The main goal of dating is to find someone you like, to fall in love, and to commit to that person or relationship. If you are going on dates just to date, that’s cool. It’s just another way of meeting people. However, it’s crucial that you like the person you date; if you like them and feel confident enough to date them, there’s a chance you will find someone you like. That person could become your soulmate, or a long-lasting, long-distance friendship. So, if you like someone and you want to date them, you should probably stop reading right now and go do it. The best part of dating is that you can go on as many or as few dates as you want to. You can meet a complete stranger (or someone you know through your friends) and after a few dates it won’t feel weird if you’re still with them. We hope that you’ll check out some of these tips and come back to learn more! So, let’s just get one thing straight: When you first meet someone, you are not going to know if they are going to be a great date or not—that is completely dependent on if you like them or not. If you feel that you do, you should go on some dates with that person and see if they are a good match for you. Being single for long periods of time can wear on people and turn them off. If they aren’t a good fit for you, you won’t want to be around them anymore. So, don’t worry about some potential date being a good match or not. Make sure you like them first, and only date them if you do! The Steps to Finding an Accurate Match That is, without violating their sensibilities in any way and making their life something they dread. I’m a big believer in being honest with people. When you’re not honest with someone, and you are an ass about it, they know. They can tell if you’re an honest person or not. Imagine this: You meet someone online. You’ve had a few dates already, and you just know you’re going to be a great match. You get along with that person; you don’t want to be around them or talk to them ever again after the first date. That’s not an honest answer. You could be so happy, so into each other, that this person makes your life 100% better, and you don’t want to hurt their feelings when it doesn’t
Maybe you’re not interested in being a commitment-phobe. Or maybe you just want to show off how attractive you are to people. In either case, you need some pointers. You know what to do, right? Do Not: 1. Expect to get phone numbers Yes, it’s easy to think “Let’s just get in the car and get it over with,” because that is what we are taught to do. But what happens when you have someone’s phone number and you don’t call? Maybe you didn’t do that already because you weren’t sure if you’d see that person again. Maybe you didn’t call because you’re a little shy and don’t want to seem desperate. Don’t be too quick to assume that not picking up the phone is the epitome of someone you’d like. It’s not. It just indicates that you’re not. 2. Tell people that you want to get serious very quickly If you want to get in to someone’s pants, don’t be awkward about it. Get your sex out of the way quickly, and then proceed with your happy, normal life. The minute you start kissing or sleeping with someone, you’re going to have to deal with a whole other set of relationship—and communication—issues. 3. Get your plans in order If you’re planning on having a long term relationship, find someone you can build a life with. A good friend or relative, perhaps, or even a roommate. It may seem annoying, but if you want to have a family with someone, you should also think about your plans for the future. If you want to get married and have children, you should make sure you’re financially and mentally prepared to be a parent. It’s important to be serious about where you’re going in life, so don’t jump into a relationship too quickly unless both of you are ready for it. 4. Take things a little slower If you see an attractive person, do something about it immediately. If they speak to you, talk to them. If you want to get to know someone better, see them at the gym, or a club, or at the mall. If you want to play for the other team, don’t sit on the couch and watch a football game. Let the girl know that you like her, so she’ll want to spend time with you. If you’re in a relationship, make sure you’re out having fun with your significant other

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