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Creating an image

When you open an image for editing, the program automatically places you in the Photoshop workspace. On the right side of the screen is an image that you’ve already opened; if you haven’t opened a file yet, the large (typically) red box and a small rectangle with up and down arrows near the bottom-left corner represent the open file.

Because you can save in a variety of common image formats, you can save in any format you want. Figure 2-4 shows a file on the left side of the workspace.

**Figure 2-4:** When you want to save a file, simply choose File⇒Save.

Your first step is to open the image,

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May 26, 2020

Adobe Photoshop, while not the only image editing software available, is the one used by many. If you’re looking to do the most powerful editing of images or create new high-quality images, you’re likely to be using Photoshop. This guide will teach you everything about Photoshop.

You can always use these techniques to modify other photos too, such as these.

This guide will teach you:

how to duplicate and move and resize images

how to use Photoshop’s undo command

how to use Photoshop’s Pathfinder tool

how to use Photoshop’s lighting tools

the best way to create and edit images using Photoshop

how to blend images together

how to use Photoshop’s brush tools

how to use Photoshop’s filters

how to use Photoshop’s selection tools

how to create and save images in Photoshop

how to make sure you get the best quality out of your images

Should You Use Photoshop?

You might be thinking that Photoshop isn’t for you if you’ve been working with pictures in digital format for a while. Perhaps you know Photoshop well but never imagined you’d need to edit your own photos?

For a lot of people who make images on a day-to-day basis, like they do jobs, Photoshop is a better choice for editing images.

The reason is that Photoshop has the ability to make adjustments to any part of an image. If you’re working with film, you can make the same kind of adjustments that will make a big difference. Photographers and graphic designers will often create and edit both digital and film imagery.

If, however, you’re looking to create your own images for use online, in a book, or in other publications, or you’re looking to take the images that you’ve made offline and share them, other programs might be better for you. For example,

InDesign, which is used by many media companies, including newspaper publishers and magazine publishers, is a program made for creating printed documents.

Adobe InDesign is often better than Photoshop for creating printed documents.

InDesign was created by Adobe. It’s very different to Photoshop but it’s a fully-fledged program with many of the same editing options.

Could you use both? Absolutely

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Auto Filter

This filter creates patterns, or textures, on the fly. You simply click the command icon on the tools panel, and then click or click-and-drag on an image. This works as you drag through the image and the pattern is laid down on top of the image.

You can also create patterns by selecting the Pattern item in the Tools panel, and then clicking the Create Pattern icon. In addition, using the Sponge tool and Sample All button (the upper left button on the tool view screen) you can create a pattern.

The Auto Filter tool allows you to create pretty realistic, detailed images of any objects. Simply select or click on the object, hit the Control+A keys and click the Auto Filter button on the Tools panel. This allows you to change the saturation, contrast, brightness, and color of the image without affecting the appearance of the pixels. The image view on the bottom half of your screen will update as you change the setting.


This popular tool can be used for painting or drawing effects on the fly. Simply create the image you want in the foreground, using any of the brushes or pen tools. Then click Control+P on the Tools panel, click the Paint Bucket tool, and click and drag the area you want to paint. The tool will mask the background (or paint only on the highlighted area). To remove the mask, click the tool. This is a very powerful tool and will allow you to add your own unique look and feel to an image.

Using Photoshop’s Pen Tool

The Pen Tool can be used to draw and create basic shapes, such as circles, squares, rectangles, ellipses and polygons. Once you’ve created a shape, you can then use the Fill, Stroke or other tools to modify the appearance of the shape. To create a new shape, click the Pen tool on the Tools panel and click and drag to create the shape. You can also click and drag to scale the shape. You can rotate the shape by holding down the Command key and pressing the arrows on your keyboard. To delete a shape, simply right-click it and press delete.

The Pen Tool also allows you to create new shapes by dragging through the image. To change the size of the new shape, simply drag to increase or decrease the size. Clicking Control+P will let you fill the shape with a solid color. To change the color, simply click Control+

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