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The Feature Overview

1. Anatomy of an image – The image is composed of areas of color (or color mode) and areas of grayscale (or grayscale mode). Photoshop’s Color mode is a full-color view, while Grayscale mode creates a grayscale view. The layers of an image are color-only (or grayscale-only) layers that are built on top of one another. When an image is opened, it is displayed in full-color mode by default. The layers consist of regions of color and regions of grayscale. Layers can be turned on or off, or the paintbrush (aka, brush) tool can be used to paint over areas of the image and adjust their color or grayscale. Layers can also be dragged and dropped to combine color and/or grayscale regions from one area of the image to another. A layer mask is automatically applied to keep the color or grayscale of one area from bleeding into another area.

2. Masking (aka, coloring): Painting with a brush is one way to adjust an image. Another way is to “color” with a brush that blends color out of your image while leaving the underlying grayscale portions untouched. To control where a brush strokes, use the Brush menu and select a brush type, from one of the brush preset options, or create your own brushes that can be further customized with the Settings option. There are also options to edit the brush size and the opacity setting, which controls the spread of color from the stroke.

3. Document: A “Document” (aka, image) is the container for all of your layers. A new document is created when you open a file in Photoshop. The name of the document is the name of the file. Each layer in an image has its own name. To select a layer, it must first be selected, and then the layer name is created in the Command Menu (the (COMMAND-key) + Option/Alt key) or the Layers Panel menus. To select all of the layers, press the Ctrl+A key combination, and then select the layer that you want to work on from the layers panel. You can select multiple layers by pressing the Ctrl (COMMAND) key while holding down the Ctrl key. Once the layers are selected, you can work on them or delete them.

4. Selection: You can select an area of an image to make changes

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How does Photoshop work?

Similar to other graphics editors like GIMP and the Paint.NET, the basic function of Photoshop is to apply one or more filters. Before Photoshop, editors like Paint-NET usually gave a limited number of palettes and limited number of “hotkeys” for using different tools. Photoshop tries to make things a bit easier for photographers by providing many pre-defined palettes, paint mode tools, and a customisable keyboard short-cuts.

There are essentially three types of tools in Photoshop: (1) the Brush tool, (2) the Pencil tool and (3) layer tools. The Brush tool may be used to paint with the image, edit details, apply a filter or just change a color. The Pencil tool is used to create paths or draw free-form lines. These lines don’t really exist until they’re highlighted in the Layer window.

Layers are the basis for Photoshop’s multiple visible layers. Normally there would be one Layer for each component of the image (segmented, mask, background, etc). Layers are essentially hidden bitmaps that can be “visible” by adjusting the opacity of one or more layers.

For example, a person may need to replace a specific section of the image. He would create a new layer under the layer with the person and place the required section on top. These layers are called masks. Masks can be either filled or made transparent. Filled masks restrict the placement of colours to the “inside” of the mask. Transparent masks just affect the overall opacity of a layer (without colour restrictions).

Image editing in Photoshop

Photoshop is designed to have a very user-friendly interface. It has many pre-set paint modes (layers, paths, and many others), which can be used to paint over your image with colour, line, or bezier curves.

It is also designed to be very simple to use. It contains many palettes for working with colours, converting between pixels, or even for photo importing.

Photoshop also allows you to work with layers. A layer is a transparent bitmap like any other image. You can add, remove and move layers as you wish. The layers are also stored within the file. If you save a file, Photoshop will save not only the image, but also the layers and masks. The only downside is that a file saved without layers will be harder to open without having the original.

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0)?


Get notified about changes in an array and update UI

I have an array of items, a list view and a button.
When I click the button I want to get notified about changes (addition/deletion) in the array and update the list view.
I’ve tried with Rx.NET, Reactive Extensions, it’s not what I needed because I can only see changes with the button.
When I try with an Observer, I can’t realize how it works, for now.
How can I do it?


If you bind your collection to a listview and have the button as a checkbox this should work out for you.

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0):

Minimum Recommended:
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560 with drivers 352.81 and up
CPU: AMD FX 8120 with drivers and up
Hard Disk: 20GB
DirectX: Version 11
Sound Card: Output 1-6 (1 channel) must be the standard stereo output
Additional Notes:
The host computer may be multi-threaded.
The game will run slower

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