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Although Photoshop is marketed as a graphic design software, it also edits photos and can also be used for decorative and illustration purposes.

Getting the Most from Your Image-Editing Software

As your skills increase, you can get the most out of your image-editing software. The following sections cover the basic, power, and advanced features to help you draw the most from your editing software.

Basic editing features

You can use many tools and editing techniques when you edit images, but these three tools are the standard features in most photo-editing programs. These features are the cornerstones of every photo-editing application, so learning to use them correctly can enable you to work more efficiently and effectively.

To keep your software from overwhelming you when you’re creating, keep it simple. Start with these basic tools. When you’re more comfortable with them, you can easily add the rest of the tools that are available in your package.

Figure 13-2 shows the basic tools available to the user in Photoshop CC.

**Figure 13-2:** The basics of Photoshop.

Use the following tools for most image editing:

• Image adjustment layer

• Adjustment layer

• Blending modes

• Selection tool

• Color correction

• Masking

• Adjustment layers

• Levels

• Gradients and stroke

• Type tools

• Image adjustments tools

• Zoom

• Ruler

• Lasso tool

• Move tool

• Layer masking

• Lens correction

• Eye dropper

• Adjustment layers

• Levels

You may also find the following tools useful for editing images:

• Eraser

• Gradient tool

• Camera Raw

• Animation

• History panel

• Type tools

• Adjustment layers

• Object folder

• Text tools

• Expression tools

• Puppet warp

Power editing tools

Photoshop has a wealth of tools to add creativity and realism to your image, including the following:

• Adjustment layers

• Adjustment layers, layer masks, and blend modes

• Camera Raw, the RAW image editor

• Channels

• Color curves, curves, filters, and Blend modes

• Color management

• Copy and paste

• Lightroom, the digital darkroom application

Download Photoshop Icons Download

Want to learn Photoshop Elements? Here are some of the best tips and tutorials for beginners that you can browse through, including some of the most useful ways to use Photoshop Elements to edit photos.

The following list of Photoshop Elements tutorials will lead you through various ways to edit pictures and create images in Photoshop Elements. There are different ways to perform each action, and some are more simple to execute, while others are more complicated and can take several hours of work to create. You’ll also learn how to mix and create new images from scratch.

Here are some of the key areas of Photoshop Elements.

Save Your Work

Photoshop Elements, just like Photoshop, has a built-in autosave feature that will save any changes to the image for you at least once per session. However, it is recommended to save your work more regularly – at least every few hours. If for some reason your work isn’t autosaved, you can use a draft file to save your work for you.

Turning your RAW file into a JPEG or a TIFF file

The first step in creating a new image is to take your RAW file and convert it to a file type that is compatible with the final output. This means that you have to change the file type before you can start to edit your image. Photoshop Elements is packed with different photo editing tools that make editing pictures from scratch easy and fast. The main limitation of Photoshop Elements is that it can’t open raw files, which means that you will need to convert it to a different format.

Open your RAW file in Photoshop Elements. Select File > Save As > Photoshop File Type (or press Ctrl+Shift+S). Use the file type that is compatible with your final output.

There are three main types of photos that you can save as: JPEG, TIFF or PSD. We will explain what each of these is and what they are best for.

JPEG – This is best for saving photos so that they are high-quality. It is in the.jpg format. At least 80% of the file size should be dedicated to the image.

RAW – This is best for photos with very high dynamic range. It is the original file that you have captured with your camera. It is stored in the.DNG file format. Use only in specific photo editing software.

PSD – It’s a Photoshop file. This is best for saving RAW files.

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