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Cheese is a lightweight program designed to help you take screenshots. It has a simple interface with few options, and it doesn’t offer many features. Concept Cheese is a simple program with a minimal, no-frills interface. It is easy to use, but is limited in terms of features. Benefit Cheese is a very lightweight program for taking screen captures. Installation/Uninstallation/Update: It works just like a typical launcher, you don’t need to install a separate application. After installation: Cheese is already in your system. It does not show up in the menu. Click it to start the program. Then, from the menubar, you can choose which output format you wish to save your screen shots in, and select your thumbnail scale. Let’s say you want to save it in JPG format, as its default, then you click on that option in the menu. Then, you can choose the directory you want to save your file in, and a default name for the saved file. If you want to save it in a different format than JPG, for instance PNG, then you will see two options “Save as…” and “Open…” in the menu. Save as is your last option. Tutorials Here is a step by step instructions of how to use the program: Open Cheese, then click on the menu button to select a new folder. Then, click on “New” to create a new folder. Right click on the destination folder you wish to save your screenshots in, and select “New folder here”. Name the folder what you want and save it. You can stop the screenshot from the menu. You can choose different type of thumbnails, i.e. the default size or any other. You can also change the quality. Click on the folder to have it displayed on the desktop. You can move it to the trash bin, too. Click on the main window of cheese to start the capture. Click on “PrtScn” to start the capture. Similar software: Screen Shot Supervisor 1.0 Screen Shot Supervisor allows you to take multiple screen shots of your desktop, within a well-organized and convenient directory. 7 free size: 4.7 MB Stardock Screenshot Viewer 1.0 Stardock Screenshot Viewer takes your screenshot

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Cheese is a simple application which offers users the ability to take a snapshot of their entire screen. Its interface is rather simple and understated, and the utility supports a limited number of output formats. Main features: • Capture an entire screen, or just a specific area • Capture screen shots at desired FPS (frames per second) • Compress or compress to.jpeg,.png, and.bmp file formats • Save screen shot images at multiple sizes • Choose from a list of preset screen sizes Seems to be a decent screenshot application. It’s nice to have an application dedicated to just taking snapshots of your desktop screen, and this utility supports many of the possible outputs. They’re all available in the full screen mode or the screenshot mode. The screenshot mode brings a feature to select the area you want to capture. I’m impressed with the interface, it’s simple and straightforward. The only drawback is the out of date features. It could be a better experience for the user by having more options, customizing the shortcut etc. Some of the options are not available, making it an unimpressive application. Additional features: • Screen and Window screen capture • Configurable shortcuts • Support for multiple output formats:.jpeg,.png, and.bmp • Customize screen size • Export to disk using multiple file formats:.jpeg,.png, and.bmp • Compress screen shot size • Compress screen shots • Can crop screen shots Solid screenshot capture application with nice interface The program has a lot of capabilities. It’s main screen capture tool is just the thing you need if you want to take a snap shot of a screen. It can take a screensreenshot of a window, the entire desktop, or just a specific area. You can compress the image into one of a few different jpg, png, or bmp format. There is also an option to customise the screenshot quality. The only downside is that it is quite buggy. I’ve had to restart the computer once for the program to work properly. I’d recommend this application for anyone who needs something to take a screenshot of their computer screen. Additional features: • Capture window screenshot • Capture entire desktop • Customize screen size • Export to disk using multiple file formats:.jpeg,.png, and.bmp • Compress screen shot size 2f7fe94e24

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If you would like to capture your desktop, Photoscape is a simple, free screen capture utility that allows you to take multiple images in multiple sizes, generate PDF files, print your captures, or e-mail them to a friend. Photoscape is a versatile application that has been around for several years. It is not only used for desktop captures, but it also functions as a good web and graphic editing tool. It’s interface is fairly intuitive and is very easy to use. Features unlimited captures You can take multiple images at once, and the ability to select between multiple sizes makes it easy to capture different screen dimensions. These images can be saved as a file, e-mailed, printed, embedded within a PowerPoint presentation, saved to a memory card or viewed in a PDF. You can also customise what you want to appear in each image, such as the desktop wallpaper or your currently-selected application, and export any of these to the clipboard as HTML code. A helpful feature that few screen capture applications offer Photoscape also functions as a good graphic editor and can edit and manipulate images and PDF files using a simple user interface. You can crop, rotate, apply filters and use a variety of drawing tools to craft a stylish JPEG, PNG or PDF image. You can create hi-res images, and it can even work as a background or save your images in RAW format to enable you to modify them later. Unfortunately, there are some limitations. While you can create a very wide range of images and save them to a memory card, you cannot export directly to PSP, WMV, AVI or MPEG. It is also important to note that you cannot easily change the name of the image, and you cannot capture any other applications on your screen. Although it’s not a feature that you would expect from a screen capture application, Photoscape does support the Mac Screen Grabber, which allows you to access your screen in a similar manner to that of Microsoft’s Snipping Tool. Free universal screen capture utility that has a number of useful features Photoscape can capture images in a wide variety of sizes and is also capable of rendering the screen into a PDF file. It includes useful features such as automatic screen capture and multiple image cropping. You can also create previews of your captures and export them to various formats, including a TIF, PDF or JPEG. The program is compatible with a variety of operating systems, and can be accessed on both Windows and Mac platforms. It

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Cheese – is a small program with which you can take a fast snapshot of your Desktop. It’s very easy to use – you just select the area of your screen that you want to capture – right click and press “Save as…” You can save in PNG or JPG format and have pre-configured Save as sizes as well. You can also save just one image at a time (and more) by pressing the hotkey PrtScn. You can export your images to your clipboard and to your photo album. You can even exclude them from the clipboard. Cheese Requirements: • Windows 98 or Windows Me or higher • 1 GB RAM or higher (32-bit or 64-bit) • 300 MB available disk space Cheese Screenshot Image Editor is a easy tool which allows you to get a screenshot image in different sizes, as well as edit or add it any kind of picture. The free desktop screenshot capture tool! CheeseScreenshot Image Editor allows you to capture screenshot images in different formats such as JPG and PNG. The tool supports standard sizes or you can define your own image size. Cortona Deluxe is all about fast and easy screenshot capture, adding effects like shadow and blur and exporting images to the clipboard or sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email. TinyScrenshot Manager is a lightweight software utility used to take screen shots and save images to a folder. It is also possible to print them to a local printer. The application supports various video filters, allowing you to customize images before exporting them. When you snap your finger or press a key, a snapshot of your desktop is saved to your computer. There are a number of ways to customize the image or set it up to automatically capture your desktop every X seconds. This program will save your screen to the clipboard as a PNG image. You can even save HTML formatted text to the clipboard and load it as a template in MS Word or another program. Web Screen Snapshot is a program that lets you take a snapshot of any area of your screen. You can view the snapshot like an image that can be saved to your hard drive or e-mailed to another computer. The program saves snapshots in GIF and BMP format, allowing you to save the image to your computer’s hard drive, a floppy disk, CD-Rom, portable media drive, web site or e-mail. Desktop Screen Capture is a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better Memory: 2GB Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 Hard Drive: 20GB available space DirectX: 9.0c Internet: Broadband connection, with download/upload speeds of at least 512Kbps. A 9.0c – DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, monitor, sound card, speakers, and

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