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Modbus OPC Server is an OPC server providing RTU, TCP and ASCII connections and supporting MODBUS functions. The server can be used to easily obtain the Internet addresses of MODBUS-compatible devices in a network, and to investigate their configuration.
It is intended for installation with Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise or Windows Server 2008 Datacenter.
In addition to Windows Server Operating System, Modbus OPC Server includes the following optional components:
• Extensible Service Facility (ESF)
• GetSystemInfo
• FreeRTOS
• Modbus ASCII Protocol (mbmodbus_ASCII)
For detailed information about each of these components, see their description pages.
Modbus OPC Server Features:
• COM Port support
• Session timeout
• Repetitive message handling
• Support for other MODBUS Protocol Versions
• Modbus RTU, TCP and ASCII Protocol
• MODBUS Device Description Report
• Modbus Function Description Report
• Modbus Transducer Report
• Modbus Service Status Report
• Features Support
• Support for other Transactions
• COM Port name: OPC Client Server
• Downloadable.EXE file
• Shipped with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP Protocol
• Default Service Settings
• Automatic Filter in Configuration View
• Automatic sorting of configuration sections
• Easy to use language
• Manage devices without an OPC client
Modbus OPC Server Installation:
Modbus OPC Server is provided with a total of ten configuration files which can be opened with the Setup Wizard, or by editing and saving a temporary.scm file (a text file).
Modbus OPC Server will attempt to open the configuration file that is most suitable for the connection type. For example, if Modbus RTU is selected, only.scm files ending with.msg will be listed in the Configuration View.
Furthermore, most of the default configuration parameters can be changed in the configuration files.
To begin, choose the appropriate configuration file with the Configuration View, select Edit, Set and Save, and then make the changes you require.
Modbus OPC Server.exe is provided with a temporary.scm file. Use this file to install the server program. Save it after installation, and place it in a folder in the user profile directory (C:\Users\[User name]).
Extensible Service Facility (ESF)
Essentially, ESF allows you to

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Configure Field the field is the sensor used to gather information. Name The name of this field within the OPC session. Status Status whether the field is displayed as a header, set as a range, or read from. Start Start the display of the start time of this field or set the clock of start time. Stop Stop the display of the start time of this field or set the clock of stop time. Read Read the value of this field. Set Set the value of this field.

Configure Range Set the range when this field is a range type. LeftThe left boundary value of the range. RightThe right boundary value of the range. Max The maximum value for the range. Min The minimum value for the range. MaxMin The actual maximum minimum value for the range.

Configure Define a label for your field, available in the configuration tree. If this field uses a tag, use the New Type button to find the label and create a new type for it.

The Modbus OPC client provides access to Modbus RTU, TCP, and ASCII protocols. It supports Modbus sensors, the MODBUS RTU protocol, as well as ISO 20000-series NEMA connectors and RS485-based sensors.
Moreover, OPC connectivity can be extended to COM ports and TCP connections, as well as several MODBUS functions (read, set, write, get, and scan).
The Modbus OPC client is intended to work with a wide range of devices, from basic input/output modules to full-featured controllers and automation applications. It supports MODBUS RTU protocol, as well as ISO 20000-series NEMA connectors and RS485-based sensors.
The Modbus OPC client is designed to facilitate data exchange between Modbus devices and OPC clients. It supports a variety of protocols, including Modbus RTU protocol (ISO/IEC 17020), Modbus TCP protocol, as well as the ASCII protocol.
Additionally, Modbus OPC client can be run as a standard Windows service. This feature makes it possible to add the OPC client application to your system startup, thus reducing the time required to configure Modbus OPC client.
By default, the Modbus OPC client is designed to find the connected devices automatically. However, you can manually select the devices to connect to. The program is compatible with a number of OPC clients, including Excel, MS Office, QMaster, Simatic WinSolt, Val

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Innovation, flexibility and reliability: the 3 key points of MODBUS
MODBUS is a set of open protocols that can be used to connect devices from simple devices to full-featured controllers and telemetries.
MODBUS is currently used with over 20 years of experience in the industrial environment.
MODBUS is currently used with over 20 years of experience in the industrial environment.
Find details in English and in our other Languages.
There are many Modbus devices supported by this software (see a complete list below).
This version allows us to search for each connected device.
And also allows us to add a new network device or to search for existing devices with no configuration required.
Search for new devices (Automated device management)
Search for existing devices (Real-time monitoring)
Synchronize OPC Server with existing client (Automated device management)
Do not synchronize OPC Server with existing clients
Modbus OPC server automatically download a local configuration for each device that has been connected to the system.
This is done by using a unique information from each device connected to the OPC SERVER. This information is used to fill the individual configuration file, which contains the settings for each device.
In addition, this configuration can be saved to a file and later imported, if necessary, to synchronize this configuration with the OPC Server software.
Save configuration file
Save configuration file
The OPC server is no need to be opened in order to access its configuration.
OPC configuration is saved in the text file that is located on the target device.
Configuration can be accessed anytime by clicking on “Settings”.
Configuration is available in a relative path.
Configuration file can be exported to CSV format.
Cater for network devices, serial devices, modbus devices and more
Supports multiple protocols (RTU, TCP, ASCII, EEPROM)
Supports Modbus RTU, TCP, ASCII and EEPROM
Supports multiple communication channels (Serial, parallel, Modbus RF, Serial, Serial RS485, TCP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus ASCII, Modbus EEPROM, Modbus TCP RF, TCP/IP)
View list of connected devices
View list of connected devices and easily add new devices
Synchronize OPC Server with existing clients
Modbus OPC server also has a unique feature. This feature allows synchronizing the OPC server

What’s New In Modbus OPC Server?

The Modbus OPC server communicates to and from your computer in real time. Modbus OPC server simplifies device communication by allowing you to connect industrial controllers, process modules and instrumentation over a network, allowing you to manage, monitor and control these devices remotely, ensuring a secure and scalable approach.

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