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Photoshop is a professional tool, and using it without training will not make you a successful designer.

Layers and Tools

Just as a painter uses tools and layers to create and edit a picture, a digital artist uses the same tools and layers to create and alter a digital image. These tools are covered in Chapter 5.

Layers define groups of objects or portions of an image that can be edited independently of each other. They are also editable. The basic tools are the same as those used in any other image-editing application. Table 6-1 defines some of the most common tools and explains when to use them.

In Figure 6-1, the Drawing Layer is shown, but layer options for the Painting palette and Layer menu are not shown.

Photoshop Elements uses layers as a grouping tool to set regions of an image. There are no layers in Elements, and consequently no need to refer to the Layer menu in the palette. See Chapter 7 for more about how to use layers in Elements.

To place a tool into a toolbox, click the box. To close the toolbox, double-click it. To change the order in which tools are listed in the palette, drag a tool’s label up or down.

**Figure 6-1:** A layer allows you to create some complex edits without having to redo them later.

Creating Layers

Photoshop’s layers work a lot like the layers in Painter. A layer is a combination of one or more masks and some number of adjustment layers. You can create a layer at any time while you’re working on an image by choosing Layers⇒New. You can drag an image thumbnail or a selected region on a layer to change the size of that layer. You can also use the Layers panel, shown in Figure 6-2, to specify exactly what’s going on in a layer.

**Figure 6-2:** Layers are the building blocks of any editable image.

You use layers to create, change, and edit selections. Photoshop lets you create them easily by drawing or changing the existing selection. Adjusting a layer’s selection is the same as adjusting the selection in the previous chapters: Using the Selection and Marquee tools and the Selection Brush. See Chapter 5 for more about selecting and using layers.

Chapter 5 also covers layers in detail. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can find layer information in Figure 7-1

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Designers would be able to use Photoshop Elements on any PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. Editing a photo couldn’t be easier. Anyone can select a photo from their gallery, edit it, and then share it online. There are simple touch up tools and filters that a user can apply to create sophisticated graphics and images in seconds. All of Photoshop Elements 15 features can be accessed from the main interface, so it doesn’t need any user manuals.

We’ve outlined the top 10 features of Photoshop Elements 15 below for you to check out. If you need a primer on the essentials of Photoshop, you’re better off with the right editor.

1. Create and Edit Documents

You can create a new image document, modify the document properties, open any type of file, and make it presentable for viewing or printing. Creating a new document helps you save your precious time. Save the current document and continue to work on the new one, or save as many documents as you want and then proceed with the next task.

There are different types of document types, including:

Image: Create and edit an image file.

Pattern: Create patterns that can be used to create and apply textures on images.

Orientation: Switch between portrait and landscape.

Text: An image with a text document.

Image and Document Gallery: Save, organize, and share an image with other users.

2. Apply Filters and Effects

Filter and effect tools can help you edit your photo or an image of any type. Filters help you manipulate color, add layer styles, composite, or sharpen your images. You’ll also find some effects that can be applied, such as vignette or UV maps. Apply them to any part of your image to bring out the best of it.

3. Adjusting Exposure and Details

You have the ability to get your image exposure correct by tweaking the dialog for color, clarity, brightness, contrast, and black and white. You can also fine-tune a photo’s individual color channel: the red, green, and blue. You can modify the overall settings for saturation, sharpness, clarity, vignette, and noise.

4. Create a Gradient Map

Creating a gradient map can help you paint a seamless transition on a photograph. It’s an easy way to add stylistic shading to a

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2020 (version 21):

Windows 8 or later
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 DirectX 11
Intel HD 4000 DirectX 11
HP 1020 (i5 3.5ghz) or the same with the Intel HD 4600
HP 1020 (i5 4.0ghz) with the Intel HD 4600
PS3 OS: v1.6.00 (35-07/08/11) or later
I didn’t test with all the drivers listed above. For a particular computer you need to find

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