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MoonFM brings all your favorite podcasts to one place. Discover new podcasts and add them to your podcasts playlists. Subscribe to podcasts directly from MoonFM and get new episodes automatically. Favorites, favorites, favorites — mark your episodes as favorites and get all the best episodes in your stream right there! Browse through hundreds of thousands of episodes and find the best shows in a variety of categories. Stream radio (Internet radio) shows or listen to your favorite internet radios. From nearly 40,000 podcasts, MoonFM gives you a customized feed of your favorite podcasts. This app is ad-free and doesn’t collect your data. No banner ads, no in-app purchase required. Features: • Easily browse and search through Podcasts from the app’s Discover, Featured and Previous tabs. • Add podcasts to your playlists or library directly from the app using OPML files. • Discover new podcasts, shows or Internet radios directly from the app’s Discover tab. • Create and listen to playlists directly from the app. • Customize the MoonFM app through the use of three color themes, three sound options and an equalizer. • Fast episodes streaming speed and intelligent play resumption. • Easily search through a list of favorite podcasts and subscribe to them using RSS or OPML. • Import your OPML and RSS subscriptions from various other podcast aggregators. • Mark episodes as favorites and get all the best episodes in your stream right there. • Stream a global Internet radio playlist using the powerful and customizable MoonFM equalizer. • Keep up with podcasts even when MoonFM is not running. • Listen to your iPod/iPhone using AirPlay and the app’s network stream. • Subscribe to more than 80 podcasts on the iTunes store and automatically get new episodes in your stream. • Add Internet radio stations to your Favorites list and play them directly in the app. • Create custom subsets of specific shows for easier navigation. • Navigate through hundreds of thousands of Podcast episodes. • Listen to episodes from a variety of categories such as Business, Comedy, Sports, Cooking, Gaming, Religion and news. • Choose between Podcasts, Shows, Radio stations and internet radios to fit your listening style. • Listen to Podcasts in an easy-to-use, streamlined format using the MoonFM app. • Use the flexible equalizer to customize the sound of

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Landslide Podcasts. All in one. #PodcastRecruitment #MoonFM What is Moon FM? Moon FM is an easy-to-use podcast app that allows you to discover, search and subscribe to podcasts. You can browse categories and listen to podcast episodes from all over the world. Discover new podcasts and add them to your playlist. Moon FM Features: •Search and discover podcasts in categories and subcategories •Browse Internet radio shows and listen from all over the world •Subscribe to podcasts through RSS, OPML and direct from the application •Listen to podcast episodes and podcasts offline •Mark and favorite podcasts •Change the interface color by choosing a color theme •Listen to podcasts using a wide range of playback speeds •Listen to podcasts using the Moon FM equalizer •Play with sound frequencies using our own equalizer •Listen to podcasts from all over the world by choosing a country What is Moon FM used for? •Use Moon FM to discover podcasts •Use Moon FM to search for podcasts •Use Moon FM to subscribe to podcasts MoonFM adds podcast search and discovery, but you can also explore the web Use MoonFM to find podcasts on the internet Use MoonFM to search the web for podcasts MoonFM makes it easy to subscribe to new podcasts from across the web MoonFM now includes podcast search and discovery, as well as internet radio MoonFM now includes our podcast search and discovery feature Discover podcasts and subscribe to new podcasts on the web MoonFM’s podcast search and discovery will help you find new podcasts. Now, you can also listen to online radio stations throughout the web, as well. Discover new podcasts and subscribe to them using MoonFM MoonFM’s search and discovery feature has been significantly enhanced. Now, we can help you find new podcasts from across the web. Open MoonFM and search for podcasts. MoonFM: New Podcasts Discover new podcasts and subscribe to them through MoonFM. Listening to the podcasts you choose MoonFM Podcast Search MoonFM Podcasts Listen to other podcasts on MoonFM MoonFM Podcasts MoonFM Podcasts is the simplest way to listen to your favorite podcasts from all over the web. MoonFM Podcasts MoonFM Podcasts is the best podcast discovery and listening app for Android, iOS and PC. Subscribe to new podcasts on the web and listen to them offline MoonFM: Listen aa67ecbc25

