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iPhoto iPhoto is Apple’s photo editing program. It includes a basic effects feature that is available for free. The full feature set, including tools for a basic design process, a full-featured photograph processor, and advanced technical features, is available for a price. (See Figure 7-26 and Figure 7-27 for a comparison of the editing features of iPhoto and Photoshop CS6.) **Figure 7-26** Basic tools in iPhoto. **Figure 7-27** Advanced tools in Photoshop CS6. # Chapter 8 Design and Layout * * * # Topics covered in this chapter: * Creating Layout with Fireworks * Designing for Retina Displays

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Elements is a free version of Adobe Photoshop. Like all free software, it’s open source and you can read more about its source code in the Photoshop Elements code repository. You can download Photoshop Elements for Windows or macOS here or you can follow the instructions on this article to install Adobe Photoshop Elements on Android. Everything you need to know about Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop Elements is a vector graphics editor for creating and editing graphics in print, the web and social media. For a beginner, Elements includes all the features of the professional version of Photoshop. You can create, import, and edit vector shapes, text, images, and colours. You can work with layers and use filters, styles, and effects. And you can export graphics for the web and social media. Colour-picking tools Sometimes you want to find a specific colour in an image and add it to a different image. That’s what the colour-picker tools are for. There are two kinds of colour pickers in Adobe Photoshop Elements: the regular colour picker and the eyedropper tool. Adobe Photoshop Elements has two colour pickers. One of them is the regular picker. Click the colour picker button in the toolbar (and the colour palette, if you’re on the desktop), and you can choose a colour from any image, or from a colour range on the desktop. You can select a single colour, a percentage of a colour, a hue, a colour tone and so on. The eyedropper tool is useful for when you want to add a colour from one image to a different image. You can draw on a canvas (the area in which you’re adding colours) and choose the colour you want to add from any part of the image. You can drag the eyedropper tool to another spot in the image and add another colour. Colour palettes You can make your own custom colour palettes for making colour selections and adding colours to graphics. On the home screen, click the colour palettes button in the top navigation bar to open the colour palette. The palette has a variety of sections: hue, saturation and brightness, a colour wheel, a colour wheel with tones, and a colour wheel with custom colours. Use the colour wheel to choose a hue, and you get a colour swatch of that colour. You can use the colour 05a79cecff

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