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Ever since the planet “Tarnish” that we are from has been ravaged by the corruptness of its ruler, the powerful Tarnished Lord, we have lost our peace and security, and there is no other way we can survive and keep breathing than the sword.

In the Lands Between, we are the remaining Tarnished that are liberated from the once-swaying rule of Tarnish and are now fighting a perilous battle to protect our everyday lives.

We roam the endless vistas of the Lands Between in a world filled with monsters that seek to end our life. The challenge of this desolate world spreads joy to us, and we fight on endlessly, enduring the unholy power of the monsters that seek to kill us.

As the legendary Elden Lord, we must choose a worthy successor for the title of Elden Lord, keeping the reputation of the Elden Ring, and begin to fight together.


Please forgive our regret for the following issue regarding the game delivery. There was a situation where shipment was delayed in the facilities of the publisher, and therefore the game was delayed. We apologize for this and hope you will forgive us.

On March 30th, 2018, we will be releasing the game for the PS4 computer entertainment system that was released in the Americas. This is a limited version of the original version and will not be able to download any previously purchased content. If you would like to check out the limited version of the game before the rest of the world, please register your PSN account to

While we are very sorry for the delay, we apologize to those who have been waiting patiently. The game will be fully playable on the PS4 system on March 30th in Japan, so we hope that you can wait a little bit longer.

Thank you for your understanding.

In the light of all the concerns that you have expressed on this matter, we are prepared to offer the following explanations.

1. The error that occurred was at the time of operations for the shipment of the game. Due to long working hours that we imposed on ourselves, we were not able to prepare the game for shipment on time. It was an unfortunate error, and therefore the delay of the game is to be expected.

2. Moreover, the shipment


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Legend: The main game features Jin (the main character) and his story of saving the Lands Between from the evil Dolgar.
  • Branching Adventure: The main story that you follow will change every time you play, telling the ultimate legend of Jin and Dolgar. Create your own story, achieving unique outcomes even if you play a second time!
  • Six Classes with Unique Abilities: With a variety of classes to choose from in Elden Ring, a skilled fighter or a magical spellcaster will be able to enjoy a seamless experience. In addition to brandishing the full power of the Elden Ring, a new class has been added to each class to enjoy new exciting features.
  • A Vast World Full of Uncertainty: Instead of traveling in a direction, Jin will be able to travel to any location on the map by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen. As his exploration continues, a new journey will be presented on top of the previous one, as Jin encounters new environments and challenges.
  • Customizable Appearance: Jin’s appearance will change as you take on quests. His face, hairstyle, hairstyle, attire, and more will change as you explore the Lands Between.
  • An Epic Drama Full of Characters: Jin, Dolgar, and a number of characters with unique characteristics and traits make up the new story, a new world full of emotions and thrilling events to discover.
  • Automobile Caravan: Caravans are vehicles that enemies launch to confuse Jin during the exploration to steal important items such as magic powder, and provide checkpoints. In a sense, caravans act as a guide to help you get to the next town, saving money on transportation for Jin.

    Elden Ring features a Focus UI:

    • Focus UI: The screen is divided into four quadrants – located on the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. In the bottom left section, where Jin is moving, an icon is displayed with the action you can


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      • Choose Your Hero and Your Character
      Select one of four classes: Warrior, Wizard, Rogue, and Mage. Depending on your character class, you can choose from weapon and armor sets that have unique traits.
      • Battle with Intuitive Controls and Enable the Voice Chat Function
      By pressing the commands assigned to each of your four buttons, you will seamlessly perform basic, powerful attacks and evade enemy attacks.
      • 3D Battles with Freely Combination of Attacks
      By pressing the correct attack button, the game will display a 3D graphic of the damage and special effects you will achieve, and it will change according to the enemy’s defense.
      • Encore Raiding
      During the raid, you can spend resources to perform powerful attacks. When you reach the maximum limit of 3, you will obtain a piece of equipment called an accessory.

      The content of the story mode is the story of a lifetime, a large number of characters with fascinating stories, and a large number of things that take place across a vast world.

      • Adventure in New Dungeons
      When you reach level 30, a certain number of new dungeons are available.
      • Single-Player Game
      When you enter a dungeon, you will be able to freely play through the story with or without a partner.

      The main story of the world awaits you. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      * You can set a partner of an opposite sex in offline mode. You can also set a partner in online mode. (The online mode is only available when the co-op mode is selected at the “share the same PS4” option.)
      * Switch the screens of the “PS4 Controller” and “Gamepad” can be changed.
      * The “Share the same PS4” function is only available in the “Multiplayer” mode.Zhang Yimou

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      Early life and education
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      What’s new:

      EPIC ARMOR THE GOLDEN FLEECE: A costume that represents the ultimate in protective and fashionable armor. You can also equip powerful weapons to strike the enemies with devastating force. 
      FIGHTESPIRIT: A powerful magic that allows you to make your arms change to spears and reach the peak of your power.
      WEAPONS: Any of the weapons that you can equip in the world can be equipped in your character with various effects, level, and properties. 
      BOWS: Shoot deadly projectiles that can hit multiple enemies at once.
      STORMS: An elemental magic that lets you use water and fire attack with extraordinary force.


      In the Land Between between the Dead and the Living, the Elden Demesnes are the centers of talent and a life-extension experiment in the most profound of dungeons.

      The Elden Demesnes
      The best and newest of dungeons of the land.

      The only dungeons left, after sweeping away the powerful beings who appeared in the world, are new mega dungeons with numerous layers and eerie labyrinths. Some are full of countless enigmas and massive dungeons, while others have the most amazing and epic-sounding stories.

      About HOW YOU PLAY

      This game will be heavily story-driven. You will not only fight the monsters at the time of their appearance, but you will meet up with your friends while fighting against enemies together. As for weapons, you will be able to combine virtually any weapon. Even if you are using what looks like a basic sword, you can be as powerful as even a 12. It is very important to choose your weapons carefully, because your effects, efficiency, and attributes will change according to your weapon type.

      In the story that unfolds while you are playing the game, you will find yourself caught up in the middle of an unprecedented struggle between the godly beings and the titanic powers that you are going to fight with. There are both good and bad sides to what is about to transpire and you will encounter adventures that will be hard to repeat or


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