponding function. The watch also displays numbers that correspond to the button being tapped. Sep 20, 2018 13. When the screen goes dark, open the drawer and the key will unlock the chest. Sep 20, 2018 14. Enter the code on the key. Sep 20, 2018 15. Grab a wood rod and click the chest to open it. Grab the loot. Sep 20, 2018 16. Tap the tablet to view your inventory. Sep 20, 2018 17. The TV on the wall projects a hologram showing four switches. Click on the switches in the order shown below to switch them on: Switch 1: water station on. Switch 2: section on the light. Switch 3: section with toilets. Switch 4: unknown. Sep 20, 2018 18. Click on the switch for water station, then click the towel on the bed. Put the towel in the water and walk over to the shower. Sep 20, 2018 19. Put the towel on the shower door and see how it reacts. Sep 20, 2018 20. Click

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