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Easy-to-use: Photoshop has all the basic features needed to shape images. It has tools that manipulate individual pixels such as the Brush, Healing Brush, and Lasso tools, which allows you to apply basic editing techniques. Photoshop also has a wide range of tools such as Tracing, which you can use to duplicate objects from one image to another.


Think twice before you use a feature that has a time limit. With an extremely busy schedule, you may be tempted to create or edit an image in Photoshop in just a few minutes, but you may regret it when you discover that the feature you used has a time limit.

Powerful: Photoshop provides full image editing. Use the powerful effects that allow you to add powerful creative effects to your image. Photoshop’s extensive selection options make it easy for you to frame and crop images. A layer system is the foundation of its editing process. It means that you can add layers that contain either parts or all of the image. Image masking allows you to edit parts of an image without altering the rest of the layers.

Versatile: Photoshop’s layers support the entire range of printing. Use Photoshop’s Graphic (GIF) and Enhanced GIF (E-GIF) formats in your image export options. You can get high-quality image output without loss of quality by using a resolution up to 1600×1200 pixels, and the file size can be as large as 110,000 KB (with a resolution of 4,000 pixels × 3,000 pixels).

Comprehensive: Photoshop provides features that allow you to duplicate, paste, and create layers with ease. You can enhance images by adding effects, textures, and filters. Photoshop supports all the most recent editing techniques. It supports Photoshop’s seven features: Shadows & Highlights, Levels, Curves, Blends, Adjustments, Gradients, and Patterns.

Detailed: Photoshop uses a selection system that is based on the layer system. This means that you can arrange objects on an image by creating and manipulating layers and masking pixels. The Curves tool, which is based on the Layer Mask feature, allows you to create a smooth and seamless transition between colors in an image. You can color-correct images with greater accuracy than is possible with other editing programs by using Photoshop’s tools.

Some of the basic features of Photoshop are explained in the remainder of this chapter, but for thorough information, see the Photoshop tutorials in this book’s Updates section at `www.syb

Photoshop 2020 Download

This software helps you to capture, edit and share the best moments.

This article is intended to be a reference for the most commonly used Photoshop Elements features in 2020. Most of the information is included in the basic chapter in our Photoshop Elements 2020 Ultimate Guide.

If you do not have Photoshop Elements, you can download it for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Basic features

Staying organized, arranging images and layers, and creating groups (shapes) will help you organize your pictures faster. You can drag and drop images into groups and then easily move them around, copy and paste them to other groups, or create new groups.

You can also quickly apply effects to your images, cut out objects, or crop and rotate them to the best of your advantage.

You can easily save your work or export it as an image, JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG, PDF or PSD.

How to use Photoshop Elements basic features

Managing images and layers

Drag the image or image layer onto the canvas to load it

Open the Layer panel and activate the Move tool to move the image or activate the Layers panel and select the image layer with the Move tool

Hold down the Ctrl key and use the Scroll Wheel to drag the image around

Click on a blank spot on the canvas to create a new empty layer

When your image or selected layer is on the canvas, right-click and select the option you want: Copy the selected image layer, Cut the selected image layer, Paste the selected image layer, Load the selected image layer, or Send to Back the selected image layer.

Open the Layer panel and click on New Layer to add a new blank layer

To add a new blank layer, left-click the New Layer button

To cut the selected image layer, right-click on the selected image layer in the Layers panel and select Cut From Selection

To copy the selected image layer, right-click on the selected image layer in the Layers panel and select Copy To Selection

To paste the selected image layer, right-click on the selected image layer in the Layers panel and select Paste To Selection

To load the selected image layer, left-click on the selected image layer in the Layers panel and select Load Layer

To send the selected image layer to the back, left-click on the selected image layer in the

Photoshop 2020 [Win/Mac]

The Healing Brush uses a brush to automatically clean up blemishes, scratches and other defects from images.
The Reverse Pen Tool is a tool to draw directly onto an image or canvas. You can freely adjust the pen size, direction and pressure to get various results.
The Gradient Tool creates or fills a color gradient or pattern. You can use a gradient to paint effects such as brushes, textures, backgrounds, etc.
The Eraser allows you to erase unwanted things, such as mistakes or strokes made with the Pen Tool.
The Blur Filter blurs or softens an area. You can use a blur to soften or lighten an object, create a zooming effect and more.
The Spot Healing Brush can be used to remove stains or other unwanted objects on a photo.
The Screen Option allows you to add, remove or move items from the active image.
The Gradient Filter changes the colors of the area you select. The Gradient tool lets you create perfect, eye-popping gradient effects.
The Pen Tool lets you draw and paint precise lines, circles, curves and other shapes on an image or canvas.
The Eraser is a tool that can erase unwanted parts of an image, or selectively remove parts of an image.
You can create custom tools, including “brushes”, “pens”, “layers”, “spots”, “fills”, “text”, and “patterns” in Photoshop. For a more complete list, see the “Adding new tools” help guide.
Painting a picture with a Pen tool is a big challenge. According to experts it takes a lot of practice. You need to pay attention to the pressure you apply on the canvas. There is always a section of the canvas that will be painted irregularly. You need to pay attention to the free stroke section and move from the left to the right hand side (we recommend against using the middle section). Use the paint stroke tool to get smooth strokes that create the illusion of movement. Use soft brush layers and image and paint gently to keep the pressure in check.

Photoshop comes with a multitude of features, fonts, effects, and brush or pen tools. Here are some of the most common ones:
Brushes are one of the most popular tools in Photoshop. They can be used for various effects, including compositing, painting, erasing and retouching images

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2020:

* Intel Processor P8400 or later
* Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz or later
* Intel Core i5-2450 or later
* Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or later
* DirectX 11-compatible hardware
* 1280 x 768 display resolution
* Internet connection required
* Storage space for save files is limited to 300MB.
* There are limits to the number of players that can play at a time.
* The–Activation-Code-2022-New.pdf

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