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Text Video program package for converting video files (*.avi) to special text format (*.txv).
You can watch these files both in a text (80×50) and graphic (320×200) mode. This video format is supported simple compressing and soundtrack.







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Text Video – известный клиент конвертеров видео. Позволяет открыть и скачать видео с помощью интерфейса на смартфоне.

Общая количество всех ресурсов (библиотека, шрифты, текст, видео, конвертеры).

Text Video (Text Video for iPhone) выбранный, может предложить параметры качества.

Text Video (Text Video for iPhone) для всех основных типов видео (больше нет).

Text Video (Text Video for iPhone) крупный и маленький (с отличием от Text Video для новинков не будет).

В большинстве случаев (у некоторых) функциона

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* HTML5 Video/Audio Player
* Text Video Player
* Supports H.264/AAC-AC3 Video
This video player for iPhone/iPad/iPod works without an internet connection!
You can watch without access to the internet even offline files!
And the player will not reduce your data, thus saving your data allowance.
YOU can also include your text into your video.
And you can play your video normally with the text recording player.
It will be interesting for you that you can have your own text on video.
You can add your own texts for your videos or yourself.
Text Video Pro Features:
? HTML5 Player Support.
? Support for H.264/AAC-AC3 Video.
? Support for Text Playback.
? Support for Include Video Language
? Support for Include Background Music
? iPhone/iPad/iPod Support
? Unlimited Volume Control
? Control your video duration
? Support for Transparent Background
? Support for Locking Screen
? Support for Adding Popup Window.
? Support for Adding Dialog Box
? Support for Change Screen Orientation to any direction
? Support for Adding Video to text
? Support for Uncompressing Video
? Support for Compressing Video
? Support for Play/Pause
? Support for Go to Next and Go to Previous
? Support for Stop and Restart
? Support for Zoom In and Zoom Out
? Support for Automatically Refresh
? Support for Automatically Refresh (iPhone)
? Support for LockScreen
? Support for Customizing Menus
? Support for Allowing/Disallowing Call-back Messages
? Support for Customizing Length of Duration for Automatic Refresh
? Support for Releasing Audio Stream
? Support for Releasing Video Stream
? Support for Changing Video Position
? Support for Changing Text Position
? Support for Support for Sorting
? Support for Sorting Options
? Support for Fixing Time
? Support for Formatting Text
? Support for Adding Footer
? Support for Adding Footer
? Support for Changing Font Color
? Support for Support for Change Font Size
? Support for Support for Change Font Size
? Support for Support for Change Font Size
? Support for Support for Change Font Size
? Support for Change Font Size
? Support for Support for Clear Screen
? Support for Support for Clear Screen
? Support for Save/Load
? Support for Support for Save/Load

Text Video

This software allows you to convert your favorite video format into special text format. Format of file is not distorted and can be opened in any text editor or text viewer. You can watch it either in 80×50 (TXT) or 320×200 (BMP) mode, customize the text color, font, size, width and height, put your own text in it. This text can be placed next to video, you can play it in background, make it transparent.

Magic Video 2010 is a new and very exciting video editor/renderer which has many new features as well as many enhancements and bug fixes. Magic Video is the next generation open source implementation of the Magic Video 2000 editing and renderer.
Magic Video 2010 allows the user to build video files from scratch, to render from scratch, or to create special effect video files. Magic Video is supplied with extensive tools which allow the user to enhance and manipulate their own videos in endless ways. You can view the final video/picture before saving it, open the project in Magic Video, or even preview the project while editing without the need for open files! The user can save the project to a file or a folder. Magic Video allows unlimited number of files, and movies to be saved.
Magic Video 2010 is written in pure C++ and uses the latest GDI+ (GDI+ 2.0+) library. The most recent version of DirectShow API is used. The project is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.
You can find Magic Video 2010 on SourceForge.net (Forge.net):
Or you can download a copy for evaluation from our website:
This is version 3.0 of Magic Video.The name is Magic Video 2010, because v2.0 was released in 2005, I think 2.0 was the most important release. Magic Video 2010 has many features and enhancements, plus a lot of bug fixes and fixes which should ensure users that Magic Video 2010 does what it says it does.
Here is a list of all the features:
– Magic Video is a complete completely new video editing/renderer. Magic Video is written from scratch, and uses modern C++ with updated GDI+ and DirectShow libraries.
– Magic Video is supplied with extensive tools which allow the user to enhance and manipulate their own videos in endless ways. The user can view

What’s New in the Text Video?

This software creates a very informative and unique presentation of multimedia content. The software uses the advanced technology for video encoding and decoding, and allows creating web site with the text movies in the original video format with a graphic and text interface. The software allows you to combine and convert video files (*.avi) to this text format (*.txv). Text video file can be played in a text (80×50) and graphic (320×200) mode. The software enables to add or remove the text/graphics subtitles and select from a variety of graphic effects, to create an exciting movie presentation.

IMPORTANT! This is a free version, In order to use any other functions (text, pictures, video, etc) in the program you need to purchase the full version!
A standard license for one PC cost $29.95, while multi-user licenses cost $69.95.
Click here to read the license agreement.
Our site has grown to over 10,000 upgraded customers since the start of the year. Is your program up-to-date with the latest features and options?
A Basic license includes all the features of the program in the version you purchased.
A Full license includes all features of the program in the version you purchased in addition to any updates available for the program.

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Wax Apple Audio Mixer

Wax Apple Audio Mixer is the easiest, most powerful, flexible way to mix, record and share audio with other Apple devices. The app allows you to record, mix and playback audio.
+ Audio Recording and Mixing
+ Real-time monitoring
+ Remote control support
+ Automated mix recall
+ Software microphone support
+ No special hardware needed
+ Complex audio processing done in the cloud
+ Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
+ App is free and supports multiple users
+ Offers limitless mixing sessions
+ Do-it-yourself audio recording and editing



Everything has been upgraded! Now VEVO MOBILE comes with dozens of new features, such as the revamped editor and social integration! VEVO was the first music video app to win the App Store’s coveted Editor’s Choice Award. Based on more than

System Requirements For Text Video:

WASD/Arrow Keys or Mouse for movement
Escape/Delete to close
I and O for Undo and Redo
Gamepad for Navigation
(Single) Click to fire
[ ] to pick a gun from inventory
R to reload ammo
The aim of the game is to reach the end of the level by eliminating as many enemies as possible. Shoot them all to achieve the highest score. If you kill an enemy that is guarding an objective, the enemies guarding the objective will be killed.


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