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PSIonic is a dual band stereo imaging VST that supports accurate and artifact-free stereo field manipulation.
It can generate natural sounding pan sweeps of stereo material that sound full even when panned hard over, yet still retain a high degree of mono compatibility.
The ideal tool for panning loops and samples: the built in crossover allows you to separate bass from vocals and other instruments.







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PSIonic is designed from the ground up to be feature complete and easy to use.
The built-in crossover allows you to separate stereo material into its associated bass and vocals to pan them in stereo, while maintaining the integrity of the other instruments.

PSIonic supports EXS24 and Supercollider-compatible plugins, using the built-in Tempo matching engine.
PSIonic is a stereo-imaging plugin that:
Generates two sound sources from a single stereo input.
Provides a robust set of controls that provide perfect stereo panning of a stereo material without creating artifacts.
Supports all formats of source material with no dynamic processing.
Uses the built-in stereo field engine which is independent of phase.
Performs delta cross-fades (resets) naturally and with appropriate low-latency and frequency response.
Preserves natural and minimizes processing artifacts, especially at high volumes.
• Switchable output: Mono to Stereo and Stereo to Mono
• Input and Output Channels for Stereo Sources (or any Number of Sources)
• Stereo Pan and Cross-fade Controls.
• Input Pan and Cross-fade Controls for Stereo Sources
• Built-in Signal Processor Technology for Image Synchronization.
• Selectable Crossover – For a true stereo panning plugin, use the built-in crossover
• EXS24 compatibility.
• Built in engine: works on all digital audio formats
• Uses no processing at all for mono files
• A tempo engine synchronizes panning to the tempo of the material.
• Robust algorithm for avoiding artifacts in high volumes
• Dynamic Processing is disabled and will provide the natural performance.
• In addition to panning, PSIonic can control the output level of the two panes.
• Provide additional FX and delays.
• An instrument API which allows you to dynamically layer instruments such as Drums and Guitars in real time.
• Support for Instruments from both plug-ins and stand-alone instrument programs.

The PSIonic I/O components (Input/Output Channels and Pan/Cross-fade Controls) are not part of the standard version but can be added in the form of separate UI plug-ins (see “Additional Info” button for details).
The full version supports stereo material in both the input and output channels.
The plugin version supports mono material in the input and stereo material in

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– A mono compatible tool. Stereo signals are delivered in both full mono and stereo versions.
– A 5 position crossover. Allows you to bring the two panned channels closer together or keep them apart
– Built in MP3 Encoder. Use the stereo outputs from the plugin for an active stereo panning situation.
– 2 Outputs and 1 input. A full stereo signal runs into the inputs. The outputs can be used to drive a stereo mix or send a pan sweep signal back into the input.
– Built in Analogue Signal path. Select between the built in hardware connection and using a direct connection to the ‘Analogue In’ port on your audio interface.
– Onboard user definable pan sweep profiles. This feature allows you to configure PSIonic to generate pan sweeps in any direction and with any speed.
– Configurable sweep control: left and right slope, sweep width, position etc. PSIonic has a high degree of control to tweak every setting.
– Configurable pan channel: you can use either the left or right channel or both.
– Single Band Stereo: PSIonic can also process mono signals in stereo. Mono filtered signals can be used in a two pan mix.
– Configurable Filter: The filter on the pan sweeps can be set to an analogue type or it can be an audiophile grade digital filter.
– Memory bank: A multi-channel (up to 256 simultaneous) bank of presets from which you can call up a pan sweep with just a single keypress. It stores settings for up to 24 voice and 24 crossovers.
– Configurable Sweep / Crossover profile: the crossover and sweep slope, even the speed and direction of the sweep can be user configurable.
– ‘Autopan Mode’: Once you’ve set your sweep you can simply hold down any key and the plugin will autopan around the sound.
– Two position (PAS) pole (Pan acoustic Space): PSIonic supports PCM and DTS formats. This allows you to extend or compress the stereo image without a digital signal loss.
– Topology: The system can be viewed as a hybrid of a panner and a polarizer, with the stereo image being the source of its polarising effects.
– Layer: PSIonic can be placed as a effect in a stereo chain or as a sub effect of a mono source.
– Works with any MIDI controller with MIDI to CV in/out functionality. This includes standard

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PSIonic is a state of the art stereo imaging VST plugin for popular DAWs.