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Moon FM is a podcast app that helps you discover great new podcasts and get the news, music and audio in your life. No matter what you’re into—from interviews with sci-fi authors and filmmakers to reports on trends in the home-brewing world, Moon FM has what you’re looking for. Launch TVShow whenever you want to, even while the app is in the background. Get local and international TV shows, breaking news, audio, music and sports. Moon FM also makes it easy to find the shows you love by curating channels from your favorite shows, channels and radio stations. Moon FM Features: ✔️ Download podcasts and subscribe to shows that matter to you. ✔️ Search, browse, follow and subscribe to podcasts from over 30,000 shows. ✔️ Favorite a show, episode or radio station and keep track of your listening history. ✔️ Follow your favorite shows and discover new ones. ✔️ Set up your favorite shows and podcasts as channels and listen to music and sports radio 24/7. ✔️ And much more! Top 25 Best Apps for Android Mobile Phone 2017 Free Download [100% Working] WordPress Themes Free WordPress Themes List 2017 – Android Apps WordPress is the most popular Open Source Website Content Management System (CMS) around. The software allows Web developers and designers to build websites and blogs with WordPress. To create a website, designers must have the knowledge of both HTML and CSS to manipulate WordPress’ CMS. If you need a short description of what WordPress is, you can tell the software is based on the CMS because there is a web page name where you enter information and options like; New post, Home, Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Archives. When I say WordPress is very powerful because it actually has more features that you can’t even understand. That’s why I’ve created this list to help you find the best free WordPress themes and tell you why I chose them. You’ll find that some themes are only meant for beginner or even for personal use, and others are for every budget. I have no problem sharing my findings with you, that’s why I created this list. Also, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think. Finally, here’s a little bonus tip. If you don’t have your favorite theme already, then

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Moon FM is a podcast aggregator and internet radio streamer. It will search and aggregate related and popular news, talk, sports and entertainment podcasts across the web. Moon FM Features: * Browse by category, sub-category and Podcast directory * With Moon FM you can: * Subscribe to Podcasts and listen on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and PC * Listen to Internet Radio stations around the World * Record and listen to your favorite podcasts * Help build and curate a podcast archive * View the ratings and discussions of a Podcast * Manage and listen to your favorite Podcasts – even while offline * Add a podcast to your folder,favorite, subscribe and play * Backup your Podcast list and listen to them offline and sync later * Set reminders * Rate podcasts * Enjoy a clean and intuitive interface * Fast search and results * Copy and move podcast or episode to a favorite * History/listening list * Advanced equalization * Search and play by title, url and category Cyber Tips That May Save You From Your Online Battleship Hack Cyber Tips That May Save You From Your Online Battleship Hack The popular board game of the 20th century has now been digitized, and now, you don’t need to own a landline to play. We’ve all been tempted by the constant barrage of ads on social media. Well, now it’s your turn to be honest, because sometimes we feel like we are addicted to the Internet. Companies wanting to make money online have to continually test the loyalty of the user. They constantly need to find methods to stay on the right side of the law by testing different types of ads that better target users. For instance, testing can sometimes be done by seeing what works best in certain social media sites. In the end, the theory is pretty simple: if you do something wrong, you pay for it. This includes anything you’re doing on the Internet such as using a hidden tool, looking for unauthorised information, installing a trojan, etc. All of these are things that can seriously jeopardise your security. There’s a huge difference between having a back door into your home compared to having one in your bank. If you have a free time then you can watch for a free hour-long webinar from the Electronic Frontier Foundation on this subject, or simply read the article, “

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Minimum: OS: 64-bit version of Windows 7 Processor: Dual-core i5 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 3000/AMD HD 4000 Storage: 8 GB available space Additional: DirectX 12 Recommended: OS: 64-bit version of Windows 10 Processor: Dual-core i7 or more Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD HD 7970 Additionalπcon-picture-converter-crack-license-key-full/

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