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For anyone who promotes websites or is just interested in knowing more about sites, the SEO Browser CE is the perfect replacement for Internet explorer.
SEO Browser CE application will display page-rank and Alexa information for any web-page you are visiting.
Also, it tends to be less prone to security attacks than Internet Explorer
SEO Browser CE is a based on the same code as Firefox from Mozilla. Apart from all the features that you would expect in terms of security, ease of use etc. This browser also displays page-rank and Alexa date in a small unobtrusive bar at the bottom of the of the page.
Apart from the specific benefits that this browser gives you in terms of the easy accessible web-site data, here is a list of the main things that any browser should give you.
Here are some key features of “SEO Browser CE”:
■ Good security
■ Really easy to install
■ Really easy to use
I could make a much longer list of smaller yet important points but these are the really key ones. SEO Browser CE is excellent in these ares. It’s also completely free so download it today and give it a try.







SEO Browser CE Crack (Latest)

• Offers a free fast loading web browser.
• Browser uses a realistic rendering engine that simulates the speed and beauty of Internet Explorer 7.
• Not limited to website navigation and displays a Web Page Ranks and Alexa Reliability Meter.
• Designed for viewing website navigation and general site browsing, but is also able to zoom in to any image that you have on the webpage.
• Allows you to force download of images that are too large for the screen to display.
• Includes a tabbed interface that allows you to browse multiple pages at the same time.
■ Easy to download
The operating system requires a 16-64 bit.exe file to install.
■ Easy to Use
SEO Browser CE is pretty intuitive. You can also setup the most common keyboard shortcuts for common functions.
• Mouse and the browser keyboard have the same functions and you can map your own keyboard shortcuts for things like displaying new windows, ctrl+f, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+z, ctrl+delete, ctrl+z, ctrl+x, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+p, and ctrl+d
• ctrl+1 – display the browser history window
• ctrl+2 – display the web page’s address bar
• ctrl+3 – display the regular address bar
• ctrl+4 – display the bookmark list
• ctrl+5 – go to the previous directory or the next directory
• ctrl+6 – go to the previous bookmark or the next bookmark
• ctrl+7 – go to the previous search results or the next search results
• ctrl+8 – go to the previous website or the next website
• ctrl+9 – go to the previous tab or the next tab
• ctrl+0 – go to the start of the page or the end of the page
• ctrl+q – close the browser.
■ Auto updates
This should be sorted now. I have also noticed that the download rate has increased so far. I thought that there was an issue at the server end but it turns out it’s just that the file size has increased. If you download the file directly from the source please be aware that it’s only available for a limited period of time. However, you can use the link below to download the installer from

SEO Browser CE [2022]

With SEO Browser CE you can:
1. View the Page-Ranks and Alexa traffic for any web-page that you are viewing.
2. View a “Security Report” for that page. This will give you an idea of the level of site security for that page.
3. View the HTTP referer-page for that page.
4. View the type of files for that page.
5. See the past 12 hour, previous 2 day and previous week(s) pageranks.
6. View the URL of the page you are visiting and all pages that are linked from that page.
7. View the URL for all links on the page you are viewing.
8. Click on any link on the page and this will open the URL in your default browser.
9. Right Click on any link and choose “Open in new tab”.
10. Search for any URL in the current page using a “text” search.
11. Save the location of any web-page to your “bookmarks”.
12. “Right Click” on any menu bar (such as the chrome) and choose “Open in new tab”.
13. Disable the toolbar. (Choose the option under “Tools” in the main menu)
14. Right Click on any object in a web page or image and choose “Open in new tab”.
15. View the HTML tags of any web page you are viewing.
16. View the source for any web page you are viewing.
17. Copy any web page to the clipboard. (Use CTRL-C)
18. View the download times and d/l sizes for any file (This will help you determine what is the largest file that is to big to be uploaded to your server.
19. View information about the browser you are using.
Please note that SE Browser CE is based on the same code as Firefox from Mozilla.
The update is the only safe way to upgrade from a previous version because the update is small and will not change the installation.
If you have any questions, please contact us at
If you would like to give us the possibility to make this website even better, you are welcome to contribute all types of information about the website (e.g. screenshots, ratings, bugs, games, etc.) to our site.
If you have contributed to the site or have something to say about the site, please email us

SEO Browser CE Crack Download For PC

SEO Browser CE is a light-weight browser plugin that displays page rank and Alexa website popularity metrics for any web page you are visiting.
SEO Browser CE does not require admin rights to install, just unzip the archive, run the exe, and SEO Browser CE will install itself on your pc/laptop
All files and free downloads are copyright of their respective owners. We do not provide any hacked, cracked, illegal, pirated version of scripts, codes, components downloads. All files are downloaded from the publishers website, our mirror sites or download from the users. Please contact us to delete copyright contents if any.
SEO Browser CE links are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to the site.

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What’s New In?

“SEO Browser CE is a personal, convenient, and completely free tool that will assist you to search, access, and save web content. With SEO Browser CE you can access and view website’s rank, traffic, visitors, Alexa traffic and other valuable information without having to download, open or install anything.”

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