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FIFA Creative Director Matt Booth talked with IGN Sports about EA Sports’ commitment to player realism, its new advancements in the digital realm, what FIFA has to offer for the players this year and the development of its new Passmaster AI technology.


Battle Athletes: Japan PS4, Xbox One – 08/04/18 8:10 AM PT

FIFA 22 has a few groundbreaking design philosophies behind it. Matt, how have the philosophies behind the game’s design and development changed, if at all, since the original FIFA released way back in 2005?

Booth: It’s very hard to say because they change all the time. When we’re making a game, it’s very, very challenging. If you look at the physics of the FIFA games, we’ve been made by our wonderful customer service engineering team that’s experts in physics. The great thing about the physics is they really do change every year. They change every year because we’re always getting more accurate data. If we had accurate data back then, we could’ve just added a little bit more subtlety. Now we can use that data to create much more sophisticated physics models.

There’s obviously a lot more technical refinements and optimizations in the underlying systems and programming. That’s really where we’ve got most of the improvements in the code in this year’s game. We can do more things in FIFA 22 than we could 20 years ago.

And it’s this combination of the technology and the passion of the player. The passion of the player is what tells us how to make it. The technology is really pushing it. For me, it’s the combination of technology and passion. If the passion is there, then it’s an easy process to take players to the next level and to the next step.

FIFA 22 Is A Huge Upgrade

Matt, did you find when you started the game’s development that all the data on FIFA 21 was accurate? How accurate has the data been in some areas, and what areas did you have to refine, or did you have to completely change the design of the game from what we saw in FIFA 21?

Booth: We do more work at the beginning of the development cycle than we think we need to. We literally design the game and the player experience for three or four years


Features Key:

  • Live the Dream as both a Manager and a Player
  • New Move the Ball Control in FIFA 22
  • New Player Abilities
  • New Settings and Features
  • Brand New Player Engine

Interactive Tutorial and Manage your Profile using the following links:

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FIFA is one of EA SPORTS’ best-selling franchises with over 100 million players. It is also one of the most beautiful sports video games around, as created by award-winning graphics engine DICE.

FIFA was created by two video game industry veterans from Maxis: Michael Thomas and Nick Burton. EA SPORTS is best known for its sports franchises; FIFA is its flagship game. As the player, you take on the role of one of 32 teams and compete in one of the game’s many modes. Your journey begins in Create a Player, where you craft your own players, as well as their skills. From there, you learn the game as you progress through your career in Club, Pro, or the brand new, non-pro mode, One to One.


14 teams to choose from (expandable in future)

Teams are comprised of players from around the world, each with a distinct look and feel

Revamped depth in franchise mode with new top-down games of your own, along with 3v3 matchups

Never before seen simulation of a wide variety of real-world leagues

Major improvements to the variety of shots and high intensity action on and off the field

Football has never looked better

Gameplay improvements

Practice mode delivers meaningful improvements to your player’s on-field performance

Soccer the Ultimate Team Mode puts your ability to sign world-class players to the ultimate test

Choose from an exciting array of match types with four players per team on the field for the most realistic action

Real-world career improvements for millions of people around the world

New Player Career Mode includes three new brand-new football careers for you to achieve

New Pro Career Mode for footballers looking to reach the pinnacle of the sport – a career in which you can earn up to €40,000,000 for your club

Over a hundred new tattoos to adorn your player’s body

In-depth character and player development system gives you the freedom to create your own footballer, including the ability to develop your player by choosing from over 150 traits

Players that have played the game in the past will notice that their save data will carry over to FIFA 22, giving you a fresh start and replayability

The Global Transfers Update will bring transfers and transfer fees to life like never before

The FIFA Player


Fifa 22

FUT is back, bigger and better than ever. Now you can construct your very own team to play and compete head-to-head online or in single-player Career mode for glory and accolades.

Football is about more than your foot and ball. Stay in the game with Football Manager Mobile, in which you’re in control of your very own Pro, manage your club, and compete with other players in high-speed matches. Also available on select mobile devices.

We’ve always believed in taking your passion and expertise to a higher level. In this respect, we’ve integrated global crowd behaviour, noise and atmosphere effects, real cameras and AI-controlled players so that every game becomes a true representation of your club and stadium on the pitch.

Our FIFA Ultimate Team App allows you to purchase packs of players to create a custom team, head-to-head against the players you love on the pitch, and gain custom rewards that can be redeemed on the go.

An exclusive dynamic between you and your Pro. In the new “Save Me the Player” feature, you can track an in-game Pro, play out a contract between you and your Pro, and engage in an epic battle.

Be it player appearances, salary increases, sponsorship deals or stadium expansions, dynamic deals help you turn the page on the issue at hand.

We’ve packed our update with over 100 improvements and fixes, including a new communications screen, redesigned matchday and transfer screens, improved ball physics, better controls, a new Pass Master feature, global crowd behaviour, and the addition of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean teams.

FIFA 2017 Highlight Video

FIFA Mobile

Like the FIFA franchise, FIFA Mobile brings the soccer experience to mobile. Developed by FIFA’s internal studio 2K, the game features a new Online Pass mode designed specifically for mobile phones and tablets, adding a social element to gameplay.![](medhist00087-0033.tif “scanned-page”){.31}

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

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