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Although Photoshop is based on a Macintosh operating system, it runs well on most Windows systems. However, always download the latest version of Photoshop first from Adobe’s website.

Finding the free Adobe Photoshop Activation Code Elements

The DVD version of the popular Adobe Photoshop program comes with a hefty price tag of $350 (U.S.). For a fraction of that price, you can choose to buy the free Adobe Photoshop Elements, which you install on your hard drive.

Remember: You don’t need to buy a copy of Photoshop and Elements together. However, doing so enables you to use Photoshop’s most powerful tools in Elements, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Using Elements to Create, Edit, and Manipulate Photos

Elements has a well-organized user interface that makes image editing and manipulation easier to accomplish. Elements enables you to edit photos in various ways — including adjusting the lighting, color balance, and color saturation, as well as cropping and annotating the photo.

You can create various effects, including painting, making a collage, and drawing. You can also create custom graphics and outlines. You also can import and export to popular formats such as JPEG, TIFF, or PDF.

You can share images and videos via e-mail. The program supports drawing and text-editing features. You can send e-mail with a JPEG photo attached or a small video file.

Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Elements lacks the advanced features, such as layers, gradients, and filters. When you want to accomplish advanced photo editing with Photoshop, or you want to create complex Photoshop documents, you need to purchase the full version of Photoshop Elements, as well as the remaining chapters in this book.

Finding out all about the 12.0 version of Elements

Elements 12.0 includes the following features:

A feature called Create Smart Objects

High-quality photo printing

Effective photo fixes

Snap to points or ratios for easy alignment

Quick access to your photos

Embedding of video within the photo

Ability to share your photos directly via e-mail

Elements also includes a number of new features, including enhancements to Photoshop-like tools such as the Paintbrush, Color Correction, and Layer Masks, as well as new drawing tools, the Scissors tool, the Pen tool, the Pencil tool, and the Brush tool. You can easily zoom the image in and out and capture or save it as

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In the following article, we will help you learn and use the different tools in Photoshop Elements.

How to Use the Tool Palette

The tool palette is your main tool for working with an image. It contains most of the tools used for editing images. The most common tools are the pencil, brush, layers, and layers mask.

You can also use the Selection Tool (a.k.a., lasso) and the Rectangle Tool (a.k.a., marquee) for creating selections and rectangle shapes. You can also resize the image using the Free Transform tool (a.k.a., vector tools). You can also click on the info icon and the shortcuts palette will open. This palette contains shortcuts for many tools.

The tool palette can be accessed from the top of the screen when you click on any tool. Click on the menus on the top and bottom of the tool palette for more options.

Step 1. To open the tool palette, select Window >> Tool Palette, or press Ctrl + T to open it.

Step 2. Click on any tool in the tool palette, and the tool tip will display the tool’s name.

Step 3. If you want to change the tool, click on the drop-down menu, and select a different tool. The Tool Palette is organized in a grid. You can either move the tools or re-order them by dragging and dropping tools to or from the grid.

Step 4. Clicking on the Info icon will display the shortcuts palette. The shortcuts palette contains shortcuts for most of the tools, or you can view and edit the shortcuts for individual tools. To open the shortcuts palette, click on the Info icon at the top right of the tool palette. If you are not sure how to do a shortcut, then you can also learn about it in the shortcuts section below.

Tools Palette in Photoshop Elements

Let’s look at the different tool options in the tool palette.


Pencil is the basic editing tool. It can be used to add details to the photo, erase, outline, draw curves, and resize the image.

Step 1. Open the tool palette by clicking on the top right of the tool palette. Click on Pencil from the tool palette.

Step 2. The pencil tool is split into two options.

The Pencil Tool (a.k.a. Paintbrush)

The pencil

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