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The vintage string machine sound is one of the most powerful and loved sound of the analog synthesizers. The Vintage String Machine (Virtual String Machine) records the analog guitar and bass signal by the real guitarist and with a bit of digital enhancement is transformed into a warm bass sound, with the natural resonance of the human voice. The Vintage String Machine comes with a variety of effects like Phaser, filter, chorus, reverb, delays, flange and a re-sampled version of the original guitar and bass signal. Features Vintage Strings MkII Serial Key ■ Two sample format “VST” for Windows ■ DSP effects such as chorus, flanger, distortion, reverb and delay. ■ Re-sampled version of the original guitar and bass signals ■ Retunes classic guitar and bass acoustic strings ■ Able to re-map presets or create new presets ■ Two built-in presets ■ Able to sync the presets with a MIDI time signature ■ Multiple sounds that are nearly endless ■ Mute the virtual strings when desired ■ Increase the volume of the virtual strings Vintage Strings MkII, like its name, is one of the easiest and most creative VSTi ever developed. The newest Vintage Strings MkII is not only one of the most realistic VSTi instruments available, it’s also my favorite on the market right now. If you need to take your production to the next level and you want some of the best sounds available out there, we’ve got you covered. With Vintage Strings MkII you’ll get thousands of fresh sounds and you will be free to create your own sounds with ease. With Vintage Strings MkII, you get the same sounds and sounds and sounds … with a big difference. The difference is that Vintage Strings MkII lets you re-map presets. I mean, really, take a look at the big difference, the two expressions. Vintage Strings MkII, literally, sounds as good as the original string machines. With Vintage Strings MkII you can make sounds that are so rich and lush that you’ll be hooked for the rest of your career. In fact, it’s so easy that you might want to get started with Vintage Strings MkII, you can get started with Vintage Strings MkII even if

Vintage Strings MkII

■ 8 Strings with Ambience, with high-fidelity emulation of the vintage string machines ■ 7 Chorus settings ■ 4 Reverb settings ■ Pedal Bend Space (3/16/1) ■ MIDI input capability ■ P/S/M (polyphonic/serial/midi) and D/A/D send/receive option ■ 64 Midi channels ■ 8 Per-Note midi selectable ■ Vocal – for vocal or keyboard arpeggiator ■ Tremolo – for chord arpeggiator ■ MIDI CC: 16: note on and note off channel 16 Download Demo – _______________________________________________ SilentLine Pro ( is a powerful multi-platform (Windows, OSX, iOS) instrument that contains a broad range of synth features. In a similar fashion to the venerable Moog and Roland classic synths, SilentLine Pro faithfully emulates many of the in-demand properties of the classic synthesizers. Toggle RM: When playing a note and release the key, Silent Line will play a reversed repeat sample of the note. Toggle RP: When playing a note and release the key, Silent Line will play a re-pitched repeat sample of the note. MIDI: Silent Line is connected to your host computer via the MIDI in and out ports. Users can control the synth parameters via their preferred host application or MIDI controller. Instant Power: Silent Line has a built-in battery that allows you to power the synth without a power adapter. Supports all Keyboards Supports all Strings Variable Attenuation: adjust the volume of the notes (range -15 – 5) Chord Mode: Creates a chord of a certain number of notes (from 1 to 8) “Doubble Controllers” for use with Ableton Live and Apple Logic:L-Trig, HH-Trig, and HP-Trig will send the current note pitch or wave to other tracks in the same MIDI channel. Symmetrical Keyboards. Tremolo with adjustable Rate and Depth Tremolo with delay feature Tremolo Pitch Bend, while playing with chord buttons or 2f7fe94e24

Vintage Strings MkII Crack+ Activation (Updated 2022)

Vintage Strings MkII includes 16 high quality string presets. Each preset has its specific sound and settings, from warm string instruments, realistic string machines, resonant string machines and ethnic string machines. Each preset has a dedicated chorus section and a reverb section, and most of them have an additional modulation section as well. The settings in Vintage Strings MkII are saved to a user customizable config.ini file. In addition, Vintage Strings MkII has a visual interface for tweaking the settings and choosing presets, plus 16 drumkit presets that provide realistic drums, synths, bass and guitars sounds. Drumkits: – Single drumkit with total 16 sections – Customizable tap tempo – Customizable drum shots – Acoustic sound – Reverb – Effects – MIDI Learn – MIDI Track Learn – MIDI Clock Sync – Autofill – MIDI Sysex – Customizable drum keys – Logarithmic attack – Linear attack – Decay – Sustain Drums: – Snares – High hats – Tom – Kicks – Hi-hats – Claps – Open hi-hats – Closed hi-hats – Closed and open toms – Cymbals – Bongos – Ride cymbals – Closed/open crash cymbals – Ride and Crash cymbals – Closed and open bells – Bells – Horns – Flutes – Clarinets – Saxophones Gongs: – Gong – Side-gong – Morning bell – Day bell – Night bell – Tibetan chimes Other Percussions: – Chinese temple bells – Coconut shells – Guiro – Bulbul – Japanese temple bell – Wooden blocks – Chinese temple gong – Woodblock – Natural slate – Natural slate block – Sheet metal – Wood block – Sheet metal block – Acoustic stone – Trash can – Fire place – Thunder drum – Pepper shaker – Drum pad – Ledge – Squeaker – Guiro – Bells – Air cracker – Pipe organ – Sleigh bells – Toothed wheel Chorus: – Tape (Reel) – Tape (Loop) – Tape (Capped) – Shaker

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This is a virtual analog string machine instrument with a simple interface that allows you to easily create your own sounds. The design concept of Vintage Strings MkII was to recreate the rich warm sound of analog string machines, which are one of the most iconic instruments of all time. This VSTi perfectly recreates the classic string machines like Oberheim, Roland, ARP Odyssey, as well as the string machines from Yamaha (RN-90, CS-80, DX7, CT-99), which are all included in Vintage Strings MkII. Vintage Strings MkII has two oscillators, two envelope generators and one LFO, together with four channels of delay, chorus and reverb, respectively. There is also a mixer and noise generator. Swell Out Stereo Chorus Vintage Strings MkII has two stereo chorus sections that can be independently processed and switched between. The duration of the chorus can be manually or automatically controlled by the LFO. If you want to keep a short stereo chorus, then you have to set the LFO rate as fast as possible. If you want a wide stereo chorus, then decrease the LFO rate. You can control the depth, voicing, and panning of the chorus in a similar way. You can also control the stereo width of the chorus section by the LFO rate. The audio output of the chorus can be routed to the aux send. Vintage Strings MkII has also added another stereo chorus section and another mixer for the reverb. This means that you can make a chorus effect by the following way: ■ Oscillator 1 ■ Oscillator 2 ■ Chorus 1 ■ Chorus 2 ■ Reverb Here are some other features of Vintage Strings MkII: ■ Seven classic presets, including shimmer, VSCO, and more ■ Store your own presets directly on the instrument ■ Six CV return effects, including EQ, Tape, Filter, Reverb, Delay, and more. ■ Real-time recorder ■ Analog effects, including Bass Mixer ■ BeatSync ■ Arpeggiator with 33 preset patterns ■ Sound bank facility to save your own settings for all available effects and parameters ■ Nice and clean GUI ■ Only Windows About Vintage Strings MkII Vintage Strings MkII

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