Distortion free summing
This allows you to create a virtually distortion free sum of all your stereo sources.
By controlling the locations of the panning and the level of the output you have control of
how smooth the audio will become. It will never become harsh or hard to hear.

Flexible panning capabilities
PSIonic is very flexible in its panning capabilities. You can pan and level track
independently. You can even control each channel independently on a stereo track.
The controls can be customized to your needs.

Very fast response
PSIonic is fast when it comes to pans and even faster when it comes to cuts. If you want the best quality of audio then it is more important than ever that you use a VST plugin that is fast. PSIonic is.

Stereo imaging
PSIonic can simulate a 3.1 mix using the summed analog sum signal. This makes it especially useful for panning vocals and other elements.

What are my settings?
For the best results try to understand what your working with. PSIonic comes with a display that shows you the bass and mid level signals.

The functions of the panel
The right-click menu has several functions:
Play: for easy access of the various Play functions. You can set the fade in/out of the play dialog by using the settings on the right hand side.

Views: using the front panel you can view what your working with. Playback view displays your sound at the BPM. Your can play as normal.

Show spectrum view: Show the stereo spectrum of the sound by using the front panel. You can also chose to only view the mid and bass frequency range.

Presets: The Presets panel contains several useful presets for various needs. There are presets for recording, mixing, monitoring and general work.

Blue: Currently fixed volume pan set to right.

Green: Currently fixed volume pan set to left.

White: Currently fixed volume pan set to center.

Red: Currently fixed volume pan set to balanced, or center.

Up: Pan left.

Down: Pan right.

Left: Lengthen bass on left.

Right: Lengthen bass on right.

Off: Play monophonic sound from center.

What’s New in the?

2/4 ADSR with 10 dB rate, Position/Pan, Pan/Tilt, Crossover Delay, and Routing, 8 bit precision
One of the most important new features PSIonic brings to audio mixing is Stereo Imaging.

OK, this is a stupid question, but I seem to have forgotten the order in which I installed the plugins. All the plugins look to be in the correct folder;
C:\Program Files\Sony\Peak Today\PSIonic\plugin\modeid_plugin\plugins
The plugin I want to have working first is :
C:\Program Files\Sony\Peak Today\PSIonic\plugin\modeid_plugin\plugins\Mozilla/FF\plugins\iridist_plugin
I am running VST 3.6 and Mac OSX 10.6.

IF anyone could help me out with this problem or point me to a readme file that has troubleshooting information, it would be appreciated.

I cannot get a Cross Layer to “Work”, I get “Access violation in _wepAppWrite_ on line… All is good for each of the other sample types.
I am getting the same results using either an OBJ file for the image I create or a.jpg.
It seems to be wierd error to me. I am getting it on both my windows 7 machine and my mac, but I don’t think it is making any difference since I am doing exactly the same thing.
I am playing with with it because it is getting confused between PSIonic and OpenBCI and I cannot seem to get it to work correctly.

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this.
I keep getting this error message when starting the Cross Layer plugin “This plugin has not been installed correctly. Another plugin has been installed with the same extension name.”
I have been Googling but without success. Does anyone know anything about this issue?

Hey everybody.
I found this website to be really helpful. I use ZynaddsubFX and I like to have my FX plugins in a separate folder so I don’t have to copy them everywhere.
Problem is I can’t seem to get my current folder structure to work. I’m new to programming and I’ve been reading up on it.
I’m having no trouble with the ZynaddsubFX folders being in the same folder as the

System Requirements:

Mac OS X:
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