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In the base of the stone steps of the church, at the right side of the altar there is the Gothic Tabernacle of St. Chrisaffes which shows the Shrine.
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The names of the participants are engraved in the stone on the top of the little aisles around the altar in a lace.

It is one of the oldest churches of Thessaloniki and was built in the 13th century. The style of the construction is Gothic which is very evident both in the architecture and in the decoration.

Many people believe that the creation of the Greek language as we know it took place here. Amongst other things, a tablet, called the baptismal font of Constantine I was found here.

The church is famous for the twin marble bell towers which were built by order of Emperor Heraclios during the rule of the Byzantine emperors in the 11th century. Two of the oldest churches in Thessaloniki were built here, those of the monastery of the Our Savior and St. Nicolas.

The place is also notable for its many frescoes and the view from the heights above the city towards the sea. The monastery of St. Nicholas is still in

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effect of Rhaponticum carthamoides L. on experimentally induced liver damage in rats.
The hepatoprotective activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Rhaponticum carthamoides L. was investigated. Rats were intoxicated with carbon tetrachloride for seven days followed by feeding with R. carthamoides hydroalcoholic extract at various doses for a period of seven days. The extent of hepatotoxicity was determined by estimating the levels of AST, ALT, LDH in the serum and by histopathological observations of liver sections. R. carthamoides extract at doses of 600 and 1200 mg/kg body weight significantly decreased the serum level of ALT and LDH, and serum levels of AST and ALP and brought about normalization of the histopathological changes in the liver of CCl(4) induced hepatotoxically intoxicated rats. These results suggest that R. carthamoides extract may have a hepatoprotective effect.The statute provides that the Court may enter a “temporary restraining order or other order” upon making “specific findings of fact on the record, after oral hearing or upon receipt of verified submissions, including affidavits or other materials required by rule. In all such cases, the court may… require the exercise of the right of examination of the judgment debtor.” (emphasis added). No such affidavit or other evidence of facts was presented to the Court by the plaintiff who, as of the date this order was to be filed, had yet to be deposed by the defendant. Furthermore, even if a factual basis existed for the issuance of an ex parte temporary restraining order, *278 it would have expired upon the filing of this order.
In this instance, no exigent circumstance has been shown. The statute provides that the temporary restraining order should expire within 10 days. It is therefore,
1. That this Order is signed pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 65(b); and
2. That the plaintiff make his application for a preliminary injunction by filing it with the Clerk of Court within 10
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In quantum computers, digital qubits (the fundamental unit of quantum computing) are typically stored in individual atomic (or molecular) systems with their frequency and phase determined by the collective properties of the ion or molecule. One approach to a quantum computer is to create a large ensemble of ions, each with a magnetic moment (spin) to represent a single bit of a qubit. Quantum gates are then applied to all the bits in the ensemble simultaneously by means of a radio frequency (RF) signal.
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