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Photoshop is very popular software. There are more than 40m people worldwide who are using this software on a daily basis to create and modify images. In order to use this software one needs to own it. To purchase Photoshop for Mac, one needs to buy the software. For this software, there are many choices depending on the budget. This will be discussed in further details in this review. In the end, the best software will give the best performance and will make the best use of money. However, while we are looking for the best software, we also have to keep the budget in mind. This review will shed some light on the topic.

Let’s start by mentioning that Photoshop is a commercial software. This means that it will cost you from around $99 to $10,000. The price goes up as soon as you get a creative access to premium features like special effects, advanced vector editing, work with RAW format images and so on. Photoshop for Mac is available for a price that ranges from $199 to $3,900.

The best case scenario

Probably the best option is to start with an annual subscription plan that is called Creative Cloud. You can get a free account for 30 days and make sure that everything is working properly. This will give you a chance to try Photoshop on your own. It will serve you well for at least one or two months.

At the end of the free trial, you can continue to use the software on your own and upgrade to the annual subscription plan as soon as you get to the 30 day period. This is the best case scenario because you get the software free of charge and you can get access to all features right away.

Price: starting from $9.90 for a single license and up to $99 per month for the Creative Cloud Unlimited subscription plan.

Review on Photoshop for Mac

This software is made to work on Mac OS. With this software, Photoshop can open all type of images, manipulate them, save them. Some of its most important features include the ability to crop, rotate, erase, copy, paste, draw objects, shapes, text, color in Photoshop.

This software allows you to use a wide variety of tools to make your images more beautiful. It supports layers and allows you to create multiple independent layers to work on. You can access these layers to manipulate them, merge them together, clone, select and layer them

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Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements come with the same price tag. They both are highly versatile and multi-functional software editing and creating digital pictures.

You can edit images, resize and crop them, blur and sharpen parts of images, change their color, adjust their light and many more. You can also create new images from scratch.

Adobe Photoshop is by far the more powerful and advanced version of Photoshop. In fact, it is one of the best photo editing software. It is powerful and highly customizable, so you can apply any effect or filter on images you’ve edited. It also offers everything a web designer or graphic designer needs to create, modify, and style images for their websites or print projects.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a step down from Photoshop. It has a straightforward and simple interface which makes it easier to use for beginners. It also comes with many of the basic features of Photoshop. For $100, you get a great photo editor.Q:

Calculate RGB value by converting from HEX

I have my RGB values in hex and I want to calculate rgb values in RGB.
I have example of 12 Hex RGB values (r,g,b) and it should calculate RGB values like this:
Example of 12 HEX RGB values:

And this is not 12 numbers but in reality it is more than 100 000 numbers.
Is there any algorithm to calculate this?
I’ve tried with 587 (rgb as HEX) but this is not what I was looking for, I want RGB value but only when it is more than 587.
Calculate would be something like this:
rgb = (256 * A) / 587
Can someone help me please?


Yes, there is an algorithm to do this, and here is a way to do it using just bit operations:

The formula you seek is:
r = a * 0xFF + b * 0xFF00 + c * 0xFF0000

where a, b and c are binary numbers and 0xFF is a magic number that can be expressed as a single binary number but is often written as 0xFF0000 so that it is clearly distinct.

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Children are suffering due to absence of ABAPerk

Sunday, October 28, 2009


26 Oct 2009

CDP is demanding that the government takes immediate and urgent steps to implement their guidelines, otherwise to stop the suffering of children due to government’s inability.

The chief executive officer of the Mayfair Project, Tokai Ongala told Khaleej Times that children are suffering due to absence of ABAPerk. He said these children are unable to go to schools because of ill-equipped schools.

He continued that parents depend on ABAPerk to take their children to schools. He said that when parents contact Mayfair Project to request an assistance to take their children to schools, they fail to provide an assistance and instead deny and reject parents’ requests.

He said “When someone calls the hotline, we are available to help but we are not the ones who decide whether the children will be taken to a school or not. In fact, we are not responsible when the children become ill in school. We cannot open any can, just that we receive calls which are given to Mayfair Project, who is then responsible.”

He added that if parents are denied the opportunity to take their children to a school because of the lack of school facilities, this situation requires a more urgent response.

Mayfair Project is calling upon the Honourable Prime Minister for a complete overhaul on the system of education that promotes transparent and positive change in the system.

He concluded that the Honourable Prime Minister should also conduct a complete overhaul of the system of education and supervision of education.


Mayfair Project has been assisting the poorer communities of Sri Lanka with water, sanitation and hygiene related projects for more than 8 years now. The project uses an organic approach by giving back to the communities by enabling them to take care of themselves. Read more on www.mayfairproject.orgSports Hub

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What’s New In Photoshop CC?

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The United Kingdom will be “a much safer place with a higher level of security”, after Brexit, says the boss of the Royal Marines.

Colonel Tim Radford spoke to the BBC after the government announced the final details of what it will be offered in exchange for access to the EU’s customs union.

The deal, on the back of an earlier proposal for UK-only access to it, will now be put to Parliament before 23 June.

The UK has been a member of the customs union since 1973.

There are fears that without it in place when the UK leaves, there would be delays in moving goods between the UK and EU, which would in turn lead to checks that are currently carried out by the EU on the Irish border.

Colonel Radford, who has command responsibility for forces across the United Kingdom, said the new deal would “deliver much more certain and much better service to the public of all the UK’s 52 nations”.

“We will be able to ensure that terrorists and criminals are much less able to get into the UK using our shores as a border.”

But he added: “We will also be able to reduce illegal immigration, and create a much more safe place for the public. So I think it will be a much safer place with a higher level of security.”

‘Great risk’

Colonel Radford said there would be a “great risk” if the proposed deal was not accepted by Parliament.

The detailed terms of the current customs union proposal, which had previously been watered down, will now be put to Parliament by the government’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost.

The PM will make her Brexit speech on Wednesday.

The Commons is due to vote on the deal on Thursday, and on Friday MPs will vote on whether or not to approve the Brexit deal.

Prime Minister Theresa May said if Parliament votes down the deal the UK would have to leave the EU without a deal on 29 March, instead of the exit day agreed earlier this year.

But MPs have been promised that, if the deal is voted down, there would be a vote later in the year on whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal, which is a scenario that Mrs May has said she would not want to see.

She wrote in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper that her offer was “the best and only deal possible”, adding: “If MPs reject it, the responsibility

System Requirements:

Apple® iPhone™, iPad®, iPod Touch® running iOS 9.1 or later.
Simulator supported on iPad Pro, iPhone 5s or later.
iPhone and iPad Camera Connection Kit (iOS 9.1 or later)
Mac OS 10.10 or later
Mac OS X Beta Software
Macintosh computer with Mac OS X 10.8 or later.
Developer Account:
Internet access.
Mozilla Firefox® installed on computer.
1. Connect camera to computer via USB cable

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