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To be clear, Photoshop is not a real photo editor and it is not for everyone. It is a highly versatile tool that is capable of doing almost anything imaginable. The downside is that it is incredibly complex. It requires a lot of time, money and expertise.

Photoshop Elements is less than two years old, but has managed to find a place in the world of photo editing. One of the reasons is that it is cheaper than traditional Photoshop ($300 to $400) and thus makes photo editing accessible to a much wider audience.

It’s like Google Docs—it’s a completely free program that you can use to create and edit documents online. In fact, it’s so good that Photoshop might just become obsolete over time. Before you invest too much money into Photoshop you should be sure that this product is the right fit for you.

Have you used Photoshop Elements? What did you think? Do you plan on using it in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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What is Photoshop Elements?

Before Photoshop, everyone was using the very basic, yet capable, Paint Shop Pro. But with the release of Photoshop, the game changed in image editing. While Paint Shop Pro provided basic tools, Photoshop offered editing power that was previously unheard of.

When Adobe acquired Quark in 2008, one of the most powerful graphic design suites, Photoshop designers began to slowly shift towards the more “raw” way of editing.

At first, Photoshop was only used for occasional image editing, but over time the tool developed to become an all-in-one photo editing solution.

Photoshop Elements offers a basic editing suite as well as an array of editing features for more advanced users.

Basic features

As expected from a photo editing tool, Photoshop Elements offers basic editing features for beginners, including the following:

Color options

While Paint Shop Pro had some color options, Photoshop moved towards RGB color space, a mode in which each color exists on its own line. If a Color is split, you can always see exactly how many colors make up the mix.

In Paint Shop Pro, colors were split as one giant rectangle, and color picker only allowed you to either use one or 255 colors. This method of color creation was tedious and did not allow for accurate color matching.

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Thursday, September 11, 2007

Batman Returns – More of the Overlays

I’ve done two more, side by side.

They’re different except for one thing. The overlay on the third took me a LONG time. As well as have to stretch the limits of what I could do on my own. So, I brought in a friend from the states and borrowed his super good camera. His experience allowed me to get better and better as he looked over my shoulder. It was an insane amount of work but well worth it.

The first is the one where the face is framed by the paws. I just had to trace the outline and then tweak every color.

The second one was done with the eyes and teeth and then some things in the background.

The man behind the site

I’m Chris and this is my blog. I’m a recent college graduate and I used to work at a record store. The idea for the blog and all of its wacky content came from my longtime obsession with Twilight Zone (Classic TV) and the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas. You can find lots of interesting music, fan artwork, and film info by checking out the main tag, ‘Musoscribe.’ I’m also currently obsessed with Community Television and open-mic poetry and I enjoy writing about weird and obscure things that most people would have no idea even exist. I tend to get in trouble for all that. Whether it’s for copyright violations or failing to include some sort of punchline, rest assured that I’ll be bringing it all to you in some fashion. So sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride!Carmen Gläser

Carmen Gläser (born 1958) is a German businesswoman, who was the CEO of the Wertheimer Group, a German multinational company, from 2000 to 2015. She is also an expert in the field of sustainability and social entrepreneurship and now heads the association Pro-Vita e.V.

She has been involved with the political initiatives to promote the economic and social inclusion of refugees in Germany. She is a member of the board of trustees of the Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory and an advisor to the Bundesver

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The Importance of Google+ Social Media Scores

When it comes to social media, a lot of people think that their scores (often referred to as Klout scores) are the most important thing about it. While that may be true in a few different circles, it’s not true for a small business that relies solely on social media for lead generation. These social media platforms have been changing with the times and their analytics have gotten much better. While we encourage you to get an account (read the benefits here and sign up) social media scores are important, but the content you put out on your site matters more.

While some people focus on creating fluff content, a strategy that works for small businesses is to find what you’re passionate about, and share what you learn. A lot of people who give up social media because they don’t make money fast, fail to understand that the free social media these days are a numbers game. Unless you have a viral video going, the first few hundred people who interact with you will only generate a few hundred more. When you create content that’s focused on your brand or business, people will share it and your scores will rise as a result.

One of the reasons we highlighted Pinterest and Google+ for small business is because they are still young, and just starting to see how important social media is for a small business. A lot of people have been saying that Google+ will surpass Facebook and Twitter, but those platforms aren’t going anywhere. Google+ is a useful social media tool for those who are serious about getting traction in the search engines. But what does a score of 1.5 actually mean?

Klout scores range anywhere from 0-100. A score of 100 would mean you’ve never interacted on social media, while a score of zero would mean you have an impressive 100% reach for your brand (the ultimate goal of social media). A score of 1-9 would mean that you have a social media presence but it’s basic. If you have a great Klout score of 99, people will reach out to you and you’ll have a chance at reaching them.

If you have a score of zero, there’s really only two things you can do to get better scores. The first is to try and get more friends so that your audience will reach you. If you’re not finding people that have the same interests and are interested in

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